Aruba ACMA and ACMP wireless networking course

Aruba (ACMA and ACMP) wireless training with labs using CLI & GUI
Aruba ACMA and ACMP wireless networking course
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Aruba ACMA and ACMP wireless networking course

What you’ll learn

Aruba (ACMA) wireless networking course consists of knowledge of Aruba wireless products, Aruba Architecture, Mobility master and mobility controllers setup.
This course will complete all the topics of Aruba ACMA exam and will build a solid foundation for Aruba ACMP exam.
AP provisioning
Secuare WLAN communication,
Wireless security
Aruba Roles and policies
RF management
Students will also learn about the configuration and management of Aruba controllers and AP.

Aruba ACMA and ACMP wireless networking course


Basic knowledge of computer networking
Intrest in Wireless networking
No previous Aruba experience is needed.
Laptop with atleast 10Gb RAM
VM installed on laptop
Aruba MM & MC .OVA file
Putty to access the CLI of MM & MC


“Aruba (ACMA and ACMP) wireless networking course” which consists of knowledge of Aruba wireless products, Aruba Architecture, Mobility master and mobility controllers setup ,configuration of Aruba controllers and AP.This course will complete all the topics of Aruba ACMA exam and will build a solid foundation for Aruba ACMP exam as well.Over the years i discovered  that there is growing demand of Aruba wireless , however there wasn’t any professional training program available to make candidates more competitive and technically competent. Keeping these things in mind this course is designed.By the end of this course you will be confident enough to pass the Aruba ACMA certification exam.In this course students will learn about Wifi basics, Aruba products, Aruba Architecture, Mobility master and mobility controllers setup, AP provisioning, secure WLAN communication, AP-group, Wireless security, Aruba Roles and policies and RF management.    So, what are you waiting for? Learn “Aruba (ACMA and ACMP) wireless networking course ” in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!This course is divided in 12 sections and each section describes the topic in detail.Section 1-Aruba IntroductionSection 2-WiFi BasicsSection 3-Introduction to Aruba AP And Aruba ControllerSection 4-Aruba ArchitectureSection 5-MM & MC SetupSection 6 -AP Provisioning, AP & Controller CommunicationSection 7-Secure WLAN ConfigurationSection 8-AP GroupSection 9 -Wireless Security (802.11i)Section 10-Aruba Roles and PoliciesSection 11-RF ManagementSection 12-Questions for Students to AnswerIn case you do not like my course for whatever reasons , you may choose to refund as per udemy policy.Please do give me appropriate review, star rating and feedback. it will help me in knowing how i’m teaching.


Section 1: Aruba Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction of Section 1

Lecture 2 Aruba introduction and Product Types

Lecture 3 Aruba certifications

Section 2: WiFi Basics

Lecture 4 Introduction of Section 2

Lecture 5 Wi-Fi Standard and Regulations

Lecture 6 802.11 RF Bands and Channels

Lecture 7 802.11 Frame Types

Lecture 8 RF Frame Format

Lecture 9 RF Antenna

Lecture 10 Got The Power

Lecture 11 Wireless Terms-Part1

Lecture 12 Wireless Terms-Part2

Lecture 13 EIRP,RSSI & SNR

Section 3: Introduction to Aruba AP And Aruba Controller

Lecture 14 Introduction of Section 3

Lecture 15 Aruba AP (Part Details)

Lecture 16 ArubaAP(Indoor & Outdoor Product specification)

Lecture 17 Aruba Controller Virtual & Hardware Appliance

Lecture 18 Aruba Controller MM & MC Models

Section 4: Aruba Architecture

Lecture 19 Introduction of Section 4

Lecture 20 Aruba AP Modes

Lecture 21 Aruba 8.X Architecture

Lecture 22 Aruba Controller Mode

Lecture 23 Aruba OS 6.x vs 8.x

Lecture 24 Aruba License Types

Lecture 25 Aruba Centralized Licensing

Lecture 26 Aruba License Use-Part1

Lecture 27 Aruba License Use-Part2

Lecture 28 Aruba License Output CLI

Lecture 29 Aruba Licensing Best Practice

Lecture 30 Aruba Failover & License installation

Section 5: Mobility Master & Mobility Controller Setup

Lecture 31 Introduction of Section 5

Lecture 32 Aruba VM Lab Setup

Lecture 33 VMM Basic Setup Configuration

Lecture 34 VMC Basic Setup Configuration

Lecture 35 VMM&VMC Integration

Lecture 36 Aruba Configuration Hierarchy

Lecture 37 Aruba GUI Tour

Lecture 38 Aruba Configuration Validation & Disaster Recovery

Section 6: AP Provisioning, AP & Controller Communication

Lecture 39 Introduction of Section 6

Lecture 40 What an AP initially require

Lecture 41 AP’s Controller Discovery

Lecture 42 AP Boot Process(controller based)

Lecture 43 AP & Controller Communication

Lecture 44 Control Plane Security (CPSEC)

Lecture 45 Aruba AP Tunnels

Lecture 46 AP Provisioning(AP Console)

Lecture 47 AP Provisioning(GUI)

Lecture 48 AP Provisioning (CLI)

Section 7: Secure WLAN Configuration

Lecture 49 Introduction of Section 7

Lecture 50 What is WLAN & SSID

Lecture 51 RADIUS Based WLAN(SSID) Configuration (GUI)

Lecture 52 PSK Based WLAN(SSID) Configuration (GUI)

Lecture 53 Guest WLAN(SSID) Configuration (GUI)

Section 8: AP-Group

Lecture 54 Introduction of Section 8

Lecture 55 AP-Group & Profile Hierarchy

Lecture 56 AP-Group Config(GUI)

Lecture 57 AP-Group & PSK based SSID(CLI)

Lecture 58 RADIUS (dot1X) based SSID (CLI)

Lecture 59 Guest SSID With Captive portal(CLI)

Section 9: Wireless Security (802.11i)

Lecture 60 Introduction of Section 9

Lecture 61 Why we need wireless security

Lecture 62 What makes a WLAN secure

Lecture 63 Authentication types

Lecture 64 EAP Authentication (LEAP and EAP-FAST) & PKI

Lecture 65 EAP Authentication (PEAP and EAP-TLS)

Lecture 66 Wlan Security (WEP Vs WPA v1 Vs WPA v2)

Lecture 67 Let’s Fit the Pieces together

Section 10: Aruba Roles and Policies

Lecture 68 Introduction of Section 10

Lecture 69 netdestination & netservice

Lecture 70 Roles

Lecture 71 Firewall Policies and Rules-Part1

Lecture 72 Firewall Policies and Rules-Part2

Lecture 73 Role Assignment

Section 11: RF Management

Lecture 74 Introduction of Section 11

Lecture 75 Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)

Lecture 76 AirMatch

Lecture 77 Client Match (CM)

Section 12: Questions for Students to Answer

Lecture 78 Practice Questions for ACMA exam

Beginner and intermediate wireless and networking engineers,Students who want to prepare for ACMA exam.,Students who want to build solid foundation for ACMP exam.,For anyone who wants to learn Essential Aruba Wireless Technologies and concepts.

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Created by: Network-Fi .

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