Augmented Reality and ARCore in Practise

Build real-world AR and MR projects using Google’s ARCore
Augmented Reality and ARCore in Practise
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Augmented Reality and ARCore in Practise

What you’ll learn

Master the concepts that form the basis of AR development.
Use ARCore Environmental Understanding to map 3D objects into the environment.
Build apps for the fourth transformation by placing virtual objects in the real world.
Create amazing Augmented Reality Android applications using ARCore.
Design an AR Greeting card application that shows real-life images and video messages by simply pointing your phone onto the card.
Integrate Mapbox SDK with ARCore to build location-based AR applications similar to Pokémon Go.
Integrate advanced hand and gesture recognition concepts into ARCore to interact with virtual objects with your own hand.

Augmented Reality and ARCore in Practise


No previous AR development experience will be necessary, but some background in Android app development will be useful.


Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real-world are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory.Taking up this course, you will begin with the basics of ARCore and how to set up your ARCore environment. Then we move on to creating ARCore applications. Then you will build your first AR greeting card application that adds life to characters and images, 3D furniture models like those in the IKEA furniture AR app. Moving further. You will also be learning various filters like those appearing on Snapchat & Instagram. Finally, in the end, you will be deploying cross-platform applications in ARCore as well as in Apple’s ARkit using interfaceBy end of this course, you would have learned to implement motion tracking, environment learning in your app, create animations, sounds and generate virtual characters.Contents and OverviewThis training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.The first course, Hands-On ARCore Development starts with the basics of ARCore and how to set up your ARCore environment. Then we move on to creating ARCore applications. It explains dependencies, and you’ll work with the APIs and modules. It will show you the underlying mechanics of building applications with ARCore from scratch. ARCore allows you to access four different SDKs: Android Studio, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Web. We cover each of these SDKs and help you to create an AR app that you can successfully deploy on both mobile and the web. You will learn to implement motion tracking, environment learning in your app, create animations and sounds, generate virtual characters, and simulate them on your screen.The second course, Augmented Reality projects with ARCore 1.6 starts you off with augmented reality project development with ARCore 1.4. You will use each of its core features to create your own AR projects. You will first build an AR greeting card application that adds life to characters and images. You will also build and project life-size 3D furniture models like those in the IKEA furniture AR app. You’ll design a variety of face masks that you see on Snapchat and Instagram filters. You’ll also build location-based AR applications identical to Pokémon Go with ARCore. You’ll find yourself in a shared AR experience in real-time with a projectile shooter multiplayer game. Finally, you will interact with virtual objects in the real world by using gesture controls without the need for hardware such as the Xbox Kinect. By the end of the course, you will have become fluent in developing AR applications with ARCore that blend your real and virtual worlds.About the Authors:Emmanuel Adegbite is a software engineer with a knack for efficient, scalable, and stable solutions. With years of experience working across a wide range of technologies, he is still interested in exploring, encountering, and solving new as well as interesting programming problems.Bharath Nagarajan is a proficient AR/VR/MR and indie developer, who has worked with multiple game titles and AR/VR Projects. He has developed more than 5 games and worked in more than 10 Augmented reality projects, 3 virtual reality & Mixed Reality projects. He has expertise in developing augmented reality solutions of all difficulties such as Indoor navigation, Gps and VPS based augmented reality experience, Marker-based and markerless SLAM(ARKit, ARCore) and Gyro & Instant tracking and face tracking applications. He was also working as a technical consultant for several AR/VR firms. His important achievements include developing an Instant tracking AR experiences for his clients, Implementing Augmented Reality Building tracking solutions and multiplayer augmented reality games. Moreover, he used AR and Visual Positioning System to augment his entire university and provided navigation in AR. He also has proficient knowledge in computer vision and IOT. Currently, he is working on Industrial Augmented reality projects as a Software architect to standardize augmented reality in the industrial sector.


Section 1: Hands-On ARCore Development

Lecture 1 The Course Overview

Lecture 2 Introduction to ARCore

Lecture 3 Getting Started with Android Studio

Lecture 4 Preparing Your Device

Lecture 5 Motion Tracking

Lecture 6 Environmental Understanding

Lecture 7 Light Estimation

Lecture 8 User Interaction

Lecture 9 Anchoring Objects

Lecture 10 Sceneform Overview

Lecture 11 Sample App (ARFragment)

Lecture 12 Rendering Android Widgets

Lecture 13 Importing 3D Assets

Lecture 14 Overview

Lecture 15 Building an Image Database

Lecture 16 Sample App

Lecture 17 Cloud Anchors Overview

Lecture 18 Setting Up Cloud Anchors

Lecture 19 Sample App

Lecture 20 ARTreasureHunt Overview

Lecture 21 Setting Up the Project

Lecture 22 Putting It Together

Section 2: Augmented Reality projects with ARCore 1.6

Lecture 23 The Course Overview

Lecture 24 Installing Unity 3D

Lecture 25 Set Up SDK and JDK with Unity 3D

Lecture 26 Set Up and Configure ARCore with Unity

Lecture 27 HelloAR – Building Your First ARCore Application

Lecture 28 Motion Tracking

Lecture 29 Point Cloud Visualization

Lecture 30 Environmental Understanding

Lecture 31 Image Recognition in ARCore

Lecture 32 Light Estimation

Lecture 33 Project Setup

Lecture 34 Augmented Image Visualizer

Lecture 35 Depth Mask Shader and Occlusion

Lecture 36 Interactions in AR

Lecture 37 AR Audio

Lecture 38 Project Setup

Lecture 39 Interacting with Virtual Objects

Lecture 40 User Interface

Lecture 41 Interaction with Multiple objects

Lecture 42 Final Touchup

Lecture 43 Set Up XZIMG in Unity

Lecture 44 Sample Face Filter Application

Lecture 45 Modifying 3D Models and Building User Interface

Lecture 46 Logic Behind Screenshot and UI

Lecture 47 Face Masks – The Concept Behind AR Filters

Lecture 48 Mapbox – Setup and Introduction

Lecture 49 Build Your First Mapbox Map

Lecture 50 Build Location Based Map in Mapbox

Lecture 51 Integrating ARCore into Mapbox Project

Lecture 52 Deploy and Test XR Maps

Lecture 53 Overview and Setup

Lecture 54 Building Our First Collaborative AR Application

This course is for web developers, mobile developers, Android developers, AR enthusiasts who are willing to build practical, real-life, immersive, and beautiful AR projects using Google’s ARCore.

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Udemy | English | 4h 55m | 2.52 GB
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