ASPNET Core Identity Authentication Authorization

Learn Authentication & Authorization in ASP.NET Core (.NET 5) as we explore Identity Library with MVC and Razor Library
ASPNET Core Identity Authentication Authorization
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ASPNET Core Identity Authentication Authorization

What you’ll learn

ASP NET Core Identity with MVC
Authorization with Roles
Implementing Two-Factor Authentication
Implementing Sign Up and Sign-in using with E-mail confirmation
User, Claims and Role Management
Scaffold Identity Library
Two Factor Authentication with MVC
External Logins in MVC
Policy Management
Custom Handler and Requirements

ASPNET Core Identity Authentication Authorization


Basic SQL Server knowledge
6months of experience with C#
Basic knowledge of ASP NET Core


Learn important skills for the new identity system for ASP.NET Core. Many times with the built in code developer misses the core concepts behind security in ASP.NET Core or how the Identity Razor class library behaves! ASP.NET Core now includes the new identity system, which replaces the legacy membership system in ASP.NET. It is essential that software engineers learn these relevant skills and apply them when developing MVC applications if they do not want to combine razor pages with MVC.In this course we will build custom code with MVC for Identity Management similar to Identity Razor class library but with MVC. That way you can learn to stick with just one technology in your project.Once we develop authentication with MVC we will learn Razor Identity Class Library and how to scaffold and customize it.We will also learn advance topics in authorization, as we start with basics and learn to dive into roles, claims and custom policy by building handlers, requirements and much more!Authorization and User Management is a must in real world projects, and that is exactly what we will learn in this detailed course!


Section 1: Introduction and Project Setup

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 ASP.NET Core Identity

Lecture 3 Demo – Final Application

Lecture 4 Authentication and Authorization

Lecture 5 Authentication Types

Lecture 6 Token vs Cookie Authentication Flow

Lecture 7 ASP.NET Core Identity structure and architecture

Lecture 8 Roles and Claims

Lecture 9 Tools Needed

Lecture 10 GitHub (Project Resources)

Lecture 11 Create Project

Lecture 12 Run Application

Lecture 13 DB Context

Lecture 14 Create Database

Lecture 15 Connection String Error

Section 2: Identity in MVC

Lecture 16 Add Identity Services

Lecture 17 Add column to Users Table

Lecture 18 Add Account Controller

Lecture 19 Add Register View

Lecture 20 Login Partial View

Lecture 21 Register Test User

Lecture 22 Display Signed In User

Lecture 23 Logout

Lecture 24 Login View

Lecture 25 Login Functionality

Lecture 26 Return Url on Login

Lecture 27 Return Url Issues

Section 3: Reset Password and Email Conformation

Lecture 28 Sign In Options

Lecture 29 Forgot Password View

Lecture 30 ProtonMail and MailJet Signup

Lecture 31 Setup MailJet Email Sender

Lecture 32 Send Reset Email Part 1

Lecture 33 Send Reset Email Part 2

Lecture 34 Reset Password View

Lecture 35 Reset Password Demo

Lecture 36 Confirm Email On Register

Lecture 37 Demo – Confirm Email

Section 4: External Login

Lecture 38 Facebook Login Setup

Lecture 39 Add External Provider to Login

Lecture 40 External Login Action Method

Lecture 41 External Login CallBack

Lecture 42 External Login Confirmation

Lecture 43 Demo – Facebook Login

Section 5: Two factor Authentication

Lecture 44 QR Code JS and Enable Authenticator Get Method

Lecture 45 Enable Authenticator Post Action Method

Lecture 46 Setup Two Factor Authentication

Lecture 47 Two Factor Confirmation and External Login Two Factor Setup

Lecture 48 Verify Authentication Code Get Method

Lecture 49 Verify Authenticator View

Lecture 50 REDO _ Verify Authenticator Post Action

Lecture 51 REDO Demo – Two factor Authentication

Lecture 52 REDO QR Code Implementation

Lecture 53 REDO QR Code Demo

Lecture 54 Remove and Reset Two Factor Auth

Section 6: Authorization basics

Lecture 55 Basic Authorization

Lecture 56 Create Roles

Lecture 57 Role selection during registration

Lecture 58 Roles Demo

Lecture 59 Configure Application Cookies

Lecture 60 9 Registration Bug

Section 7: Scaffold identity and Role management

Lecture 61 Identity razor class library

Lecture 62 Scaffold Identity Class Library

Lecture 63 Register User using Razor Pages Identity

Lecture 64 User Controller Index Action

Lecture 65 User List

Lecture 66 Roles List Action Method

Lecture 67 Roles Index View

Lecture 68 Roles Upsert Get Action

Lecture 69 Roles Upsert View

Lecture 70 Create Roles

Lecture 71 Add Toastr Alerts

Lecture 72 Edit Roles

Lecture 73 Delete Roles

Section 8: Users Management

Lecture 74 Edit User Get Action Method

Lecture 75 Edit User View

Lecture 76 Assign Roles to User

Lecture 77 Lock Unlock User

Lecture 78 Delete User

Section 9: Claims

Lecture 79 Create Claims Store and View Model

Lecture 80 Manager User Claims Get Action Method Part 1

Lecture 81 Manage User Claims View

Lecture 82 Manager User Claims Post Action Method Part 1

Lecture 83 Manager User Claims Get and Post Action Method Part 2

Section 10: Authorizations Demo

Lecture 84 Setup Project for Authorization Access Checker

Lecture 85 Setup Layout Links

Lecture 86 Allow Anonymous and Authorize

Lecture 87 Roles Access and Default UI Path

Lecture 88 Policy based Authorization

Lecture 89 Policy vs Role based Authorization Demo

Lecture 90 Policy based authorization with Claims

Lecture 91 Policy with multiple claims

Lecture 92 Function Type with Policy based authorization

Lecture 93 Separating Function logic

Lecture 94 Requirement and handlers

Lecture 95 Custom Authorization Requirement Handler with Roles

Lecture 96 Custom Handler Advance Example Part 1

Lecture 97 Custom Handler Advance Example Part 2

Lecture 98 Setup Project For Claims Assignment

Lecture 99 Custom Handler with Claims

Anyone who wants to implement .NET Core Identity library with MVC,Anyone who wants to scaffold and explore .NET Core Identity Razor Class Library,Anyone who wants to explore advanced authorization in details with ASP NET Core

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Created by: DotNet Mastery

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