AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2023

All you need to master AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification.
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2023
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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2023

What you’ll learn

Will be prepared to give AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional certification.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2023


Basic Understanding of AWS Services


This course is specifically designed for the aspirants who intend to give the ” AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional” level certification as well as for the individuals who intend to gain a deeper understanding related to the DevOps services in AWS.One of the pre-requisite for the course is the candidate’s prior understanding of the core AWS services. We generally recommend completing the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate video course or an AWS Certified Developer – Associate video course  (knowledge-wise) before starting with the  AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional. However, this requirement can be ignored if a candidate has working experience on AWS.This course also has an exam preparation section with practice tests to verify if the candidate is ready to give the official certification exams.Keeping the standards high similar to other best-seller courses of Zeal, this course has a perfect balance and the things are explained in a simplified way with practical scenarios.With tons of quizzes, great lectures, and a great support from the Instructor, this course is all you need to gain a deeper understanding of AWS and master the “AWS DevOps Engineer – Professional” certification.With this interesting set of learnings and practicals, I look forward to seeing you in this course.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 Our Community

Section 2: Domain 1 – SDLC Automation

Lecture 3 Overview of AWS Code Star

Lecture 4 Creating our first Code Star Project

Lecture 5 Integrating Code Star with JIRA

Lecture 6 Document – Code Links

Lecture 7 AWS CodeCommit – In Detail

Lecture 8 Identity Policies for AWS CodeCommit

Lecture 9 Approval Rule Template

Lecture 10 Overview of AWS CodeBuild

Lecture 11 Building Code with AWS CodeBuild

Lecture 12 Reference Code – AWS CodeBuild

Lecture 13 Overview of CodeDeploy

Lecture 14 Deployment through CodeDeploy

Lecture 15 Document – AWS CodeDeploy

Lecture 16 Overview of AWS CodePipeline

Lecture 17 Creating First Pipeline

Lecture 18 Document – AWS CodePipeline Resource

Lecture 19 Troubleshooting Failed Deployments

Lecture 20 Code Pipeline – Stage Transistions

Lecture 21 CodeDeploy – Deployment Configuration

Lecture 22 CodeDeploy AppSpec Hooks

Lecture 23 Overview of Elastic Beanstalk

Lecture 24 Deploying Custom Application in Elastic Beanstalk

Lecture 25 EB Deployment Policy

Lecture 26 Implementing Rolling Deployments

Lecture 27 Implementing Rolling Deployments with Additional Batch

Lecture 28 Performing Immutable Policy based Deployments

Lecture 29 Blue Green Deployments

Lecture 30 Implementing Blue/Green Deployments in Elastic Beanstalk

Lecture 31 EB CLI

Lecture 32 Document – EB CLI Setup

Lecture 33 Elastic Beanstalk Extensions (ebextensions)

Lecture 34 Commands vs Container Commands

Lecture 35 Canary Deployments

Lecture 36 Canary Deployments and Traffic Shifting in Lambda

Lecture 37 [email protected]

Lecture 38 [email protected] – Demo Practical

Lecture 39 A/B Testing

Lecture 40 Overview of Dockers

Lecture 41 Overview of Jenkins

Lecture 42 Installing Jenkins in AWS

Lecture 43 Document – Installing Jenkins Commands

Lecture 44 Creating our first job in Jenkins

Lecture 45 Understanding Distributed Build Setup in Jenkins

Lecture 46 Implementing our first Distributed Build

Lecture 47 Overview of Amazon EC2 Plugin for Jenkins

Lecture 48 Document – Note

Lecture 49 Understanding Git Branching Model

Lecture 50 Code Reviews with Git Pull Request

Lecture 51 Automatically Validating PR with Code Build

Lecture 52 Implementing Pipeline for Validation of Pull Requests

Lecture 53 Automated Tests

Lecture 54 Notes – Domain 1

Section 3: Domain 2 – Configuration Management & Infrastructure As Code

Lecture 55 Understanding Infrastructure as Code

Lecture 56 Creating VPC with CloudFormation

Lecture 57 CloudFormation – Stack Dependencies

Lecture 58 CloudFormation – DependsOn Attribute

Lecture 59 CloudFormation – Errors and Rollbacks

Lecture 60 CloudFormation – Change Sets

Lecture 61 CloudFormation – Parameters

Lecture 62 CloudFormation – Deletion Policy Attribute

Lecture 63 CloudFormation – StackSets

Lecture 64 Creating our First StackSets

Lecture 65 Document – StackSets

Lecture 66 CloudFormation – Nested Stacks

Lecture 67 Document – Nested Stacks

Lecture 68 CloudFormation – Creation Policies

Lecture 69 WaitCondition and WaitConditionHandle

Lecture 70 Document – WaitCondition & WaitConditionHandle

Lecture 71 IAM Service Role and Pass Role

Lecture 72 Document Code – Pass Role Policy

Lecture 73 Overview of AWS OpsWorks

Lecture 74 OpsWorks – LifeCycle Events

Lecture 75 OpsWorks – Create Deployment Commands

Lecture 76 OpsWorks – Auto-Healing

Lecture 77 OpsWorks – DataBags

Lecture 78 Notes – Domain 2

Section 4: Domain 3 – Monitoring and Logging

Lecture 79 AWS CloudSearch

Lecture 80 Amazon EventBridge

Lecture 81 Overview of Unified CloudWatch Agent

Lecture 82 Unified CloudWatch Agent – Practical

Lecture 83 Document – Unified CloudWatch Agent

Lecture 84 Namespace, Metrics and Dimension

Lecture 85 VPC Flow Logs

Lecture 86 CloudTrail – Log File Integrity Validation

Lecture 87 Document – S3 Log File Validation

Lecture 88 Digest Delivery Times

Lecture 89 Revising AWS Config

Lecture 90 AWS Config – Practical

Lecture 91 Overview of X-Ray

Lecture 92 X-Ray Practical

Lecture 93 Document – X-Ray Sample Application

Lecture 94 Amazon Kinesis

Lecture 95 Amazon Kinesis Capabilities

Lecture 96 External Link – Kinesis Video Streams

Lecture 97 AWS Personal Health Dashboard

Lecture 98 AWS Application Discovery Service

Lecture 99 Amazon Athena

Lecture 100 RDS Event Notification

Lecture 101 Trusted Advisor

Lecture 102 Overview of Cross-Account Log Data Sharing

Lecture 103 Cross-Account CloudWatch Logs – Part 01

Lecture 104 Cross-Account CloudWatch Logs – Part 02

Lecture 105 Document – Cross Account CloudWatch Logs

Lecture 106 Notes – Domain 3

Section 5: Domain 4 – Policies and Standards Automation

Lecture 107 Overview of Delegation

Lecture 108 Creating Cross-Account IAM Roles

Lecture 109 AWS SAM

Lecture 110 Overview of Systems Manager

Lecture 111 Configuring SSM Agent

Lecture 112 Overview of Sessions Manager

Lecture 113 SSM – Run Command

Lecture 114 Overview of Patch Manager

Lecture 115 EC2 Systems Manager – Parameter Store

Lecture 116 Systems Manager Automation

Lecture 117 Systems Manager Inventory

Lecture 118 Creating our First Inventory in SSM

Lecture 119 Systems Manager for Hybrid Environments

Lecture 120 Standard vs Advanced Tier in Systems Manager

Lecture 121 AWS Batch

Lecture 122 AWS License Manager

Lecture 123 Deploying our License Configuration

Lecture 124 Data LifeCycle Management

Lecture 125 AWS Secrets Manager

Lecture 126 Integration of RDS with Secrets Manager

Lecture 127 Overview of Service Catalog

Lecture 128 Creating Product and Portfolio in Service Catalog

Lecture 129 Document Code – AWS Service Catalog

Lecture 130 AWS Organizations

Lecture 131 Creating first AWS Organization & SCPs

Lecture 132 AWS Tags

Lecture 133 Resource Groups

Lecture 134 Revising EC2 Pricing

Lecture 135 Reserved Instances

Lecture 136 On-Demand Capacity Reservation

Lecture 137 Overview of EC2 Fleet

Lecture 138 Creating our First EC2 Fleet

Lecture 139 Allocation Strategy for Spot Instances

Lecture 140 Notes – Domain 4

Section 6: Domain 5 – Incident and Event Response

Lecture 141 AWS GuardDuty

Lecture 142 Centralized Dashboards for GuardDuty Findings

Lecture 143 Overview of Amazon Macie

Lecture 144 Detecting Sensitive Files with Macie

Lecture 145 Introduction to AWS Inspector

Lecture 146 AWS Inspector Vulnerability Scans

Lecture 147 AWS Inspector – Miscellenous Pointers

Lecture 148 EC2 Auto-Recovery

Lecture 149 S3 Event Notification

Lecture 150 Document – S3 Notification SNS Policy

Lecture 151 AWS Step Function

Lecture 152 S3 Encryption

Lecture 153 Notes – Domain 5

Section 7: Domain 6 – High Availability, Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery

Lecture 154 Core Components of DynamoDB

Lecture 155 DynamoDB Consistency Model

Lecture 156 Read and Write Capacity Units

Lecture 157 Capacity Modes in DynamoDB

Lecture 158 DynamoDB Streams

Lecture 159 DynamoDB Global Tables

Lecture 160 DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)

Lecture 161 Revising RDS Read Replicas

Lecture 162 RDS Read Replicas Practical

Lecture 163 RDS Multi-AZ Deployments

Lecture 164 Overview of Elastic File System (EFS)

Lecture 165 Creating and Mounting EFS in EC2

Lecture 166 Document – EFS Commands

Lecture 167 Overview of VPC Endpoints

Lecture 168 Implementing Gateway VPC Endpoints

Lecture 169 NAT Gateways

Lecture 170 Network ACLs

Lecture 171 Stateful vs Stateless Connections in Firewalls

Lecture 172 Disaster Recovery Models

Lecture 173 RTO and RPO

Lecture 174 Advanced Route53 Configurations

Lecture 175 Route53 – Understanding Health Checks

Lecture 176 Implementing Route53 Health Checks

Lecture 177 Route53 Health Check Types

Lecture 178 Overview of Routing Policies

Lecture 179 Understanding Failover Routing

Lecture 180 Implementing Failover Routing

Lecture 181 Route53 – Weighted Routing Policy

Lecture 182 Route53 – Latency Based Routing Policy

Lecture 183 CNAME vs ALIAS records

Lecture 184 Load Balancing in AWS

Lecture 185 OSI Model & Load Balancers

Lecture 186 Application Load Balancers

Lecture 187 Listener and Target Groups

Lecture 188 ALB Practicals

Lecture 189 ELB Access Logs

Lecture 190 Dualstack IP Address Type in ELBs

Lecture 191 Launch Templates

Lecture 192 Introduction to Auto Scaling

Lecture 193 Implementing Manual Scaling ASG

Lecture 194 Overview of Dynamic Scaling

Lecture 195 Scheduled Scaling

Lecture 196 EC2 Auto-Scaling Processes

Lecture 197 Auto-Scaling Health Checks

Lecture 198 Tagging Auto-Scaling Groups

Lecture 199 Overview of Auto-Scaling LifeCycle Hooks

Lecture 200 Terminate:Wait LifeCycle Hook

Lecture 201 Document: Terminate Wait CONTINUE

Lecture 202 AWS ElastiCache

Lecture 203 Introduction to API

Lecture 204 Understanding working of API

Lecture 205 Building the function for our API

Lecture 206 Building our API with API Gateway

Lecture 207 API Gateway Logging

Lecture 208 Implementing API Gateway Logging Functionality

Lecture 209 Amazon Cognito

Lecture 210 AWS Key Management Service

Lecture 211 Creating our first Customer Managed Key (CMK)

Lecture 212 Document – CMKs Reference

Lecture 213 Schedule Key Deletion

Lecture 214 Notes – Domain 7

Section 8: Exam Preparation Section

Lecture 215 Our Community

Lecture 216 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 1

Lecture 217 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 2

Lecture 218 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 3

Lecture 219 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 4

Lecture 220 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 5

Lecture 221 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 6

Lecture 222 Important Pointers for Exams – Domain 2

Lecture 223 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 7

Lecture 224 Notes – Exam Preparation

Those interested in gaining the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification

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Created by: Zeal Vora

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