App Icon Screenshots Design

Learn Icon design, create awesome iOS iPhone, Android screenshots and icon design using free tools like Gimp and Xcode
App Icon Screenshots Design
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App Icon Screenshots Design

What you’ll learn

Create awesome iOS icons and screenshots for your apps that capture attention and lead to more downloads.
Use Gimp (free) for creating icons and screenshots.
Develop a unique selling proposition for your app and stand out.
Position your app to get more downloads in the Apple App Store.
Find free graphics and software to create your icons & screenshots.
Use a fantastic app icon to grab attention away from competitive apps which will help you in ASO ranking

App Icon Screenshots Design


A MAC or Windows PC and a desire to improve your apps app store optimization.
Basic knowledge of Xcode.


The app icon is the first thing everyone sees. I’ll show you how to create an app icon that got my app noticed by Apple App Store editors and got my app featured, resulting in thousands of downloads that same week!What other students have said:”Great info for app developers. So much useful info in an easily digested format.”- Shawn Serowski”This course is one of the best ASO courses you could get at Udemy on Appstore screenshots and icon design. “- Volkan Kutlubay”Right to the point. Learned a lot of great pointers to help me with getting my app in the App Store. Highly recommend!”- Ryan Kearl “Very Informative and easy to follow”- John Oelze”Excellent course, Steve!”- Allison W-TyehimbaHere Is What You Will Learn In The Course:Discover Why Are Icons & Screenshots ImportantUnderstand How Much Money Apple Has DevelopersKnow What Potential Customers See When Searching The App StoreOptimize Your App Store Assets For SearchUnderstand What Makes Up a Good Icon DesignLearn Color TheoryStep By Step Instructions to Create a Fantastic Icon and set of ScreenshotsWhere to Download Free Graphics & SoftwareHow to Use The Xcode Simulators to Create ScreenshotsEnhance Screenshots With Your Apps BenefitsFind Your Apps Unique Selling PropositionLearn How to Upload Your Icon & Screenshots Into iTunes ConnectConduct Experiments To Increase App DownloadsYou will also get three free Gimp Templates which you can use to create your awesome icons and screenshots for all of your apps. This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk. Buy now and let’s start your journey into improving your iOS app marketing and icon design.


Section 1: Thanks & Welcome! Intro iOS Stats and Color Theory

Lecture 1 Course welcome and section introduction

Lecture 2 iOS Stats

Lecture 3 Color Theory

Section 2: What Makes Up a Good Icon?

Lecture 4 Section Introduction: What Makes Up a Good Icon

Lecture 5 App Store Search

Lecture 6 Desktop Search

Lecture 7 Color Pairing

Section 3: Create an Amazing Icon

Lecture 8 Section Introduction: How to Create an Amazing Icon

Lecture 9 Where To Get Gimp

Lecture 10 Free Or Low Cost Graphics

Lecture 11 Create HoHo Emojis Icon

Lecture 12 Create Mindfulness App Icon

Lecture 13 Both Icons

Lecture 14 Upload Icon To Itunes Connect

Section 4: Make Fantastic Screenshots

Lecture 15 Section Introduction: How to Make Fantastic Screenshots

Lecture 16 USP For Your Screenshots

Lecture 17 Generating HoHo Emojis Screenshots iPhone 8 Plus Simulator

Lecture 18 Completing HoHo Emojis iPhone 8 Plus Screenshots

Lecture 19 Generating HoHo Emojis iPhone X Screenshots

Lecture 20 Completing HoHo Emojis iPhone X Screenshots

Lecture 21 Generating Mindfulness iPhone 8 Plus Screenshots

Lecture 22 Completing Mindfulness iPhone 8 Plus Screenshots

Lecture 23 Generating Mindfulness iPhone X Screenshots

Lecture 24 Completing Mindfulness iPhone X Screenshots

Lecture 25 Uploading HoHo Emojis iPhone 8 Plus Screenshots to iTunes Connect

Lecture 26 Uploading Iphone X HoHo Emojis Screenshots

Lecture 27 Uploading Mindfulness Screenshots

Section 5: iTunes Connect Stats & Experiments to Increase Downloads

Lecture 28 Section Introduction: iTunes Connect Stats and Experiments for More Downloads

Lecture 29 iTunes Connect Stats & Tips

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 30 Bonus lecture: next steps

Lecture 31 Bonus Lecture 2 Awesome Screenshot App

Lecture 32 Course certificate: How to get it if you need it

Lecture 33 Link to the Screenshop MAC Screenshot App

Lecture 34 Bonus Lecture 3 New Screenshot Awesome Tool

Lecture 35 Bonus Videos For iOS App Store & Other Enhancements

iOS developers that want to increase their downloads and create better icons and screen shots for their apps.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 24m | 2.22 GB
Created by: Steve Veloudos

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