Aromatherapy Made Simple

Essential oils are natures magical gift to us.
Aromatherapy Made Simple
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Cindy Rainbow Wisdom


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Aromatherapy Made Simple

What you’ll learn

What is aromatherapy
How does aromatherapy work
How can essential oils help you
Oil classification
Concentrations and contra indications
Carrier oils
Essential oil properties
Methods of use and recipes

Aromatherapy Made Simple


No experience needed


I dream of everyone having these little amber bottles of nature magic in their homes and reaching for an essential oil for just about every need.Essential oils can be incorporated into your daily life in a myriad of ways, working on the levels of mind, body, emotions and spirit.Oils can be the only thing you need in that moment, or they can supplement whatever you are using. However they are used in your life, they will compliment and improve your health.By the end of this course you will feel confident in how and why essential oils work and you will be excited to play with this magical tool.If you have been using oils for years, you will try some new and exciting ways of using them, and if you are a newbie the world is your oyster and you just have to decide where to start first.You will walk away from this course confident in knowing how to choose good quality oils. How to keep it safe and easy to incorporate into your daily routines. And how much fun it is to play with recipes, make personalized gifts and so much more.I can’t wait for you to activate your inner magical apothecary.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: What is Aromatherapy?

Lecture 2 Interesting History

Lecture 3 What is Aromatherapy

Section 3: How do we use Essential Oils?

Lecture 4 How do we use Aromatherapy?

Lecture 5 Three main ways to use Essential Oils

Section 4: Classifications

Lecture 6 Classification

Lecture 7 Top, Middle and Base Notes

Lecture 8 Group Classification

Lecture 9 Quality Control

Section 5: Blending

Lecture 10 Blending

Lecture 11 Dilutions and Contra Indications

Lecture 12 Carrier Oils

Section 6: My Top Ten

Lecture 13 My Top Ten

Lecture 14 My Top Ten continued

Section 7: What have we learned

Lecture 15 Bringing it all together

This is perfect for you if you are just beginning your journey with aromatherapy. If you have been using essential oils for a while and have had a bad experience or feel you could be doing more with them, or you want a better understanding on how and why they work this is for you.

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Created by: Cindy Rainbow Wisdom

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