ASQ Certified Master Black Belt CMBB Training ModuleII

Black belts learn how to become leaders. Module covers Part 2-Cross functional competencies ,Part 3-Project Management
ASQ Certified Master Black Belt CMBB Training ModuleII
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International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)


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ASQ Certified Master Black Belt CMBB Training ModuleII

What you’ll learn

How cross functional teams performance can be achieved using structured approach and cultural change?
Useful for Operational excellence professionals transform from Manager to excellence leader
Strategic course for management professional to achieve leadership excellence
How Master Black belts can manage Cross functional teams and Effective Project Management of Lean Six sigma projects
Black belts and MBB’s learn how to position themselves well with CXO’s in new organization
Students will learn how to prepare ASQ Master Black belt exam

ASQ Certified Master Black Belt CMBB Training ModuleII


For Master black belt certification , should have completed Six Sigma Black Belt course with 5 projects minimum
This course can be taken up by all Management professional as a part of Enterprise level leadership excellence program
This is an advanced course but all concepts are explained in simple and practical way so no prerequisites is not needed
Min 5 years of experience of corporate professionals in the areas of Business excellence and Quality
Operational excellence professionals aspiring to take up leadership roles in corporate
All managers who aspire to become Business leaders for transforming organizations


”World’s First Udemy Lean Six Sigma MBB Course designed by IIEEL Experts”This course is fully aligned with the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Body of Knowledge provided by most internationally recognized certification bodies.Certification goal is to ‘’Transform the Manager to Excellence Leader’’.Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CMBB) is a professional who possesses exceptional expertise and knowledge of current industry practice. Master Black Belts have outstanding leadership ability, a focus on strategic performance improvement, are innovative, and demonstrate a strong commitment to the practice and advancement of quality. Obtaining an CMBB is acceptance and recognition from your peers. This Master black belt program has been designed for creating leaders who can effectively drive change.This course covers all you need to know as Master Black Belt – whether you want to take the CMBB, LSSMBB or any other certification exam or be the Master Black Belt improvement leader in your organization.This course is split into three modules covering all five parts of CMBB course and is fully aligned with the Master Black Belt Body of Knowledge provided by most internationally recognized certification bodies. We have covered, the entire Master black belt course curriculum one by one with these three modules- Five part series to ensure high quality knowledge is embedded for aspiring MBB’s. The three modules and five Parts topics areCOURSE MODULE IPart 1- Enterprise wide strategy planning and deploymentCOURSE MODULE IIPart 2- Cross functional competenciesPart 3- Project ManagementCOURSE MODULE IIIPart 4- Training Design and DeliveryPart 5- Mentoring ResponsibilitiesQuiz questions under each section. Total 150+ quiz questions are available.Once Students complete all three Modules i.e. Part 1 to Part 5 topics of Udemy online course , they will be eligible for IIEEL’s Internationally Recognized Master Black Belt Certification* ( *Terms & Conditions apply) or can confidently appear ASQ CMBB Certification Exam. Write to us [email protected], for Personal Coaching, Mentoring and Certifications towards career growth.In this COURSE MODULE II , you will learn the complete content of Part 2- Cross functional competencies and Part 3- Project Management covering following chapters and their subtopics in detail.Part 2 – Cross functional competenciesChapter 10- Data Gathering: Assess the appropriate collection of Voice of the Customer and Voice of the Process data, both internal and external, and develop a customer-focused strategy for capturing and assessing customer feedback on a regular basisChapter 11- Internal Organizational Challenges: Use knowledge of human and organizational dynamics to enhance project success and align cultural objectives with organizational objectives. Use appropriate intervention, communications, and influence styles, and adapt those styles to specific situations (i.e., situational leadership) and address and resolve conflicts.Chapter 12- Executive and Team Leadership Roles : Describe the roles and responsibilities of executive leaders in the deployment of six sigma in terms of providing resources, managing change, communicating ideas. Create action plans to support optimal functioning of master black belts and ensure that project leaders and teams have the required knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes to support the organization’s six sigma programPart – 3- Project ManagementChapter 13- Project Execution : Appraise interrelated projects for scope overlap and refinement and identify opportunities for leveraging concomitant projects. Identify and participate in the implementation of multi-disciplinary redesign and improvement projects. Prioritize projects in terms of their criticality to the organizationChapter 14- Project Oversight and Management : Oversee critical projects and evaluate them in terms of their scope, goals, time, cost, quality, human resources requirements, communications needs, and risks. Overall measurement methodology to record the progress with right measures and Apply appropriate monitoring and control methodologies to ensure that consistent methods are used in tracking tasks and milestones.Chapter 15- Project Management Infrastructure : Develop governance documents, tracking tools, and other methodologies that will support project success and Design a system for measuring project and portfolio performanceChapter 16- Project Financial Tools : Assess and explain budget implications, forecasting, measurement, monitoring, risk analysis, and prioritization for portfolio level projects. Define the concepts of hard and soft dollars and use cost of poor-quality tools, activity- based costing, and other methods to assess and prioritize portfoliosAlso you will learn how Master black belt , serves as catalysts of change and strategic resources for driving enterprise wide improvements to maximize business efficiency and growth opportunities, thereby building the organizations profit capabilities in a sustained manner. Master Black Belts wear different hats including acting as a change agent, combining analytical skills with creative thinking, facilitator, leader, coach etc. during an organization’s excellence journey with a strong cultural foundation for excellence.We are an independent training provider. We are neither associated nor affiliated with the certification organization(s) mentioned in our courses. The name and title of the certification exam mentioned in this course are the trademarks of the respective certification organization. We mention these names and/or the relevant terminologies only for describing the relevant exam processes and knowledge (i.e. Fair Use).


Section 1: Cross Functional Competencies- Data Gathering

Lecture 1 Introduction & Data Gathering

Lecture 2 Data Gathering – VOP & VOC

Lecture 3 Designing Data Collection System

Lecture 4 Integrated Data Collection and Action Progress

Section 2: Cross Functional Competencies – Internal Organizational Challenges

Lecture 5 Internal Organizational Challenges- Introduction

Lecture 6 Organizational Culture

Lecture 7 Organization Structure and Alignment

Lecture 8 Theories of Motivation

Lecture 9 Leadership Styles and Models

Lecture 10 Interdepartmental Conflicts

Section 3: Cross Functional Competencies – Executive and Team Roles

Lecture 11 Executive Management Introduction and Activities

Lecture 12 Champions and Process Owners

Lecture 13 Leadership for Deployment

Section 4: Quiz Exam

Section 5: Project Management- Project Execution

Lecture 14 Project Management – Introduction

Lecture 15 Project Execution – Introduction

Lecture 16 Managing Mega Project

Section 6: Project Management – Project Oversight and Management

Lecture 17 Project Oversight and Management – Introduction

Lecture 18 Fundamental Principles

Lecture 19 Five Step Process

Lecture 20 Managing Multiple Projects and Measurements

Lecture 21 Project Monitoring and Communications

Section 7: Project Management- Project Management infrastructure

Lecture 22 Governance Methods, Tools and Performance measurement

Section 8: Project Management – Project Financial Tools

Lecture 23 Budgets and Forecasts

Lecture 24 Costing and Savings Concepts

Section 9: Quiz Exam

All current Lean Six Sigma Black belts, TQM and Operational excellence professionals,All Corporate leaders of Operations, MBA Students of Operations Management,Organizational Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and aspiring to move towards corporate leadership positions,Functional heads and corporate leaders who was to deploy excellence culture in the organization,All Strategic Leaders

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Udemy | English | 2h 16m | 1.24 GB
Created by: International Institute of Excellence & Effective Leadership (IIEEL)

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