Aruba Switching Training With Labs For ACSA ACSP HPE

Aruba Switching Training To Configure Aruba Networks HPE Products Pass ACSA ACSP HPE6-A67 HPE6-A45
Aruba Switching Training With Labs For ACSA ACSP HPE
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Aruba Switching Training With Labs For ACSA ACSP HPE

What you’ll learn

Aruba Switching Fundamentals
How to configure Aruba Switches
Switching Technologies
Aruba Products

Aruba Switching Training With Labs For ACSA ACSP HPE


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Internet Access


The only resource for your Aruba Switching Journey in Udemy. With this course, you will have the the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to configure and manage Aruba networking solutions. You will learn about ArubaOS switch technologies. In this training you will learn:Aruba Network Products and SolutionsInitial Aruba Switch ConfigurationManagement ProtocolsVLANs and L2 TechnologiesIP Routing and Routing TypesWireless TechnologiesMonitoring and Managing Network SolutionsYou will learn all Aruba Switching Essential topics and get ready for the glorious path to achieve ACSA and ACSP exam success.We will learn mainly al about initial Aruba switch configuration, how to connect with diffeent management protocols, deal with Aruba switching solutions, learn all about VLAN, how to configure them on Aruba switches and their benefits etc.Aruba Switching Associate Training ContentsHow To Use Aruba Switching Associate TrainingInitial Switch ConfigurationManagement Protocols Part-1Management Protocols Part-2Management Protocols Part-3 SNMP With LabsAruba Switching Solutions Part-1Aruba Switching Solutions Part-2VLANs OverviewVLAN Benefits and VLAN LabSTP Why do we need itDifferent STP Protocol TypesSTP Port Roles and Port StatesSTP Root Election Port Costs and Edge PortsMSTPMSTP LabLACPLACP Operational ModesLACP LabVSF OverviewVSF Planes and MembersVSF Link and VSF Configuration OverviewVSF LabIP Routing Overview and TypesStatic RoutesStatic Routes LabDynamic Routing Protocol TypesOSPFOSPF OSPF LSA Types and Router RolesOSPF LabWireless Technologies and Controller Based TopologyWLANs and WLAN SecurityInstant Access PointsIAP States and Master ElectionAirWave Capabilities and Deployment TypesAirWave Management Levels


Section 1: Introduction to Aruba Switching Training With Labs For ACSA ACSP HPE

Lecture 1 Aruba Switching Associate Training Introduction

Lecture 2 How To Use Aruba Switching Associate Training

Section 2: Configuration and Administration With Labs

Lecture 3 Initial Switch Configuration

Lecture 4 Management Protocols Part-1

Lecture 5 Management Protocols Part-2

Lecture 6 Management Protocols Part-3 SNMP With Labs

Lecture 7 Aruba Switching Solutions Part-1

Lecture 8 Aruba Switching Solutions Part-2

Lecture 9 VLANs Overview

Lecture 10 VLAN Benefits and VLAN Lab

Lecture 11 STP Why do we need it

Lecture 12 Different STP Protocol Types

Lecture 13 STP Port Roles and Port States

Lecture 14 STP Root Election Port Costs and Edge Ports

Lecture 15 MSTP

Lecture 16 MSTP Lab

Lecture 17 LACP

Lecture 18 LACP Operational Modes

Lecture 19 LACP Lab

Lecture 20 VSF Overview

Lecture 21 VSF Planes and Members

Lecture 22 VSF Link and VSF Configuration Overview

Lecture 23 VSF Lab

Lecture 24 IP Routing Overview and Types

Lecture 25 Static Routes

Lecture 26 Static Routes Lab

Lecture 27 Dynamic Routing Protocol Types

Lecture 28 OSPF

Lecture 29 OSPF OSPF LSA Types and Router Roles

Lecture 30 OSPF Lab

Lecture 31 Wireless Technologies and Controller Based Topology

Lecture 32 WLANs and WLAN Security

Lecture 33 Instant Access Points

Lecture 34 IAP States and Master Election

Lecture 35 AirWave Capabilities and Deployment Types

Lecture 36 AirWave Management Levels.avi

Lecture 37 Thank You For Joining Aruba Switching Training With Labs For ACSA ACSP HPE

Section 3: Bonus Section

Lecture 38 Bonus Lecture

Who wants to learn Aruba Switching,Who wants to configure Aruba products more efficiently,Who wants to pass ACSA Exam successfully

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Created by: HUKI Training

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