Apache Cassandra Installation Configuration

Learn How To Install & Configure Apache Cassandra
Apache Cassandra Installation Configuration
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Apache Cassandra Installation Configuration

What you’ll learn

Apache Cassandra Installation & Configuration
Apache Cassandra
Amazon Web Services

Apache Cassandra Installation Configuration


Basic Knowledge of Linux


*** This training course was recorded between July & September of 2020. All the content is still valid. ***As you know Apache Cassandra is one of the best NoSQL databases.Cassandra is highly scalable, highly available and very fast.Single Cassandra cluster can span accross multiple data centers and it supports hybrid or multi cloud configurations.In this training, we will start with the installation of CentOS Linux 7.8We will configure network adapters on our Linux server. We will learn how to disable Security Enhanced Linux and firewalls.We will configure a dedicated mount point for Apache Cassandra.We will install OpenJDK.For cassandra we will create an operating system group and a user.We will download and extract Apache Cassandra software.We will configure Cassandra by editing various configuration files : such as : cassandra.yaml, cassandra-rackdc properties, cassandra-env-sh and jvm.options files.We will build a 3 node Apache Cassandra cluster in east data center.We will review the cassandra system.log file to understand the bootstapping process.We will learn how to properly stop and start Apache Cassandra.We will enable authentication and authorization to secure our Cassandra cluster.We will discuss about replication strategy and replication factor settings.We will create new super user role and disable the default cassandra role.We will learn about cqlshrc file.We will create roles for application users and grant them various privileges.We will review grant permission and revoke permission options.We will add 3 more nodes to our existing Cassandra cluster to configure it as a multi data center cluster.We will adjust the replication strategy and replication factor settings for cassandra keyspaces to match with our multi data center configuration.We will discuss about Cassandra’s nodetool command.While setting up our cluster, we will learn and follow all the best practises, to make sure our cluster can be maintained in production without any pain.As a bonus, we will configure password-less SSH between all our Cassandra nodes using ssh keygen and ssh copy id commands.We will also learn about AWS & EC2s and learn how to run Cassandra clusters on AWS.


Section 1: CentOS Linux on On-prem Servers

Lecture 1 Download CentOS Linux 7.8

Lecture 2 Installation of CentOS Linux

Lecture 3 MobaXterm SSH Client

Lecture 4 Installation of Extra Packages for Linux

Lecture 5 Configure Network Adapters

Lecture 6 Server Review / Disable SELinux & firewalld

Section 2: Prepare Servers For Apache Cassandra

Lecture 7 Prepare Mountpoints for Cassandra

Lecture 8 Install OpenJDK & Prerequisites Check

Lecture 9 Create OS User for Cassandra

Section 3: Build a 3 Node Cassandra Cluster

Lecture 10 Servers Review & Prerequisites Check

Lecture 11 Apache Cassandra Software

Lecture 12 Create Folders & Configure Cassandra

Lecture 13 cassandra.yaml

Lecture 14 Some More Configuration Files

Lecture 15 Startup/Shutdown of Apache Cassandra

Section 4: Authentication & Authorization

Lecture 16 Configure Authentication & Authorization

Lecture 17 Restart Cassandra To Verify Authentication

Lecture 18 Create New User Roles

Lecture 19 Restart Cassandra & cqlshrc

Lecture 20 Create Application User Roles

Section 5: Cassandra Cluster In Multiple Data Centers

Lecture 21 New Servers

Lecture 22 Cassandra Configuration Files

Lecture 23 Bootstrap New Nodes

Lecture 24 Replication Factor Settings

Section 6: Nodetool = Swiss Army Knife

Lecture 25 Nodetool Commands

Section 7: Password-less SSH

Lecture 26 Configure Password-less SSH

Section 8: Cassandra on AWS

Lecture 27 Network

Lecture 28 Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Lecture 29 EC2s on AWS

Lecture 30 Apache Cassandra on AWS EC2s

Lecture 31 AWS Elastic IPs

Section 9: Bonus Stuff

Lecture 32 Upgrade

Lecture 33 Apache Cassandra Documentation

Lecture 34 Instructor

Lecture 35 November 2021 Update

Lecture 36 Apache Cassandra 4.1 New Features

Database Administrators who want to learn Apache Cassandra,Beginners who want to learn Apache Cassandra

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 36m | 3.15 GB
Created by: Sarma Pydipally

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