Architecture post production in Photoshop Zero to Advanced

Post production (Post Processing) for architectural 3D Rendering in Adobe Photoshop from beginners to Advanced.
Architecture post production in Photoshop Zero to Advanced
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Architecture post production in Photoshop Zero to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Post production in Adobe photoshop
Adobe Photoshop non-destructive editing workflow
Adding and removing subjects, color & light matching
Do multiple project with different difficulty level
Making environment, lighting, color adjusting
Combining render elements
Working with different color modes and depth
Fix render issues and camera
Make a variety of the same render shot
and many more tips and tricks …

Architecture post production in Photoshop Zero to Advanced


Basic computer knowledge


In this course, you will learn from very beginner to advanced how to post-production your 3D render shots in Adobe Photoshop.Basically, you will learn 3 modes:You have your final render and just need some adjustments such as color, lighting, camera, and minor fixing like the color burn.You rendered your main subject and elements, but need to add extra elements, adjusting and matching the final result.You just rendered basic geometry raw and want to make the total scene elements and environment such as sky, plants, people, atmosphere, other buildings, vehicles, etc.In this course, you will learn all, step by step with full descriptions, mention shortcuts, why and how to use tools like professional, and many tips and tricks.Not only by passing this course you will improve your skills but also your working speed and workflow will be upgraded and you will get enough confidence to do all professional tasks in less time with better results.In this course, I teach you all actions with non-destructive workflow editing which make you able re-adjust and make different versions of the same project easily.This course also contains many useful and unique resources for your projects such as brushes clouds and lights.By passing this course you will be a true professional Adobe Photoshop photo editing master for architectural post-production.


Section 1: Chapter 1

Lecture 1 Promotion Video

Lecture 2 Analyzing_Project

Lecture 3 Open Image and Save PSD

Lecture 4 Fixing Camera Angle with Camera Raw Filter

Lecture 5 Fix Camera Angle by Free Transform Tool

Lecture 6 Fix Burned Surfaces with Camera Raw Filter

Lecture 7 Fix Burned Surfaces Manually

Lecture 8 Sky Replacement Automatically

Lecture 9 Sky Replacement Manually

Lecture 10 Add Sky Reflection on Waterpool

Lecture 11 Overall Color Adjustments

Lecture 12 Detail Enhancement and adding Vignette effects

Lecture 13 Preparing file for Print & Web

Section 2: Chapter 2

Lecture 14 Introduction: Preparing Project File

Lecture 15 Adding Alpha for Sky Replacement & Overall Light Adjusting

Lecture 16 Add Sky Reflection In Windows

Lecture 17 Add Birds & Branches

Lecture 18 Add Raindrops Method 1

Lecture 19 Add Raindrops Method 2

Lecture 20 Floor Reflection

Lecture 21 Adding Mist

Lecture 22 Adding Tree & Background

Lecture 23 Adding Grass

Lecture 24 Adding Peoples

Lecture 25 Overall Adjustments

Lecture 26 Final Adjustments

Section 3: Chapter 3

Lecture 27 Introduction, Adjusting

Lecture 28 Adjust Grass & Color Lights

Lecture 29 Adjusting Sky & Vegetations

Lecture 30 Add God rays

Lecture 31 Adding Background & Treelines

Lecture 32 Add Birds

Lecture 33 Final Adjustments & Publishing

Section 4: Chapter 4

Lecture 34 Introduction: Vanishing Point

Lecture 35 Sky Replacement

Lecture 36 Add Buildings

Lecture 37 Add Street Asphalt

Lecture 38 Add Roadblocks

Lecture 39 Add Grass

Lecture 40 Add Vegetation

Lecture 41 Finishing Road Asphalt

Lecture 42 Add Bushes

Lecture 43 Street Lights Part 1

Lecture 44 Street Lights Part 2

Lecture 45 Add Cars

Lecture 46 Fix Windows Transparency

Lecture 47 Buildings Re-adjustments

Lecture 48 Add Traffic Cone

Lecture 49 Interior Ceiling Lights

Lecture 50 Add Interior Details

Lecture 51 Cleanup Buildings

Lecture 52 Add Airplane

Lecture 53 Buildings Reflection

Lecture 54 Add Cars & Traffic Cones Reflection

Lecture 55 Add Street Lights & Bushes Reflection

Lecture 56 Migrate to new Document for better performance

Lecture 57 Add Lens Flare for Lights

Lecture 58 Add Car Lights

Lecture 59 Add Light Trails

Lecture 60 Project Final Adjustments

Section 5: Chapter 5

Lecture 61 Perspective Warp

Lecture 62 Vanishing Point in Advanced

Lecture 63 Smart Objects Tips

Lecture 64 Content Aware Fill

Lecture 65 Hue Saturation Tips

Lecture 66 Puppet Warp

Lecture 67 Quick Switch Mode

Lecture 68 Perspective Shading Intro

Who need to improve render shot quality,Who have no time to add elements in 3D scene to render,Who don’t have high performance computer to make huge scene and elements,Who need to learn photoshop for post processing,Who wants to speedup workflow and be a professional

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 48m | 12.70 GB
Created by: DATEC Studio

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