Automated Web Testing with JavaScript and Playwright

Master browser automation to create fast and reliable test suites. Taking you from zero to hero!
Automated Web Testing with JavaScript and Playwright
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Automated Web Testing with JavaScript and Playwright

What you’ll learn

Write automated tests with a cutting-edge framework and programming language
Create beautiful test suites using the page object model
Use in-built retries for maximum reliability
Manipulate network request and simulate API responses
Execute your automation project in the cloud via CI systems
Upload your project to GitHub
Explore how web applications work behind the scenes

Automated Web Testing with JavaScript and Playwright


No programming experience needed – I will explain everything you need.
A computer where you can install software (Windows, Mac, Linux)


This course is designed with one simple goal in mind: To teach you web automation so that you will have all the tools to build reliable and fast test suites using the industry’s best-practices and advanced techniques. On top of that, you will learn how web applications work behind the scenes and how you can use this knowledge to your advantage.Practice makes perfectI believe that you can learn any subject if you practise it. That is why this course is completely practical: We will be building a real test suite for a shopping app. You will also learn how to take these learnings and concepts and apply them to your own applications!Throughout the course, there are plenty of exercise stages where you are invited to pause the video and take on a challenge, practising and retraining things you already learned. But don’t worry, I will always be walking you through my solution at the end of the exercise.The right tool for the jobPlaywright is one of the most powerful and convenient automation frameworks out there, used by big-brand companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Disney+. We pair it up with JavaScript, the most popular programming language on the planet! This course will teach you everything there is to know. We will even go one step further and explore the rich ecosystem of third-party libraries.Learning should be funProgramming isn’t just a job for me; it’s a passion. I look to bring this passion into my teaching. This is exactly the kind of course that I would love to take myself — I make things fun and engaging.Having a problem? No problem!Errors are natural in programming. I will be in the Q&A section ready to take on your questions. Every lesson also comes with a transcript of the code changes; that way you can also confirm your solution independently!Let’s get startedI am thrilled to have you here and I can’t wait to get started with you. See you in the course!- Rick


Section 1: Basic Concepts

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 Install required software: custom web application, Node.js, Visual Studio Code

Lecture 3 Windows users only: Install git bash

Lecture 4 Project setup with npm init

Lecture 5 Explore the framework

Lecture 6 Functions and understanding the test frame

Lecture 7 Selectors and page interactions: Waiting for a button, clicking on a button

Lecture 8 Assert text changes

Lecture 9 Assert page navigation

Section 2: End-to-End Testing

Lecture 10 End-to-End Testing: Introduction

Lecture 11 Page Objects

Lecture 12 Accessing specific elements: Add three products to the basket via page object

Lecture 13 Accessing specific elements: Assert that the button changes text

Lecture 14 String conversion: Assert that the basket counter increases

Lecture 15 Nested page object method calls

Lecture 16 Move to checkout using navigation bar

Lecture 17 Iterating over multiple elements with .map() & String replacements

Lecture 18 Selecting specific elements out of multiple options

Lecture 19 Dropdowns

Lecture 20 Regular Expressions

Lecture 21 Form fields

Lecture 22 Third-party dependencies and UUIDs

Lecture 23 Method arguments – passing data into our page object from outside

Lecture 24 Form fields: Fill out delivery details

Lecture 25 Abstracting test data: Move user details into data-specific directory

Lecture 26 In-built retries: Counting elements

Lecture 27 Extracting input values

Lecture 28 Continue to payment page

Lecture 29 iframes: Grab discount code

Lecture 30 In-built retries: Input values

Lecture 31 Keyboard API: Simulating typing

Lecture 32 In-built retries: Text changes

Lecture 33 Form fields: Fill in credit card details

Lecture 34 Complete payment

Lecture 35 Mobile viewport setup

Lecture 36 Conditional actions: Adding a product to the basket in mobile

Lecture 37 Conditional actions: Adjustments to not impact the desktop tests

Lecture 38 Utility functions: Move to checkout using mobile navigation drawer

Section 3: Advanced Techniques

Lecture 39 Advanced Techniques: Introduction

Lecture 40 Cookies and browser storage

Lecture 41 My Account page

Lecture 42 API/Network requests with third-party dependencies, handling JSON – Part 1

Lecture 43 API/Network requests, handling JSON – Part 2

Lecture 44 Page scripts: Injecting cookies into the browser

Lecture 45 Reusable API helpers

Lecture 46 Environment variables

Lecture 47 globalSetup: Calling functions before all tests

Lecture 48 Mocking network requests

Section 4: CI Systems and Version Control with GitHub

Lecture 49 CI Systems: Introduction

Lecture 50 Mac users only: Installing git

Lecture 51 Sign up for GitHub

Lecture 52 Authentication with SSH key

Lecture 53 Preparing the project before push to GitHub

Lecture 54 Upload project to GitHub

Lecture 55 GitHub Actions: First step

Lecture 56 GitHub Actions pipeline: Commands to execute tests

Lecture 57 GitHub Actions: Secrets

Lecture 58 Goodbye

Section 5: Bonus

Lecture 59 UI Mode

Lecture 60 Spread Operator in JavaScript

Anyone wanting to learn browser automation, no matter which skill level. All necessary knowledge will be taught in the course.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 45m | 11.72 GB
Created by: Rick Schubert

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