Autodesk Inventor 2021 2022 Sheetmetal Training

Learn Sheet Metal design using Autodesk Inventor in-depth
Autodesk Inventor 2021 2022 Sheetmetal Training
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Asif Ahmed


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Autodesk Inventor 2021 2022 Sheetmetal Training

What you’ll learn

Sheetmetal rules
Face tool
Flange tool
Contour Flange
Contour roll tool
Ham tool
Fold tool
Unfold tool
Bend settings
Corner seam
Cut tool
Unfold & Refold sheetmetal
Control Flat pattern
Exporting flat pattern
Convert to sheetmetal
Multibody sheetmetal part
Punch tool
Custom punch creation
Sheetmetal drawing
And many other important topics…

Autodesk Inventor 2021 2022 Sheetmetal Training


Access Autodesk Inventor 2021 or later
Take Autodesk Inventor – Essential Training” course before starting this course.


In this Autodesk Inventor Sheetmetal Training course, Expert author Asif Ahmed, Autodesk Inventor Expert will teach you how to create complex Sheetmetal parts using the advanced Sheetmetal tools in Autodesk Inventor. This course is designed for beginners and intermediate users. If anyone wants to fill up his/her gap regarding Autodesk Inventor advanced Sheetmetal topic, then this is also the right course for them.Once you have completed this computer-based training course, you will be fully capable of using these tools and techniques to create your own complex Sheetmetal part using this 3D modeling software. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.In this Autodesk Inventor Sheetmetal training video tutorial series, you’ll quickly have relevant skills for real-world applications.———————————————————————————————————————————–ABOUT THIS COURSE:———————————————————————————————————————————–Follow along with our expert instructor in this training course to get:·         3.5 hours of HD video tutorial·         Over 47 individual video lectures·         1 Supplemental Resources·         Full lifetime access·         Access on mobile and TV·         30 days money-back guarantee·         Certificate of Completion———————————————————————————————————————————–Topics covered in this course:·         Sheetmetal rules·         Working with flange tools·         Folding and Bending·         Unfold rules, Bend and Corner settings·         Sheetmetal modification·         Flat pattern·         Convert to sheetmetal·         Sheet Metal Multibody·         Sheetmetal punch·         Sheet Metal Drawing———————————————————————————————————————————–Why do you choose this course?·         Progressive difficulty: we start slow and we build our way up·         Exercise files·         All lectures are straight to the point – minimal effort, maximum results·         Learn by working, not by memorizing!·         Get depth and advanced knowledge in the sketch and assembly environment.·         Apply Autodesk Inventor skills easily in a production environment without struggling.·         Increase confidence in Autodesk Inventor and design whatever you want·         Impeccable sound and video quality·         Quality instructor support: I respond to most questions in under 24 hours———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


Section 1: 01. Introduction

Lecture 1 0101. Introduction

Lecture 2 0102. Find Exercise files and Captions

Lecture 3 0103. Exercise Files

Section 2: 02. Sheetmetal rules

Lecture 4 0201. Understanding Sheetmetal working environment

Lecture 5 0202. Create part file with sheetmetal rule

Lecture 6 0203. Create new sheetmetal rule

Section 3: 03. Working with flange tools

Lecture 7 0301. Face tool

Lecture 8 0302. Create Flange on a sheetmetal face

Lecture 9 0303. Height extents, height datum and bend position in flange tool

Lecture 10 0304. Width Extents option in Flange tool

Lecture 11 0305. Loop seletion and conner modification

Lecture 12 0306. Create Contour Flange

Lecture 13 0307. Create rolled flange using contour roll tool

Lecture 14 0308. Add contour roll to existing sheetmetal body

Lecture 15 0309. Unroll method in Contour roll tool

Lecture 16 0310. Create Ham on a sheetmetal body

Section 4: 04. Folding and Bending

Lecture 17 0401.Create flange using fold tool

Lecture 18 0402. Create bend between sheetmetal bodies

Section 5: 05. Unfold rules, Bend and Corner settings

Lecture 19 0501. Bend Settings

Lecture 20 0502. Corner settings Part 1

Lecture 21 0503.Corner settings Part 2

Lecture 22 0504.Unfolding options in a different flange creation tools

Section 6: 06. Sheetmetal modification

Lecture 23 0601. Remove material using CUT tool

Lecture 24 0602. Cut normal in a CUT tool

Lecture 25 0603. Corner seam

Lecture 26 0604. Corner round and corner chamfer

Lecture 27 0605. Split body using RIP tool

Lecture 28 0606. Unfold and refold sheetmetal body

Section 7: 07. Flat pattern

Lecture 29 0701. Create flat pattern of a sheetmetal body

Lecture 30 0702. Flat pattern orientation

Lecture 31 0703. Define A-side

Lecture 32 0704. Apply and edit bend order annotation

Lecture 33 0705. Add cosmetic line on a flat pattern

Lecture 34 0706. Exporting Flat Pattern

Section 8: 08. Convert to sheetmetal

Lecture 35 0801. Convert a 3d model to a sheetmetal body

Lecture 36 0802. Corner seam to control sheetmetal corner

Lecture 37 0803. Use direct editing tool for a sheetmetal body

Section 9: 09. Sheet Metal Multibody

Lecture 38 0901. Create Multibody sheetmetal part file

Lecture 39 0902. Flat pattern of multibody sheetmetal body

Section 10: 10. Sheetmetal punch

Lecture 40 1001. Add punch feature using punch tool

Lecture 41 1002. Make punch feature to remove material on a sheetmetal body

Lecture 42 1003. Make punch feature to deform material on a sheetmetal body

Section 11: 11. Advanced tools

Lecture 43 1101. Lofted flange tool

Lecture 44 1102. Sheetmetal Mirror

Lecture 45 1103. Add fastener to sheetmetal

Section 12: 12. Sheet Metal Drawing

Lecture 46 1201. Create view for a sheetmetal part

Lecture 47 1202. Add bend notes, tags and bend table

Lecture 48 1203. Add punch notes, tags and punch table

Lecture 49 1204. Add Sheetmetal iProperties in the drawing

A person who want to be proficient in Autodesk Inventor to find a job,A person who want to improve Autodesk Inventor essential topics,A person who want to learn Autodek Inventor absolutely from scratch,A person who want to design 3D model without spending huge time on learning.,A person who want to get a better job using Autodesk Inventor skills.,Any Graduate student or Diploma Students,Individual professional,Hobbyist

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Udemy | English | 3h 39m | 1.44 GB
Created by: Asif Ahmed

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