Arabic Calligraphy Introductory Course

Thuluth Script
Arabic Calligraphy Introductory Course
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Samiur Rahman


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Arabic Calligraphy Introductory Course

What you’ll learn

Possess a good in depth understanding of individual letters as well as being able to write with the correct proportions.
Also, students who register for this course are eligible for 10 free sessions of feedback via skype / email through the course of the program. This will ideally be on weekends and you can email us for more details.

Arabic Calligraphy Introductory Course


Basic Knowledge of the Arabic Alphabet


Always wanted to learn Arabic Calligraphy?
Begin your journey with our introductory course as we introduce you to all the letters and how they should be written with their correct proportions and scales. We start from the absolute basics of how to prepare your very own Bamboo / Reed pen & Ink as well as the most appropriate writing materials to use to become a Calligraphy Artist. Then we move on to the structure of each letter in their Individual form and how to write them if your left handed or right handed.Each Lecture consists of a detailed video tutorial showing you how to hold your pen and how to write each stroke.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Traditional writing tools – cutting a Qalam

Lecture 3 Traditional writing tools – preparing the ink

Lecture 4 Modern Alternative tools

Lecture 5 Nuqta – Proportions and Scaling

Section 2: Thuluth Script

Lecture 6 Alif

Lecture 7 Baa / Taa / Thaa Style 1

Lecture 8 Baa / Taa / Thaa Style 2

Lecture 9 Jeem / Haa /Kha Style 1

Lecture 10 Jeem / Haa / Kha Style 2

Lecture 11 Daal / Dhaal

Lecture 12 Raa / Zaa Style 1 & 2

Lecture 13 Raa / Zaa Style 3

Lecture 14 Seen / Sheen

Lecture 15 Saad / Daad

Lecture 16 Twaa / Zwaa

Lecture 17 Ayn / Ghayn Style 1

Lecture 18 Faa & Qaaf

Lecture 19 Kaaf Style 1 & Laam

Lecture 20 Kaaf Style 2

Lecture 21 Meem Style 1 & 2

Lecture 22 Noon

Lecture 23 Waw Style 1 & 2

Lecture 24 Haa Style 1 & 2

Lecture 25 Laam Alif

Lecture 26 Yaa Style 1 & 2

Anyone who wishes to learn Arabic calligraphy

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 38m | 1.89 GB
Created by: Samiur Rahman

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