Augmented Reality Cloth Facemasks with Unity and Vuforia

Creating Interactive Augmented Reality Apparel with Unity and Vuforia
Augmented Reality Cloth Facemasks with Unity and Vuforia
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Augmented Reality Cloth Facemasks with Unity and Vuforia

What you’ll learn

In this course I will be teaching you how I make augmented reality cloth face masks from start to finish.

Augmented Reality Cloth Facemasks with Unity and Vuforia


Photo Editing Software (Photoshop)
Sublimation Paper
Sublimation Printer
Sublimation Ink
Teflon Sheets or Parchment Paper
Thermal Tape
Polyester Cloth Facemasks
Heat Press
Unity 3D
3D Modeling Software or 3D Model Assets


In this course, you will learn how to create a one-of-a-kind augmented reality cloth face mask that showcases your creativity and technical skills. Led by an experienced artist, animator, and augmented reality developer, you will learn how to design a character with simple shapes, create a repeating pattern based on your character and designs, sublimate a cloth face mask, build an augmented reality experience for your face mask using Unity and Vuforia, code a rotation animation with C#, improve the tracking of your experience by tweaking the design, add 3D models to the experience, add custom animation to each of the 3D models using the timeline, and build an augmented reality app for an android phone.Requirements: To complete the course, you will need access to photo editing software (such as Photoshop), sublimation paper, a sublimation printer, Teflon sheets, thermal tape, a heat press, Unity 3D, and 3D modeling software. You should also have experience with Unity and other creative tools and a knack for crafting.Course Content:Introduction to Augmented Reality FashionDefinition and examples of AR fashionOverview of the role of AR technology in fashionCharacter DesignDesigning a character with simple shapesImportance of simplicity and clarity in character designPattern DesignDesigning a pattern based on your characterImportance of balance and harmony in pattern designPattern RepeatMaking the pattern repeatableImportance of seamless repeats in pattern designSublimation PrintingUsing sublimation printing to transfer your design onto a cloth face maskDesign tips for sublimating onto fabricAugmented Reality ExperienceBuilding an augmented reality experience for your cloth face mask using Unity and VuforiaCreating an image target and adding 3D models to the sceneBasics of image tracking and using Vuforia to detect and track your cloth face maskRotation AnimationUsing C# in Unity to create a rotation animation for your cloth face maskControlling the rotation speed and axis of a 3D modelTracking OptimizationOptimizing the tracking of your augmented reality experience by tweaking the design of your image targetFactors that affect tracking performance and how to use them to your advantageAdding 3D ModelsAdding 3D models to your augmented reality experience in UnityImporting 3D models from external sources and creating simple animationsCustom AnimationUsing the timeline in Unity to create custom animations for your 3D modelsCreating and editing keyframes and controlling the properties of your 3D models over timeBuilding an Augmented Reality AppBuilding your augmented reality experience as an app for an Android phoneSetting up your project for mobile deployment and configuring your app settingsConclusion: By the end of this course, you will have learned how to design, craft, and build an augmented reality experience from start to finish. You will have gained a range of skills that will give you a solid foundation in using technology to enhance your art, and you will have a one-of-a-kind augmented reality cloth face mask that you can share with the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this course has something for everyone. So why wait? Join us and let’s explore the world of augmented reality fashion together!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Drafting Process

Lecture 2 Design A Character

Lecture 3 Clean Up the Sketch

Lecture 4 Finalize the Lines in the Design

Lecture 5 Add a Base Color for our Design

Lecture 6 Color the Design

Section 3: Challenge 1

Lecture 7 Create More Characters

Lecture 8 Make a Square Pattern

Lecture 9 Define a Pattern

Section 4: Challenge 2

Lecture 10 Create Your Own Pattern

Section 5: Section 3

Lecture 11 Sublimation Facemasks

Lecture 12 Make a Print Template for Sublimation

Lecture 13 Printing our Sublimation Art

Lecture 14 Sublimating Facemask

Section 6: Unity

Lecture 15 Setup AR Scene

Lecture 16 Prepare the Image Target

Lecture 17 Setup AR Image Target in Unity

Lecture 18 Add Rotation Animation

Lecture 19 Add More Animated Elements

Lecture 20 Improve Tracking on AR Cloth Facemask

Lecture 21 Modify the AR Facemask Design

Lecture 22 Prep the New Image for Improved AR Tracking

Lecture 23 Build Out the Test App

Lecture 24 Customize the AR Experience Further

Lecture 25 Add Custome 3D Models to the AR Experience

Lecture 26 Replace 3D Shape Models with Custom Models

Lecture 27 Duplicate the Models and Give Them Depth

Lecture 28 Make Each Rotation Layer Unique

Lecture 29 Improve on the Rotation Scripts

Lecture 30 Add More Animation to the AR Experience

Section 7: Challenge 3

Lecture 31 Add More 3D Models and Animation

Section 8: Course Wrap Up

Lecture 32 AR Cloth Facemask Wrap Up

This class is for intermediate creators that have experience with Unity and other creative tools as well as a knack for crafting

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 25m | 2.10 GB
Created by: Steven Christian

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