Autodesk Platform Services Basic Viewer and Javascript

Learn how to set a basic Autodesk Platform Services (Forge) Viewer and deploy it
Autodesk Platform Services Basic Viewer and Javascript
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Enrique Galicia


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Autodesk Platform Services Basic Viewer and Javascript

What you’ll learn

Learn basic structure of Autodesk Platform Services
Compose a basic viewer using APS and nodejs
Learn basic structures used on Javascript to add variables and make changes in code
Implement a single viewer on a web page ready to be shared

Autodesk Platform Services Basic Viewer and Javascript


Basic understanding of building design processes and principles: The course assumes that learners have a general understanding of building design and construction processes.
A computer with the required software: Learners will need a computer with Autodesk Revit installed, as well as a development environment for javascript.
Willignes for the unknown APS goes deeper on multiple frameworks and issues to be tackle so this course requires that you aim for problem solving


Cloud and web services are a required step for interconected BIM, so theres a deep requirement of learning and implementing this set of services, As a First Step this course as part of a series would be introducing the use of the Autodesk Platform Services (Forge) Viewer so that it can become more casual and accesible.We would go very simple and clear so that if you havent work with javascript you can get familiar setted up and running properly to be a first step in this interactions.In this course we will create a Single Viewer with the capability of loading a model (rvt,nwd,nwc) , calling objects by its properties and uploading it on a AWS server so that any development can be easily deployedThis course doesn require to much prior knowledge since it starts from Zero background but any references would help it flow betterThere are multiple references for the Forge Viewer to be created, so I encourage you to take a look to them, the purpouse of this one its to make it simple enougth to start using it.This course its distributed as it is, with the purpose of being a start point of multiple developments, with all creativity and workflows being as efficient as they can be. Help subsequent training agendas to be released as soon as possible by recommending, reviewing, and buying this type of content. Join me in bringing all of these capabilities to reality and transforming your BIM skills, and enjoy the freedom of possibilities to make technology work the way you need it to.And with all my hopes, I will do my best to ensure that this content will change your way of working for the better moving forward.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Installation Requirements

Lecture 3 Resources

Section 2: Setting the Autodesk Platform Services

Lecture 4 Application Setup

Lecture 5 StartConfig

Lecture 6 Routes

Lecture 7 Javascript Fundamentals

Section 3: Setting Changes on the HTML

Lecture 8 Basic Concepts on the HTML

Lecture 9 Basic Concepts on the CSS

Lecture 10 Testing Template

Section 4: Viewer Modifications

Lecture 11 Adding Objects from HTML

Lecture 12 CSS Config and General Objects

Lecture 13 Interacting with html objects

Lecture 14 Adding an Extension on the Viewer

Lecture 15 Running Extension on Viewer

Section 5: AWS Deployment

Lecture 16 Create an Account and settings for the Instance

Lecture 17 Configure the settings on the Server

Lecture 18 Run on the Background

Building design professionals who wants to spreed model use to other users with web services.,Students and professionals who have a basic understanding of Autodesk Revit and believe on opening interactions with web services,Architects, engineers, and construction professionals who want to expand their skill set in building design technology.,Anyone who is interested in learning about the intersection of technology and building design, on web applications

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 10m | 1.05 GB
Created by: Enrique Galicia

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