Augmented Reality in Depth 101

Understand Augmented Reality in Depth ,Various key tracking technology ,and make 20 Apps from scratch using creativity
Augmented Reality in Depth 101
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Debayan Dey


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Augmented Reality in Depth 101

What you’ll learn

Understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications
Import Augmented Reality Software To Unity
Unity 3D fundamentals
Import & Animate 3D Models
Tracking of cylindrical objects and placing digital models surrounding the cylinder
Students will create AR apps by writing codes in C# programming language
Export To IOS & Android
Use Image Targets With Extended Tracking
User Defined Targets
Learn Foundation C# Programming Syntax
Build Your App To A Mobile Device / Tablet
Understand the basic difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
Understand Mixed Reality
Difference Holography and Photography
Placing a life size Lamborghini car in real world using Markerless tracking

Augmented Reality in Depth 101


A Windows or Mac Computer system
Android SmartPhone or an iPhone
Basic programming knowledge will be of Great help
Most Importantly “An interest in Augmented Reality”


Hello Everyone !RequirementsA Windows or Mac Computer systemAndroid Smart Phone or an iPhoneBasic programming knowledge will be of Great help Good Internet Speed for Downloading FilesCourse Content and OverviewThis course caters to students interested in venturing into the world of Augmented Reality app development.Whether you have no prior experience with Unity 3D or coding, there’s no need to worry. We will guide you through every step, starting from the basics.The course comprises 11 sections that cover the latest concepts and insights in the field.Throughout the course, you will have access to articles, quizzes, various resources, as well as downloadable files and assets. If you’re new to coding, rest assured that C# is a creative and easily understandable language. Additionally, when you install Unity 3D, you’ll also get Visual Studio, a programmer-friendly software that will simplify your journey.By enrolling in this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Augmented Reality and delve into its future prospects. The AR market is projected to reach a staggering 85 to 90 billion USD, making this an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Prepare yourself to embrace this cutting-edge technology.In this Course , you will come across 11 sections . SECTION 1 : INTRODUCTION TO AUGMENTED REALITY and its FUTURESECTION 2 : Introduction to Game Engine  , Unity3D and VuforiaSECTION 3 : Old Uncle AppSECTION 4 : Virtual ButtonsSECTION 5 : 2D Page CurlSECTION 6 : Cylindrical TargetsSECTION 7 : Multi-Image TargetSECTION 8 : Uer Defined Targets SECTION 9 : Super-Imposition along with Vuforia Object ScannerSECTION 10 : Ground Plane Stage Bonus Section ( Section 11 ) : TransformationCurious about Augmented Reality, You have come to the right place. Learn the basics fundamentals and programming techniques required for building fully functional Augmented Reality android and iOS apps. For this course you will need an Android Smartphone or iPhone.So what is Augmented Reality?According to Wikipedia, Augmented reality (AR) is a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are “augmented” by computer-generated or extracted real-world sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.In Augmented Reality the real view is modified by a computer (Smartphone in this case). Augmented reality (AR) enhances one’s current perception of reality, whereas in contrast, virtual reality replaces the real world with a simulated one. Augmentation techniques are basically performed in real time,Power of Augmented Reality Vuforia platform seemed very promising as developers all over the World have used Vuforia for developing Augmented Reality apps.Pokemon Go game is the best example of Augmented Reality. Other than that Augmented Reality apps expand over a wide range of topics from Education, Business, Architecture, Health Industry, Home Decoration and obviously mobile gaming.


Section 1: Introduction to Augmented Reality

Lecture 1 Section Outline

Lecture 2 Introduction to Augmented Reality

Lecture 3 Growing Market

Lecture 4 Introduction to Virtual Reality

Lecture 5 Difference between AR and VR

Lecture 6 Display Technologies

Lecture 7 Various Type of Displays

Lecture 8 Reality Virtuality Continuum

Lecture 9 Introduction to Mixed Reality

Lecture 10 Key Tracking Technology

Lecture 11 Holography

Lecture 12 AR Browsers

Lecture 13 Real World Application

Lecture 14 Optional Reading Material

Section 2: Introduction to Game Engine , Unity3D and Vuforia

Lecture 15 Game Engine

Lecture 16 Installing Unity3D

Lecture 17 Introduction to Unity3D Editor

Lecture 18 Setting up Build Settings

Lecture 19 Setup for IOS

Lecture 20 Vuforia Setup

Lecture 21 Vuforia Engine and PhotoScape

Lecture 22 First AR Project

Lecture 23 Globe Project

Lecture 24 Scripting Time

Lecture 25 Time to build app

Lecture 26 APK and Test

Section 3: Old Uncle APP

Lecture 27 How to Proceed

Lecture 28 Importing Assets

Lecture 29 Scripting

Lecture 30 Build Time

Section 4: Virtual Buttons

Lecture 31 Setting up Unity Editor

Lecture 32 Adding Virtual Buttons

Lecture 33 Scripting

Lecture 34 Its Build Time

Section 5: 2D Page Curl

Lecture 35 Scene Setup and Importing Assets

Lecture 36 Understanding Page App Setup

Lecture 37 Additional Page Setting

Section 6: Cylindrical Targets

Lecture 38 Setting up Cylindrical Targets and Database

Lecture 39 Making up the App

Lecture 40 Importing Models from Asset Store and setting up the scene

Lecture 41 Top and Bottom Clouds along with Helicopters

Lecture 42 Setting up Terrain , Planet

Lecture 43 Script for Rotation and build the apk

Section 7: Multi-Image Target

Lecture 44 What is Multi-Image and its Database SetUp

Lecture 45 Editing Image Dimensions in PhotoScape and Updating the Database

Lecture 46 Importing Character from Mixamo and Build the App

Section 8: User Defined Targets

Lecture 47 What is User Defined Targets and its Setup

Lecture 48 Setting up the Scene and Build the APP

Lecture 49 Small Tip

Section 9: Super-Imposition along with Vuforia Object Scanner

Lecture 50 What is Super-Imposition

Lecture 51 Working with .odt file in Unity and Setting up the scene

Lecture 52 Build the Apk

Lecture 53 Animated Model and Changes in the Script

Lecture 54 Build the APP

Section 10: Ground Plane Stage

Lecture 55 What is Ground Plane ?

Lecture 56 Anchor Stage and Build the APP

Section 11: Final Section

Lecture 57 Transformation

Lecture 58 Bonus Lecure

Lecture 59 Complete Ethical Hacking

Lecture 60 Complete WebApplication Penetration Testing Practical C|WAPT

Lecture 61 What’s Next ?

Anyone Interested to learn Trending Technology,Augmented Reality enthusiast,Beginner level Unity 3D

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 16m | 2.86 GB
Created by: Debayan Dey

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