Apache Kafka Series Confluent Schema Registry REST Proxy

Kafka – Master Avro, the Confluent Schema Registry and Kafka REST Proxy. Build Avro Producers/Consumers, Evolve Schemas
Apache Kafka Series Confluent Schema Registry REST Proxy
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Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer


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Apache Kafka Series Confluent Schema Registry REST Proxy

What you’ll learn

Write simple and complex Avro Schemas
Create, Write and Read Avro objects in Java
Write a Java Producer and Consumer leveraging Avro data and the Schema Registry
Learn about Schema Evolution
Perform Schema evolution using the command line and in Java
Utilize the REST Proxy using a REST Client

Apache Kafka Series Confluent Schema Registry REST Proxy


Good knowledge of Apache Kafka
Some Java knowledge
A recent computer (Windows / Linux / Mac OS X) with 4GB of RAM
Understand JSON data format
Knowledge of REST APIs is better


The new volume in the Apache Kafka Series!Learn Apache Avro, the Confluent Schema Registry for Apache Kafka and the Confluent REST Proxy for Apache Kafka. Join hundreds of knowledge savvy students into learning some of the most important components in a typical Apache Kafka stack.Take a look at these student reviews…5 stars – “Excellent course. A must for Apache Kafka users.” – Mayank5 stars -“Beautiful explanation of Avro and how to use it with Apache Kafka. This knowledge enhancing like all your other courses. We have Apache Kafka from Confluent in our enterprise and this is what I was exactly looking for. Thanks a lot.” – Vinod5 stars – “Stephane Maarek is truly remarkable instructor! His instructional videos do not disappoint, they keep me wanting more and provide exactly the Kafka skills needed to be successful.” – Troy—————————-Apache Avro is one of the most powerful and most popular fast data serialisation mechanism with Apache Kafka> Schema is a first class citizen of the data> Data serialisation format that is lightweight> Documentation is embedded in the schema> Easy to read and write using many languages> Fast & Big data de-facto data serialisation formatConfluent Schema Registry for Apache Kafka is the de-facto standard way of storing Avro Schemas for your Apache Kafka Topics. > Stores a versioned history of all your schemas in Apache Kafka> Supports and enforces conditions for schema evolution (backward, forward, full compatibility)> Kafka Avro Serialiser and Deserialiser automatically integrate with Apache Kafka and Confluent Schema Registry> Make your messages much smaller and lighter! Perfect for increasing Apache Kafka throughput and performanceConfluent REST Proxy is the perfect way to communicate for sending Avro data using non Java languages to Apache Kafka. > Write and Read binary, JSON and Avro data to Apache Kafka using an HTTP REST API> Interact with Apache Kafka using any programming language (not just Java)> Consult topic list and topic metadata in Apache Kafka
Hands On & Theory Based CourseNote: This course is comprehensive, and the Apache Kafka related bits do not start before the Kafka Schema Registry section. This is to ensure Avro Schema and Avro in Java is fully understood before moving to the Confluent Schema Registry for Apache Kafka. This course is the first and only available Kafka Schema Registry and Kafka REST Proxy course on the web. Get it now to become an Apache Kafka expert!===============================InstructorMy name is Stephane Maarek, and I’ll be your instructor in this course. I teach about Apache Kafka, the Kafka ecosystem and Kafka Certifications with my focus always on helping my students improve their professional proficiencies. I am also the co-founder of Conduktor: an enterprise Apache Kafka platform & UI to help everyone use Kafka.Throughout my career in designing and delivering these certifications and courses, I have already taught 1,000,000+ students and gotten 350,000+ reviews!With Apache Kafka becoming much more than a buzzword out there, I’ve decided it’s time for students to properly learn how to be a Kafka professional. So, let’s kick start the course! You are in good hands!===============================This Course Also Comes With:Lifetime Access to All Future UpdatesA responsive instructor in the Q&A SectionLinks to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next applications ontoUdemy Certificate of Completion Ready for DownloadThis is the course that could improve your career!Apache Kafka is a skill in high demand and there are not enough people to fulfill all the open positions. You can boost your income, take on new roles and fun challenges. Many of my students are now the Kafka experts of their companies! You can be the next!I hope to see you inside the course!=======================Note: Looking for more advanced Kafka concepts? There are many volumes in the Apache Kafka Series:Learn Kafka for Beginners v2 (great to start)Kafka Connect Hands On LearningKafka Streams for Data ProcessingKSQL on ksqlDB – Hands On!Kafka Cluster Setup & AdministrationConfluent Schema Registry & Kafka REST ProxyKafka Security (SSL SASL ACL)Kafka Monitoring and OperationsHappy learning!


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 The need of schemas in Kafka

Lecture 2 Course Structure & Objectives

Lecture 3 About your instructor

Lecture 4 Architecture for Kafka with the Schema Registry and REST Proxy

Section 2: Code Download

Lecture 5 Code Download for the Class

Section 3: Avro Schemas

Lecture 6 What is Avro?

Lecture 7 Avro Primitive Types

Lecture 8 Avro Record Schema Definition

Lecture 9 Avro Complex Types

Lecture 10 Practice Exercise: Customer & CustomerAddress

Lecture 11 Avro Logical Types

Lecture 12 The complex case of Decimals

Lecture 13 Example of Avro Schemas on the Web

Lecture 14 Avro Section Summary

Section 4: Avro in Java

Lecture 15 Section Objective

Lecture 16 Generic Record in Avro – Hands On

Lecture 17 Specific Record in Avro – Hands On

Lecture 18 Check-in on now vs later in Kafka

Lecture 19 Avro Tools – Hands On

Lecture 20 Reflection in Avro – Hands On

Lecture 21 Schema Evolution – Theory

Lecture 22 Schema Evolution – Hands On

Lecture 23 Avro Java Section Summary

Section 5: Setup and Launch Kafka

Lecture 24 Important information about Kafka setup

Lecture 25 Docker on Mac (recent versions)

Lecture 26 Docker Toolbox on Mac (older versions)

Lecture 27 Docker on Linux (ubuntu as an example)

Lecture 28 Docker on Windows 10 64bit

Lecture 29 Docker Toolbox on Windows (older versions)

Lecture 30 Increasing RAM for Docker – PLEASE READ

Lecture 31 Frequently Asked Questions – Common Issues

Lecture 32 Starting Kafka using Docker Compose

Section 6: Confluent Schema Registry and Kafka

Lecture 33 Confluent Schema Registry

Lecture 34 Kafka Avro Console Producer & Consumer

Lecture 35 Writing a Kafka Avro Producer in Java

Lecture 36 Writing a Kafka Avro Consumer in Java

Lecture 37 Reminder on Schema Evolution

Lecture 38 Writing a V2 Kafka Producer

Lecture 39 Writing a V2 Kafka Consumer

Lecture 40 Summary on Compatibility Changes

Lecture 41 Kafka Schema Registry Deep Dive

Lecture 42 Managing Schemas Efficiently & Section Summary

Section 7: Confluent REST Proxy

Lecture 43 Kafka REST Proxy Introduction and Purpose

Lecture 44 V1 vs V2 APIs

Lecture 45 Insomnia Setup (REST Client)

Lecture 46 Topic Operations

Lecture 47 Producing in Binary with the Kafka REST Proxy

Lecture 48 Consuming in Binary with the Kafka REST Proxy

Lecture 49 Producing in JSON with the Kafka REST Proxy

Lecture 50 Consuming in JSON with the Kafka REST Proxy

Lecture 51 Producing in Avro with the Kafka REST Proxy

Lecture 52 Consuming in Avro with the Kafka REST Proxy

Section 8: Annexes

Lecture 53 What are Annexes?

Lecture 54 Full Avro End to End: Kafka Producer + Kafka Connect + Kafka Streams

Lecture 55 Kafka REST Proxy Installation and Scaling – Overview

Section 9: Next Steps

Lecture 56 What’s next?

Lecture 57 THANK YOU!

Lecture 58 Bonus Lecture

Developers who would like to learn how to write and run an application that leverages Avro and the Schema Registry,Architects who want to understand the role of the Schema Registry and REST Proxy in an enterprise pipeline,This course is intended for people who fully understand the basics of Kafka,People who want to learn the Confluent Components: Schema Registry and REST Proxy

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 30m | 1.72 GB
Created by: Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,Solutions Architect,Developer

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