Attract Great Candidates By Creating A Stand Out Job Advert

Struggling to get the best applicants? It could be time to overhaul your job advert
Attract Great Candidates By Creating A Stand Out Job Advert
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Debbie Yarwood


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Attract Great Candidates By Creating A Stand Out Job Advert

What you’ll learn

Understand what will tempt your ideal candidates to apply
Learn from product advertising to make your advert irresistable
Walk through a step by step process to create a stand out job advert
Create a compelling job advert by the end of the course

Attract Great Candidates By Creating A Stand Out Job Advert


Students will need the job details and an idea of the type of candidate they want. We will then transform this information into something great.


If you’re struggling to get the right candidates applying
for your job, it could be time to overhaul your job advert.
Be honest.  If you saw
your advert on an online job site, would it excite you enough to apply?
During this course, you will learn how to write a job advert
that your ideal candidates won’t be able to resist
Write opening lines that will make them want to
read more
Describe the job in a way that makes it come to
Call out to the applicants you want by focusing
on what really matters
Give the right candidates a compelling reason to
Create A Job Advert That Is Ready To Post Before The End Of
This Course
Training can be a waste of time unless you take action
I designed this course, not just to train you how to create
a compelling job advert, but to walk you through the process so you have a
completed advert ready to post by the end.
The course is made up
of 15 lectures.   We kick off by looking at what we can learn from
an advertising formula that has worked for decades. We delve deeper into
research telling us exactly what job hunters want to know about companies
before they apply.  We then cover the six
essentials needed to capture the attention of those perfect applicants.
Armed with this knowledge, and some outstanding examples
from companies that get this right, we then build our job advert section by
In the accompanying workbook, we walk through the
transformation of a dull job advert into something that shines.  You will be guided, step by step, on how to
do this whether you are bringing an old, lacklustre job advert to life or
starting from scratch.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Why does a great job advert matter?

Lecture 3 It’s An Advert – So Sell!

Lecture 4 Tell your potential candidate what they want to know

Section 2: The 6 Essentials Of A Stand Out Job Advert

Lecture 5 Who is your audience?

Lecture 6 What’s your company personality?

Lecture 7 4 Steps to Making It Searchable And Tempting To Read

Lecture 8 The Checklist

Section 3: Getting the Structure Right

Lecture 9 The structure of your job advert

Section 4: Pull Them In With An Attention Grabbing Opening

Lecture 10 How to make them stop and read your advert

Section 5: What’s The Job About?

Lecture 11 How to share the key points and make it real

Section 6: Who do you want?

Lecture 12 Capture the important points and focus on what matters

Section 7: Why Should They Choose You?

Lecture 13 Unleashing the power of the employee voice

Lecture 14 Create a well rounded list of benefits perfect for your ideal candidate

Section 8: Getting (The Right) Candidates To Apply

Lecture 15 Getting your ideal candidates to take action

Section 9: What Will Motivate Them To Apply

Lecture 16 Three workplace motivators you should include in your ad

Section 10: Final Checks

Lecture 17 Did you sell it?

HR professionals under pressure to bring in great candidates ,Managers who are struggling to attract quality applicants to fill their jobs,Growing businesses that need to hire and can’t afford to get it wrong

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Udemy | English | 1h 22m | 450.78 MB
Created by: Debbie Yarwood

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