Automotive Over The Air Update OTA

OTA & Vehicle Architecture, HPC, MQTT , HTTPS , Demo-Campaign management, TCU ,UDSon_CAN & Eth ,Fail case, OTA testing,
Automotive Over The Air Update OTA
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Automotive Over The Air Update OTA

What you’ll learn

What is OTA
Importance OF OTA
Market analysis- By OEM , By country
OTA architecture
OEM backend
Cloud providers(AWS , AZURE,IBM)
Campaign management Demonstration
MQTT in Automotive example and HTTPS
OTA Manager
UDS flashing, UDS over CAN , UDS over Ethernet
DOIP and CAN TP demo
OTA testing
Tesla Usecase
Fail safe strategy(Single bank, dual bank)

Automotive Over The Air Update OTA


Nothing is required, depth concepts are explained in easily understandable Animations.
No programming experience needed


It was inevitable that the increasing amount of software installed in a car would one day pose a problem. When you consider the infotainment system, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), and under-the-hood software used for engine management, you can be sure that it all will need updating at some stage. The need to keep all of this software up to date and secure is challenging the industry. And that’s just current functionality—the expectation of new features and functionality is just as important. As Figure 1 illustrates, current projections are that within the coming decade, approximately 50% of a vehicle’s value will be defined by software and experiences, compared to just 10% in the past (when the remaining 90% was accounted for by tangible mechanical component parts).While OTA opens the opportunity to remotely update firmware and software, it also opens the vehicle system to the Internet. The security challenges associated with any connected device arise, along automotive-specific safety and reliability concerns. Consider, as well, connection requirements and cost for OTA enablement. Given varying data rates, automakers must ensure that the connection to the vehicle is robust enough to transmit required updates while keeping costs low. In the face of widely varying bandwidth and signal strengths, the OTA solution must be capable of completing and verifying update downloads that have had to stop and start several timesIn very few years OTA will raise as a mandatory element in Automotive and this course will be helpful understanding the overall view about Automotive OTA concepts.


Section 1: Introduction to OTA(Over the Air) and market analysis

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Agenda

Lecture 3 What is OTA?

Lecture 4 Importance of OTA

Lecture 5 SOTA vs FOTA

Lecture 6 Challenges of OTA

Lecture 7 OTA Services

Lecture 8 Market Analysis- By OEM, By Country

Lecture 9 How OTA happens

Section 2: OTA architecture – Overview

Lecture 10 Precondition of vehicle state

Lecture 11 OTA Architecture

Lecture 12 Vehicle Architecture – Prepare yourself for tomorrow

Section 3: OEM backend

Lecture 13 OEM backend

Lecture 14 Automotive Cloud providers

Lecture 15 Demonstration of Campaign Management

Section 4: User experience – HMI , OEM APP

Lecture 16 HMI

Lecture 17 OEM APP

Section 5: OEM backend to TCU connectivity (MQTT , HTTPS)

Lecture 18 MQTT – General concept

Lecture 19 MQTT (connectivity OEM backend to TCU)

Lecture 20 HTTPS

Section 6: TCU(Telematic controller Unit)

Lecture 21 OTA Manager

Lecture 22 UDS tester

Section 7: Target device(ECU to be Flashed)

Lecture 23 UDS over CAN vs UDS over Ethernet

Lecture 24 UDS flashing

Lecture 25 AUTOSAR walkthorugh

Lecture 26 UDS Over CAN : CAN Frame (CAN-TP)

Lecture 27 UDS over Ethernet – AUTOSAR DOIP

Lecture 28 DOIP in ethernet frame

Lecture 29 DoIP : Connection to external tester

Lecture 30 Target device memory handling

Lecture 31 Fail safe strategy

Section 8: OTA testing

Lecture 32 Is OTA Testing necessary?

Lecture 33 Testing OTA : Ways

Lecture 34 Testing OTA : Tool Chain

Section 9: Usecase

Lecture 35 Tesla usecase

Section 10: Remote Diagnostics

Lecture 36 Remote Diagnostics

Lecture 37 Conclusion

Automotive enthusiast, Automotive embedded professionals,Who wants to switch or start their career in Automotive OTA domain to become a OTA developer

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Created by: AutoRonics Services

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