Applied Management Course 1 of 6

HR Analytics for HR and other organization managers
Applied Management Course 1 of 6
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Applied Management Course 1 of 6

What you’ll learn

Use the proven OE21 Applied Management approach to HR Analytics that includes application of many proven management consulting analysis models.
The key objectives of this unique and comprehensive approach is to turn average HR and other managers into experts in organizational excellence
Enables HR and other managers to be of significantly higher value to the senior leaders of any organization.
Become an expert in Human Resources Analytics with 34 proven organization excellence tools, processes, and the OE21 Results Excellence Measurement System.
Help your organization systematically measure, analyze and improve key business results, including workforce, process, product, customer and financials..
Apply the OE21 Organizational Description process to help senior leaders improve the organization’s workforce tangible and IP assets and asset repurposing.
Apply the OE21 Organizational Situation process to help senior leaders analyze improve organization strategic challenges, and overcome threats.

Applied Management Course 1 of 6


A basic understanding of how to use Excel including simple formulas and navigation


Our OE21 Applied Management Course trains organization managers in the most advanced and effective models for developing HUMAN RESOURCES and other organization managers and leaders into internal consulting champions, armed with a proven framework, knowledge, standards, and tools for boosting the organization’s financial, market, customer, operations, and workforce results to high-performance levels required in today’s competitive climate. As you complete each of the six (6) Courses, you receive a Training Certificate from Udemy. Each Course Training Certificate is for specific groups of the 34 OE standards used in Applied Management. For those managers who want to take the next big step and help organizations implement the 34 OE standards and tools, we offer a unique path to becoming a Certified Management Analyst-Organization Excellence (CMA-OE). Note: This can be a great way for HR Managers to move up to the C-Suite. What is unique about our CMA-OE ™ program is that our certification is earned only through the actual implementation of our standards and the application of our decision support tools to measure and boost performance. Certified Management Analysts measure and boost key results shown on the above dashboard. These key results get all leaders and managers aligned and engaged in boosting performance, and working to achieve these outcomes:​Higher financial and market performanceProcess cycle time and cost of goods sold fall (more profit)Customer-perceived value of your products & services rises.High-Quality products and services are created, produced, and delivered.Managers and leaders become more focused on results!Employee disengagement rates fall (engagement rises)Worker turnover and absenteeism rates fall (higher workforce retention and satisfaction)Why should managers (including Human Resource Managers) become Certified Management Analysts-OE?Higher Salaries and Job Outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the outlook for future management jobs is very good with higher-than-average salaries and job outlook for management occupations – especially Management Analysts. See Management Analyst pages in the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook.​Getting Ahead of Job Competitors. Many people are competing for organization management jobs. To succeed against the army of competitors for these great jobs, managers need to differentiate themselves from the majority by showing that they are more valuable to the organization than most others. Human Resource Managers looking for a career path to the “C-suite” will find this program gives them in-depth knowledge of the total business operations, including workforce, processes, understanding of design, production, delivery and support processes, marketing and sales management, strategic planning and community services that collectively drive financial and market performance higher.


Section 1: Introduction and Opportunity

Lecture 1 Introduction to Applied Management Program

Lecture 2 Part 1 of OE21 Opportunity – The OE21 Assessment

Lecture 3 Part 2 of OE21 Opportunity – Client Briefing on OE21 Assessment Results

Lecture 4 Part 3 of OE21 Opportunity – The Win

Section 2: OE21 Readiness Assessment

Lecture 5 Part 1 of OE21 Readiness Assessment

Lecture 6 Part 2 of OE21 Readiness Assessment

Lecture 7 Part 3 of OE21 Readiness Assessment

Lecture 8 Part 4 of OE21 Readiness Assessment

Section 3: P.1 Organizational Description

Lecture 9 P.1 Organizational Description – Part 1 of 2

Lecture 10 P.1 Organizational Description – Part 2 of 2

Section 4: P.2 Organizational Situation

Lecture 11 P.2 Organizational Description

Section 5: 4.2 Information and Knowledge Management

Lecture 12 Introduction to Information and Knowledge Management Part 1

Lecture 13 Introduction to Information and Knowledge Management Part 2

Lecture 14 Introduction to Information and Knowledge Management Part 3

Section 6: 4.1 Measurement, Analysis, Review and Improvement of Organizational Performance

Lecture 15 Selection of Measures

Lecture 16 Setup and Input of Measures into OE21 REMS.

Lecture 17 Part 3 Analysis of Organizational Performance

Lecture 18 Part 4 Improvement of Organizational Performance

Organization managers of all types, especially human resources managers, work unit managers, management analysts, internal consultants and internal consultants.

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Udemy | English | 3h 3m | 1.12 GB
Created by: Chuck Mitchell

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