Arduino Simulation and Block Coding

Start working with different Arduino boards without buying them and start unleashing the power of code in Simulation
Arduino Simulation and Block Coding
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Arduino Simulation and Block Coding

What you’ll learn

Control Arduino and different modules without writing a single code, drag and drop to simply auto generate a fully functional code
Simulate Arduino using Software and WebApps
Simulate Arduino UNO Boards
Simulate Arduino Mega Boards
Simulate Arduino nano Boards
Write codes and test them without having an Arduino Board
Test Codes without having a real physical an Arduino Board

Arduino Simulation and Block Coding


Have A Computer
Have A basic Experience in browsing the internet
Have a Will to apply
No materials required if you only wish to view the course


>>> The Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Sensing the environment by receiving inputs from many sensors, Arduino affects its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and a number of other accessories. It’s intended for anyone making interactive hardware projects and in this course, we will make it easy for you to Design and Simulate Arduino Boards and Start Testing Your Codes Freely. <<


Section 1: Introduction & Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Who We Are?

Section 2: First Simulation Enviroment

Lecture 3 Download UNO Simulator

Lecture 4 Coding and Simulation Your First UNO

Section 3: Visual Coding using Blocks

Lecture 5 Download and Install Visual Simulation Software

Lecture 6 Coding and Simulation Your First UNO

Section 4: Arduino Simulation: Proteus

Lecture 7 Installing Arduino Library For Proteus

Lecture 8 Downloading and Installing Proteus Software

Lecture 9 Adding Arduino Library to Proteus

Lecture 10 Your First Code in Arduino Coding Software

Lecture 11 Editing the code and Getting the Hex File

Lecture 12 Load the hex file and Run the Simulation

Section 5: 3D Arduino and Electronics Simulation

Lecture 13 Sign Up in the website

Lecture 14 Explaining the Interface and Simulating your First Circuit

Lecture 15 Editing Components

Lecture 16 Wiring Components

Lecture 17 Adding Components

Lecture 18 Breadboard and RGB Leds

Lecture 19 Series and Parallel Circuits

Lecture 20 Arduino led control

Lecture 21 Dealing with Multiple LEDs and Breadboard using Arduino

Lecture 22 Fading LED with Analog Output

Lecture 23 Reading Digital Input

Lecture 24 Reading Analog Value

Lecture 25 Using Serial Monitor

Lecture 26 Dealing with RGB Leds with Potentiometers

Section 6: Bonus Lecture: Gifts, Coupons, and More.

Lecture 27 Bonus Lecture: Gifts, Coupons, and More..

Arduino Geeks,Anyone looking to learn Arduino but don’t want to buy the boards,Anyone looking to learn Arduino without spending any money buying different boards,Anyone starting their journey in Microcontrollers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 28m | 2.03 GB
Created by: Educational Engineering Team

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