Apple TV App Game Development for tvOS

Everything you need to know to build apps and games for the Apple TV on tvOS including TVML, Swift, and SpriteKit
Apple TV App Game Development for tvOS
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Apple TV App Game Development for tvOS

What you’ll learn

Build native Apple TV apps
Build Apple TV TVML apps (Client-server Apps)
Build Apple TV Games for tvOS

Apple TV App Game Development for tvOS


Must own a Mac (2011 or newer) or PC running Mac OSX (We talk about how to install OSX on PC)


If the new Apple TV and the Apple TV App Store Excite you then this is the place to be to learn everything you need to know about Apple TV development.Apple TV is no small addition to the world of App Development. There is so much to learn and the Apple TV expects a different user experience and has different design and coding requirements. What you will learnYou will be learning native tvOS development which uses iOS frameworks with Swift 2You will also be learning how to build Client-Server apps which use Apple’s new markup language TVML. TVML apps use Javascript.You will learn how to build Apple TV games with SpriteKitThis course is brought to you by the creator of iOS 9 & Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional, THE best iOS 9 course on the Internet.The goal of this course is to be the absolute BEST and most-effective Apple TV course on the Internet.How the course worksYou’ll be provided with a series of videos. Watch those videos over and over again until you understand the concepts completely. Then try building that same app from memory on your ownYou are also provided with exercises that help you work and learn on your own so you can retain the knowledgeWhy take this course?Here are a few reason to take this course:I teach you what you are really going to use in the real world, not some obscure conceptsI don’t read from scripts in any of our courses. I teach you real world development so you can see how to actually solve problems (other courses just teach x,y,z and don’t give you the why behind what you are doing.You won’t find a better course on the Internet!!!You get lifetime access to Live help through our chatrooms and Forums.Testimonials from my courses”The best course i have seen about ios programming. The guy is the best instructor i have ever seen. It has a nice way of saying them. And its the first i see to give the same importance not only in the code but also in the design. Continue your good job. 100% percent recommend it.” – Lefteris Altouvas”I have taken other courses by some other instructors that were ok, but I have not been as fired up about any of them as I am about this one. Mark’s teaching style is great and this course truly has a “bootcamp” feel for much less money than an actual bootcamp. Access to Mark to ask questions is great both through the forums as well as github/gitter. Highly recommend this course if you are looking for something in the iOS/Swift Development category.” – Jack Davis”He has this way of teaching that captivates your attention and makes all the ones and zeros come to life. Mark taught me that learning computer science doesn’t have to be the way it was in college, simply put: boring, time-consuming, and overwhelming. He mentored me in the course materials and I am an even better developer today and I make a lot more money too, all because of the example Mark set and the individual time he spent with me.Seriously, an hour spent with this man teaching you technical subjects will be worth 100 hours spent in another course or bootcamp taught by someone else” – Erik Slack”It is obvious that he is passionate about teaching coding. He makes sometimes dry subjects very entertaining with his humor and overall teaching style. He never loses patience with students and takes the time to make sure you understand. Mark also goes the extra mile with students. Whenever I would be stuck or in need of help on a project he would take time to help me. I was lucky he took the time to get to know me and assist in the understand subjects I had difficulty with.” – Jacob Evans”…More impressive is his ability to teach. He’s patient, optimistic, and able to take complex ideas and teach them with examples and in ways that are digestible, energetic, and fun. He’s taught bootcamps and mentored many developers that I know. As a teacher and mentor, I couldn’t give anyone a higher recommendation. If you can enlist his tutelage, you’re in good hands.” – Jonathan Wood”Mark is a smart, experienced, patient mentor, teacher and iOS Engineer. As I have gone from knowing nothing about iOS to full fledge iOS engineer Mark has been there every step of the way to both guide and encourage.” – Pearson Basham creator of NoThyme iOS App


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Intro to Course

Lecture 2 How to Run Mac OSX on PC

Lecture 3 Installing Xcode

Lecture 4 Xcode Change Font Size With +/-

Lecture 5 Exercise – Install the Xcode Plugin

Section 2: Native Apple TV Apps


Lecture 7 tvOS Alerts

Lecture 8 tvOS Buttons

Lecture 9 tvOS Custom View Focus

Lecture 10 tvOS Navigation

Lecture 11 tvOS Tab Bars

Lecture 12 tvOS Text Entry

Lecture 13 tvOS Popular Movies Part 1

Lecture 14 tvOS Popular Movies Part 2

Lecture 15 tvOS Popular Movies Part 3

Lecture 16 tvOS Popular Movies Part 4 (Image Focus)

Lecture 17 Exercise – Detail View Controller

Section 3: Design

Lecture 18 tvOS Apple Design Guidelines

Lecture 19 tvOS Creating a layered app icon

Lecture 20 tvOS Parallax Viewer and Xcode icon

Lecture 21 tvOS Photoshop Parallax Exporter Plugin

Lecture 22 tvOS Top shelf image

Lecture 23 tvOS Retro Skate App Icon & Shelf Image with Photoshop

Lecture 24 Exercise – Create a Parallax Icon

Section 4: Javascript Refresher

Lecture 25 Javascript Resources

Lecture 26 Javascript Installing an IDE for Web Development

Lecture 27 Javascript Installing NodeJs

Lecture 28 Javascript Strings

Lecture 29 Javascript Conditionals

Lecture 30 Javascript Numbers

Lecture 31 Javascript Loops & Arrays

Lecture 32 Javascript Objects

Lecture 33 NPM readline-sync

Lecture 34 Exercise – Node Calculator

Section 5: TVML Client-Server App Development

Lecture 35 TVML Documentation

Lecture 36 TVML TVJS Documentation

Lecture 37 TVML Catalog Overview

Lecture 38 TVML Project Creation & App Delegate Setup

Lecture 39 TVML Presenter & Resource Loader

Lecture 40 TVML Amazon S3 Hosting

Lecture 41 TVML ListWithBanner Template

Lecture 42 TVML Convert LSR to LCR

Lecture 43 TVML Deploying to Digital Ocean

Lecture 44 Exercise – Your Own TVML App

Section 6: How to build an Apple TV Game with SpriteKit for tvOS

Lecture 45 tvOS SpriteKit Game – Intro to Retro Skate

Lecture 46 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Intro to Sprite Kit

Lecture 47 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Animating Ground

Lecture 48 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Animated Character

Lecture 49 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Physics & Jumping

Lecture 50 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Prepping for Collisions

Lecture 51 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Obstacle Colliders

Lecture 52 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Collision Detection

Lecture 53 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Parallax Background & Sidewalk

Lecture 54 Exercise – Refactor Game Scene

Lecture 55 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Randomized Buildings

Lecture 56 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Audio & Crash Animation

Lecture 57 tvOS SpriteKit Game Retro Skate – Adjusting Collisions

Lecture 58 Exercise – Skate or Die

Section 7: Deployment

Lecture 59 Paid Apple Developer Account

Lecture 60 Development Certificates

Lecture 61 tvOS Testing Your App on an Apple TV

Lecture 62 tvOS Distributing Your App Through Testflight

Lecture 63 tvOS Submitting a tvOS App to the App Store

Lecture 64 Exercise – Get Ready to Submit Your App

Section 8: Bonus Content: Swift Refresher

Lecture 65 Swift 2 Variables & Types

Lecture 66 Exercise – Variable Operations

Lecture 67 Swift 2 Conditionals Part 1

Lecture 68 Swift 2 Conditionals Part 2

Lecture 69 Swift 2 Functions

Lecture 70 Exercise – Functions

Lecture 71 Swift 2 Arrays

Lecture 72 Swift 2 Loops

Lecture 73 Exercise – Arrays & Loops

Lecture 74 Swift 2 Dictionaries

Lecture 75 Swift 2 Object-Oriented Programming & Classes

Lecture 76 Swift 2 Inheritance

Lecture 77 Swift 2 Polymorphism

Lecture 78 Swift 2 Optionals

Lecture 79 Swift 2 Enums

Lecture 80 Swift 2 Extensions

You should take this course if you have taken my other course: iOS 9 & Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional,You should take this course if you know the basics of Swift or Objective-C programming and the basics of iOS development with UIKit,If you are absolutely new to programming, I do include Swift in this course, but I highly recommend you take my other course first iOS 9 & Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 15h 48m | 10.91 GB
Created by: Mark Wahlbeck

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