Applying The Art and Science of Sales Enablement

Learn how to effectively design, deploy, and orchestrate a Sales Enablement program in your organization
Applying The Art and Science of Sales Enablement
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Roderick Jefferson


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Applying The Art and Science of Sales Enablement

What you’ll learn

The definition and value of Sales Enablement and what Sales Enablement is NOT
The roles and responsibilities of a high functioning Sales Enablement team
The impact Sales Enablement has on revenue
How to set up a successful sales onboarding program
How to create a culture of learning in your sales organizaiton
Leading Sales Enablement in a virtual environment
Aligning Sales Enablement to your buyer’s journey and your organization’s selling processes
How automation will impact the future of Sales Enablement

Applying The Art and Science of Sales Enablement


You should be familiar with the sales processes of your organization, including your buyer’s journey and selling process


What if sales enablement stopped being perceived as a cost center? What if, instead of thinking of it as training, or onboarding, or the resting place for an organization’s broken things, we thought of sales enablement as a strategic investment—a proactive function that actually enables sales to sell more, sell higher and sell faster?The biggest problem with Sales Enablement is that there is no one universal definition. If you were to ask 10 different people “What is Sales Enablement?” you would get 10 different answers, ranging from training to tech to messaging & positioning. None of these answers would be wrong – but none of them would show the whole picture. And when the answer to such an apparently simple question is so complicated, it becomes difficult to convey to senior leaders the value of Sales Enablement.Roderick Jefferson, CEO and top sales enablement consultant, is here to provide some much-needed clarity. After 20+ years in the Sales Enablement space, he has narrowed his definition down to this:Breaking the complexity of the buying & selling process into practical ideas through scalable, repeatable, and measurable practices that leads to decreased time to revenue and increased productivity.If it sounds simple, it isn’t – but it can be done, and in this course, you’ll discover exactly how to do it.In this course you will:Define Sales Enablement and its value to the organizationArticulate the impact Sales Enablement has on revenueUnderstand the roles and responsibilities of a high functioning Sales Enablement teamDevelop a Sales Enablement charter and craft a blueprint to success for your Sales Enablement teamBuild a culture of learning in your sales organization and learn to lead Sales Enablement in a virtual environment


Section 1: Introduction to Sales Enablement

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you’ll learn in this course

Lecture 3 A brief history of Sales Enablement

Lecture 4 The roles of the Sales Enablement team

Lecture 5 The Sales Enablement charter

Section 2: Understanding the impact of Sales Enablement

Lecture 6 Communication, collaboration, orchestration

Lecture 7 10 steps to showing Sales Enablement’s value

Lecture 8 Aligning Sales Enablement to your buyer’s journey

Lecture 9 Designing & deploying a world class sales onboarding program

Lecture 10 Building a culture of learning

Section 3: Crafting the blueprint to success

Lecture 11 The 5P’s: Crafting the Sales Enablement blueprint to success

Section 4: The orchestration of Sales Enablement

Lecture 12 Why sales EQ vs IQ is critical to building sales coaches vs sales managers

Lecture 13 Gaining and leveraging cross-functional executive sponsorship

Lecture 14 Collaborating across multiple lines of business

Lecture 15 Delivering Sales Enablement in a virtual environment’

Lecture 16 Reinforcement training from enablement

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 17 The future of Sales Enablement

Lecture 18 Sales Enablement best practices

Sales professionals looking to develop a more human-centered approach to their workplace trainings and programs,Sales leaders in charge of building out a sales enablement program in their organization,Sales coaches who want to increase their team’s productivity,Sales enablement professionals seeking to gain executive buy-in for their programs

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