Augmented Reality Portal using Apple ARKit framework for AR

Augmented reality portals! The most popular and Amazing thing in ARKit iOS 11. Let’s learn how to build it.
Augmented Reality Portal using Apple ARKit framework for AR
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Augmented Reality Portal using Apple ARKit framework for AR

What you’ll learn

Learn to make Awesome inter dimensional Portal in Augmented reality using ARKit
How to build your own realistic models such as Tv, paintings
Learn to build a well furnished house interior with beautiful wallpapers and wooden flooring
Learn how to detect horizontal planes and how to place objects on them
Learn how to import models in .obj and .dae format to xcode
Learn how to work with sceneKit editor
Learn about lightning

Augmented Reality Portal using Apple ARKit framework for AR


Familiarity with Swift Language and xcode environment
physical iPhone 6s or later
iOS 11(beta or release) installed on your iphone and xcode 9(beta or release) installed on your mac


Finally the wait is over! People all over the world are so excited to learn how to build a portal in ARKit. So i have put up a course together in which i am going to show you step by step how we can make it.
In this course i will be making a portal to a well furnished room.
In the process of learning how to make a portal, this course will teach you many concepts required to build Advanced Augmented reality apps using ARKit.
You will learn
How to make an Awesome portal (of course!) How to Detect horizontal planes and place objects on it. How to import any asset from 3d modeling websites and use it into xcode with the help of blender. How to make your own realistic assets within xcode.
I will explain each and everything in detail and will tell you the reason behind each and everything that i do.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 prerequisites

Lecture 2 what are we going to make?

Lecture 3 Steps to make a portal

Lecture 4 Demo code template explanation

Section 2: Horizontal Plane detection and placing objects

Lecture 5 Overview

Lecture 6 Horizontal plane detection

Lecture 7 Placing objects

Section 3: Let’s make our portal

Lecture 8 overview

Lecture 9 prepare Room walls and led Tv

Lecture 10 prepare bed asset using blender

Lecture 11 preparing side table and lamp

Lecture 12 making entrance to our portal

Lecture 13 Hiding the interior part – 1

Lecture 14 Hiding the interior part – 2

Anyone who wants to learn how to make Augmented reality apps (specially a portal) using Apple’s framework ARKit

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 29m | 1.38 GB
Created by: Parth Anand

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