Archery Foundations

A Complete Guide To Getting Starting With Archery
Archery Foundations
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Marc Terribilini


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Archery Foundations

What you’ll learn

Understand archery equipment
Learn which archery style is right for you
Learn the 11-step shooting process
Learn how to practice and improve

Archery Foundations


No experience necessary, but you will need to purchase archery equipment to fully utilize this course.


Archery Foundations is an online training program designed to help beginners get started with archery. Any beginner will benefit, but those who dedicate themselves will benefit most.Whether you’re brand new to archery or have shot a few times before, If you follow what I teach in this training and practice regularly, your knowledge and accuracy will drastically improve.My goal for this training is to help you succeed with archery. In-person lessons are not always available and it’s hard to know where to being. This course will help you understand the equipment, the style options available, how to shoot with proper form, and practice confidently to increase accuracy and consistency.Archery Foundations contains over 50 video lessons over 10 distinct modules that help you:Understand the benefits of archeryLearn the four different types of bows availableUnderstand bow and arrow anatomyLearn which archery style is best for youFind the right archery equipment tailored to your needsMaster the 11 step shooting processLearn how to practice effectivelySight in your bow with confidence…and a whole lot more!This is just a quick snapshot of what you’ll find in this training. It’s my goal to help you learn the basics, buy the right equipment, and shoot with proper form and technique to get you out on the range and shooting with confidence!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why Learn Archery?

Lecture 3 Ask For Help!

Section 2: Archery Gear and Accessories Overview

Lecture 4 The 4 Types of Bows

Lecture 5 Anatomy of a Bow

Lecture 6 Anatomy of an Arrow

Lecture 7 Types of Release Aids

Lecture 8 Archery Accessories

Lecture 9 Archery Targets

Section 3: Choosing Your Archery Style and Equipment

Lecture 10 Choosing Your Bow

Lecture 11 Choosing an Archery Style

Lecture 12 Physical Considerations

Lecture 13 Eye Dominance Test

Section 4: Longbow Archery

Lecture 14 Determining Draw Length

Lecture 15 Determining Bow Length

Lecture 16 Determining Draw Weight

Lecture 17 Finding The Right Arrows

Lecture 18 Choosing the Right Arrow Tips

Lecture 19 Longbow Accessories

Section 5: Recurve Archery

Lecture 20 Determining Draw Length

Lecture 21 Determining Bow Length

Lecture 22 Determining Draw Weight

Lecture 23 Finding the Right Arrows

Lecture 24 Choosing The Right Tips, Fletching, and Nocks

Lecture 25 Recurve Accessories

Section 6: Compound Archery

Lecture 26 Determining Draw Length

Lecture 27 Determining Bow Length

Lecture 28 Determining Bow Weight

Lecture 29 Determining Draw Weight

Lecture 30 Finding the Right Arrows

Lecture 31 Choosing The Right Arrow Tips

Lecture 32 Finding The Right Nocks

Lecture 33 Arrow Fletching

Lecture 34 Compound Bow Accessories

Section 7: Range Safety

Lecture 35 Safety Rules at an Archery Range

Lecture 36 Bow and Arrow Safety

Section 8: The 11-Step Shooting Process

Lecture 37 01- Stance

Lecture 38 02 – Nocking

Lecture 39 03 – Hook and Grip

Lecture 40 04 – Posture and Alignment

Lecture 41 05 – Raise the Bow

Lecture 42 06 – Draw Down

Lecture 43 07 – Anchor

Lecture 44 08 – Transfer to Hold

Lecture 45 09 – Aiming

Lecture 46 10 – Release and Follow Through

Lecture 47 11 – Feedback

Lecture 48 Full Shooting Process

Section 9: Practicing Archery

Lecture 49 Start Close and Focus on Form

Section 10: Sighting in Your Bow

Lecture 50 The Pre-Flight Checklist

Lecture 51 Sighting in Your Bow

Lecture 52 Sighting in Common Issues

Section 11: Extra Information

Lecture 53 Archery Jargon/Lingo

Lecture 54 Helpful Tips

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 55 Thank You!

This course is for those who want to learn the proper way to shoot a bow and arrow

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 53m | 4.70 GB
Created by: Marc Terribilini

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