Apache Spark 3 Beyond Basics and Cracking Job Interviews

Learn PySpark Advanced Skills and Prepare for Certification and Job Interviews
Apache Spark 3 Beyond Basics and Cracking Job Interviews
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Prashant Kumar Pandey


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Apache Spark 3 Beyond Basics and Cracking Job Interviews

What you’ll learn

Apache Spark 3 Advanced Topics and Concept
Deep Dive in to Spark 3 Architecture and Memory Management
Learn AQE, DPP, Broadcast, Accumulators, and Multithreading in Spark 3
Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Apache Spark 3 Beyond Basics and Cracking Job Interviews


Basic knowledge of Spark programing in Python – PySpark


Are you preparing for Databricks Spark certification?Or, you might be preparing for Spark Job Interviews.Or you are looking for a place where you can ask for more advanced topics.You are at the right place.I designed this course with the following objectives.Learn Advanced Spark SkillsPrepare for advanced Certification topicsPrepare and crack Spark Job InterviewsOpen-Ended – Demand for more This course is not for beginners.So if you are a beginner and want to learn from scratch, you should take my Spark Programming in Python for Beginners course.In this course, you will learn some advanced Spark skills that I have already collected as feedback from various students and professionals.This course also covers some advanced topics and concepts that are asked in the Databricks Spark certification exam.So the Spark Programming in Python for Beginners and Beyond Basics and Cracking Job Interviews together cover 100% of the Spark certification curriculum.Many of the concepts covered in this course are part of the Spark job interviews.So this course will also help you crack the Spark Job interviews.However, this course is open-ended.You might have appeared for a Job interview, got some questions that you couldn’t answer, or maybe you answered it, but you think you got a good topic and you want some elaborate explanation and want to see some examples.Come back to me and send me some details of the question and topic, and I will try to include them here in this course.It is also possible that you are working on some project, and you faced some scenarios which you couldn’t solve or fix, come back here and share them with me.No matter the source of your information, come back here, share it with me, and help me try to extend this course covering more and more details with your inputs.So join this course, learn what I already have for you, and send me your inputs of what more you want to learn.I will try to cover your demands and make this course more and more powerful for you and others.Great! Looking forward to seeing you in the course.Keep Learning and Keep Growing.


Section 1: Before your begin

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Spark Architecture

Lecture 2 Spark Cluster and Runtime Architecture

Lecture 3 Spark Submit and Important Options

Lecture 4 Deploy Modes – Client and Cluster mode

Lecture 5 Spark Jobs – Stage, Shuffle, Task, Slots

Lecture 6 Spark SQL Engine and Query Planning

Lecture 7 Lets Practice – Quiz 1 Solution Video

Lecture 8 Lets Practice – Quiz 2 Solution Video

Section 3: Performance and Applied Understanding

Lecture 9 Spark Memory Allocation

Lecture 10 Spark Memory Management

Lecture 11 Spark Adaptive Query Execution

Lecture 12 Spark AQE Dynamic Join Optimization

Lecture 13 Handling Data Skew in Spark Joins

Lecture 14 Spark Dynamic Partition Pruning

Lecture 15 Data Caching in Spark

Lecture 16 Repartition and Coalesce

Lecture 17 Dataframe Hints

Lecture 18 Broadcast Variables

Lecture 19 Accumulators

Lecture 20 Speculative Execution

Lecture 21 Dynamic Resource Allocation

Lecture 22 Spark Schedulers

Lecture 23 Unit Testing in Spark

Lecture 24 Lets Practice – Quiz 3 Solution Video

Lecture 25 Lets Practice – Quiz 4 Solution Video

Section 4: Open Ended Topics

Lecture 26 Help me add more content – Demand for more

Lecture 27 Interview Question – Executors and Memory calculation

Anyone who wants to learn and develop Advanced Skills in Apache Spark,Those wo are preparing for Job Interviews and want to learn advanced skills

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Udemy | English | 4h 13m | 1.05 GB
Created by: Prashant Kumar Pandey

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