Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers WatchOS 3 Apps

Using Xcode 8 and Swift 3, learn how to make 3 complete WatchKit apps
Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers WatchOS 3 Apps
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Nick Walter


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Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers WatchOS 3 Apps

What you’ll learn

Make WatchOS 3 Apps

Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers WatchOS 3 Apps


The Basics of iOS Programming


Thank you for checking out my course 🙂 “Apple Watch Programming for iOS Developers” will help you enter the exciting world of WatchKit. This course assumes you have some iOS programming experience and dives right into the specific tools you need to make WatchOS 3 apps.
Topics we cover include:
Tables in WatchKit (surprising different from TableViews)NotificationsComplications (have your app on the watch face!)Syncing Data Between Phone and WatchStandalone AppsTimersDesign Techniques Specific to Apple Watch
In this course, we’ll be creating complete apps that you can install on your very own watch or upload to the App Store. For each app we make you will receive completed source code so that you can always check your work against mine as a reference.
What makes Nick the right instructor?
I have more than 10 iOS apps in the App Store which total over 300,000+ downloadsSince the watch launched, I had a watch app in the App StoreI’ve taught more than 23,000 other students in my conglomerate of highly rated iOS development Udemy coursesI have personality! I keep things interesting for ya 🙂
I would love to have you in the course. Take a look at the promo video and see you inside!
Additionally, I have made this course downloadable, so you can work through the class offline, making it as convenient as possible for you! Most instructors won’t allow this, but I want you to be able to enjoy this course in whichever way is best for you 🙂


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Thank You

Lecture 2 Get the Most out of This Course

Section 2: Time Tracker

Lecture 3 Intro

Lecture 4 Sketch and Xcode Tour

Lecture 5 Tiny Little Storyboard

Lecture 6 Outlets and Actions

Lecture 7 Finishing the UI

Lecture 8 UserDefaults

Lecture 9 ClockIns and ClockOuts

Lecture 10 Timers

Lecture 11 Total Time

Lecture 12 Clean Up

Lecture 13 Outro

Section 3: Time Tracker Part 2

Lecture 14 Intro

Lecture 15 Menus

Lecture 16 Delete the Data

Lecture 17 A New Interface Controller

Lecture 18 Table Basics

Lecture 19 Filling the Table with Our Data

Lecture 20 Pass the Dates

Lecture 21 Date Formatting

Lecture 22 Polish

Lecture 23 Outro

Lecture 24 Time Tracker Source Code

Section 4: BitPrice

Lecture 25 Intro

Lecture 26 Sketch

Lecture 27 Design

Lecture 28 CoinDesk API

Lecture 29 JSON

Lecture 30 Polish

Lecture 31 Complications Basics

Lecture 32 Sample Template

Lecture 33 Live Update

Lecture 34 Large Complication

Lecture 35 Keeping Data Updated

Lecture 36 Outro

Lecture 37 BitPrice Source Code

Section 5: Distraction Journal

Lecture 38 Intro

Lecture 39 Sketch


Lecture 41 Distractions Table

Lecture 42 Watch Connectivity

Lecture 43 Communication is Live!

Lecture 44 CoreData

Lecture 45 Fill Up the Table

Lecture 46 Update in Realtime

Lecture 47 Polish the iOS App

Lecture 48 Watch Pickers

Lecture 49 Creating Notifications

Lecture 50 Permission

Lecture 51 Categories and Actions

Lecture 52 Responding to Actions

Lecture 53 Deleting Notifications

Lecture 54 Outro

Lecture 55 Distraction Journal Source Code

Section 6: Bonus

Lecture 56 Bonus Lecture

Lecture 57 Thanks!

A great course for students who love project based learning,If you are completely new to programming , this course is not for you

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 9m | 5.02 GB
Created by: Nick Walter

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