Apple Watch UX Design Beautiful UI and User Experiences

Learn how to design and prototype smooth user experiences and beautiful interfaces for the Apple Watch in less than 2hrs
Apple Watch UX Design Beautiful UI and User Experiences
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Pablo Stanley


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Apple Watch UX Design Beautiful UI and User Experiences

What you’ll learn

Design smooth user experiences for the Apple Watch
Quickly learn the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines
Design apps for the Apple Watch from scratch
Create user stories for the Apple Watch and design with them
Create an interactive prototype for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch UX Design Beautiful UI and User Experiences


Get the free prototyping tool Marvel App
Have a basic understanding of design to get started


Hello, my name is Pablo Stanley and I want to teach you how to design beautiful and functional apps for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is the most hyped product of the year and it’s on track to be in the hands of more than 25 million people. Take this course to prepare yourself to design smooth experiences and beautiful interfaces in less than a couple of hours. In this course, we’ll go through the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines so we can understand the themes, anatomy, actionable notifications, glances, animations, and general interface principles.I’ll teach you how to think for the Apple Watch using simplicity and functionality. Stripping down an app to its core benefits and write user stories around it. After that, we’ll design three different apps: a music player, a messaging platform, and a Udemy app for the apple watch. And that’s not all. Once our designs are ready, we’ll create interactive prototypes to test our creations.What makes me a good teacher?Over 2,000 other students have already enjoyed two highly rated Udemy coursesKeeping the course engaging and relevant so you can have fun taking it is my main priority.More than 15 years of experience in Design.I just freaking love Design. It’s my passion and I want to pass along my love for it.Who is this class for?Beginners welcome! No programming experience required. I want you to quickly understand the basics and get practicing.Creators. Makers. People who want to design apps. I will be teaching you how to design and prototype apps that you can share and play with.UX and Mobile Designers who are new to Apple Watch and want to design for the Apple Watch like a boss.Freelancers and career development professionals who want to earn money via contract work, consulting or full-time employment.Entrepreneurs who have the next big idea for an app but want to first see how it feels and show it to potential partnersRoadmap:Music App Design section available in May 2015Messaging App Design section available in May 2015 So, are you excited? Let’s do this.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to this course

Lecture 2 Setting up your Udemy Preferences for 2x Speed and Closed Captions

Section 2: Using the Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines

Lecture 3 Introduction to the Apple Watch

Lecture 4 Learn to use Buttons

Lecture 5 Color

Lecture 6 User Interactions

Lecture 7 Designing for the Apple Watch

Lecture 8 Navigation Styles for the Watch

Lecture 9 Glances

Lecture 10 Layout

Lecture 11 Animations on the Apple Watch

Lecture 12 Screen Sizes

Lecture 13 Typography

Lecture 14 Contextual Menus

Section 3: Design and Prototype the Udemy App for the Apple Watch

Lecture 15 Introduction to designing your first app for the Apple Watch

Lecture 16 Create user stories for your design

Lecture 17 Quick setup of your document and computer

Lecture 18 Logo and Welcome screen

Lecture 19 Screen for a list of your courses

Lecture 20 List of lectures in course (curriculum)

Lecture 21 Video Player Controls Screen

Lecture 22 Contextual Menu by Force Push

Lecture 23 User Flow for Recording a Note

Lecture 24 Finishing up your design

Section 4: Creating your prototype for the Apple Watch

Lecture 25 Introduction to Marvel App and Creating your Project

Lecture 26 Starting your Prototype adding gestures and transitions

Lecture 27 Testing your Prototype

This is a fun and quick course for people wanting to get in on Apple’s latest product,UX and Mobile designers looking to improve their skills,Graphic Designers that want to get on the product design game,Product Managers trying to understand the principles to create apps for the Apple Watch

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 42m | 1.16 GB
Created by: Pablo Stanley

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