Architecture Water coloring From Beginner to Expert

Manual Architecture Rendering-Watercolor. How to use watercolor, Training Tutorials, How to render Projects, Layout.
Architecture Water coloring From Beginner to Expert
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Architecture Water coloring From Beginner to Expert

What you’ll learn

We will learn together every skills tutorials for architecture water coloring.
By the end of the course, You can make your own project and rendering easily.
You can share with us your work and get conversation about.
It is very simple and easy, Just follow Lecture and you can make your own rendering and style

Architecture Water coloring From Beginner to Expert


1- Water Brushes NO 02, 04, 06
2- Aquarelle Box, or Ink colors
3-Plastic Glasses for preparing and cleaning
4-Watercolor palette
5-Gouache color tubes, Green, Yellow, Black and Red


This course is dedicated to learning the Architecture rendering using Watercolor, where we will know together the secrets of rendering with Watercolor and how to control the degrees of coloring, shading, and shadows in a professional mannerEveryone will have an easy and quick way to do as lessons, and of course yow can chose the colors you prefer to render your sketches and your own projectsManual Rendering using watercolors has its own distinctive character, so let’s try.No one will find it difficult to implement the training on his own sheet, and everyone will be able to show his ideas and present them properly.Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions, ASAP I’ll reply.And now you can make your own Project rendering, Just follow the tutorials and videos to get final results.Attached a training tutorial to make rendering output step by step, as what you will learn at the course, and it is preferable to repeat it several times so you can make it perfect.All you need is1- Watercolors sets you prefer (36 color is suitable)2- Any sketch or sheet on transparent paper3- Pencils 2B-HB and Grey markers.4- Thin black pen.5- Warm Grey marker.After you learned how to make full presentation with Watercolor, you can now teach your colleagues and invite them to attend courses on UdemyIf you encounter any difficulties or inquiries, do not hesitate to ask and you will find the appropriate answer to all your inquiries.Make a presentation using Watercolor for your own project or one of your colleagues and show it to everyone and share your creativity with us. It is very helpful.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Coloring base color for trees

Lecture 2 Continue making base color for trees

Lecture 3 Adding details and shades

Lecture 4 Coloring and rendering monochrome trees-final finishes

Lecture 5 Rendering Full detail layout-Coloring Green areas

Lecture 6 Rendering Full detail layout- Pools and Fountain

Lecture 7 Rendering Full detail layout-Plantation

Lecture 8 Rendering Full detail layout-Pools and Building

Lecture 9 Rendering Full detail layout-Stones and Plantations

Lecture 10 Rendering Full detail layout-Final finishing and more details

Lecture 11 Rendering Full detail layout-Details and finishing

Lecture 12 Coloring Autumn Tree-Base color

Lecture 13 Coloring Autumn Tree-Details and Finishing

Architecture, Art fans, Beginner and Experts.,All Architecture lovers and fans,Manual Architecture renders,Students of Architecture Departments.

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Udemy | English | 0h 44m | 954.64 MB
Created by: Sherif El Malky

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