automotive sensors

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automotive sensors
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automotive sensors

What you’ll learn

description about sensors
proximity sensors
motion sensors & speed sensors
thermal sensors
mass air flow sensors
pressure sensors
oxygen sensor
knock sensors
position sensors

automotive sensors


no experince needed ; just a few electrical basics


•Modern cars make thousands of decisions based on the data provided by various sensors that are interfaced to the vehicles’ onboard computer systems. A car engine management system consists of a wide range of sensor devices working together, including engine sensors, relays and actuators. Many of these sensors operate in rough and harsh conditions that involve extreme temperatures, vibrations and exposure to environmental contaminants. Yet, these provide vital data parameters to the electronic control unit (ECU) that governs the various engine functions effectively.•In older vehicles, engine sensors and instruments were simple. Modern vehicles are built with complex electronic sensor systems. Digital computers now control engines through various sensors. Luxury cars have a multitude of sensors for controlling various features;Classic cars and modern cars have differences in their design, components, handling, and safety. Technologically, newer vehicles usually contain a central computer, sensors, and sophisticated systems. Modern engines are much smarter, smaller, more powerful, and more efficient than older ones.•i wish this course help you to emprouve your skills of repairing if youre a mechanics ; and know new sensors if youre a electronice guy ; and if youre just curious or you like reparing your vehicule thats will help you a lot thank you see you in thelesson


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: description

Lecture 2 definition of sensor & how it work

Lecture 3 types of signals that can the sensor sends

Section 3: car sensors

Lecture 4 proximity sensors

Lecture 5 motion sensors & speed sensors

Lecture 6 thermal sensors

Lecture 7 mass air flow sensor

Lecture 8 pressure sensors

Lecture 9 oxygen sensors

Lecture 10 knock sensors

Lecture 11 position sensors

beginner mechanics of vehicules,mechanical industries,beginners in cars diagnosis,curius people

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