APA Formatting

Understanding American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting
APA Formatting
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APA Formatting

What you’ll learn

American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting
Title Page Construction
Page Number Insertion
Margins, Spacing, and Indentation Formatting
In-Text Citation Creation
Body Paragraph Construction
Reference Page Construction
Reference Citation Creation

APA Formatting


Experience in American Psychological Association (APA) formatting is not necessary, as the course is designed for all skill levels.


A number of governing bodies have developed standards for paper submissions. In academia, paper submissions are often referred to as manuscripts. The American Psychological Association (APA) is one such organization that has placed standards on manuscript submission.College and Universities often select APA formatting as a requirement for student manuscripts. Professional manuscripts are also often required to be in APA format, depending on the governing body accepting the submission.This course will teach you how to format a template, which can then be used continuously, conforming to APA formatting standards. The formatting associated with APA can be tedious and meticulous; however, it is my job to help make the process easy and rewarding.Students who have taken this course in the past and remained consistent through completion of the course, were thankful they spent the extra time setting up APA formatting correctly the first time. They then had a template they could use in the future.Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for a refresh on APA formatting or a freshman in college writing your first APA manuscript, I am here to help and serve. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you in this skillset acquisition.


Section 1: Introduction to American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting

Lecture 1 Introduction to American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting

Section 2: Title Page

Lecture 2 Title Page

Lecture 3 Running Header and Page Numbers

Section 3: Body Page(s)

Lecture 4 Finding an Article

Lecture 5 Finding an Book

Lecture 6 Body Page(s)

Lecture 7 In-Text Citation(s) for Articles

Lecture 8 In-Text Citation(s) for Books

Section 4: Reference Page

Lecture 9 Reference Page

Lecture 10 Reference Citation(s) for Articles

Lecture 11 Reference Citation(s) for Books

Section 5: Conclusion to American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting

Lecture 12 Conclusion to American Psychological Association (APA) Formatting

Any writer, academic or otherwise, needing to conform to American Psychological Association (APA) formatting standards.

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