AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2023

All you need to master AWS Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C03) certification
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2023
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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2023

What you’ll learn

Will be prepared for AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam
Get a strong foundation on Amazon Web Services
You will be able to design highly available, scaleable & secure environment in AWS
Be ready to work into the Cloud computing career

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2023


AWS Account for practicing the labs.


Our AWS Solutions Architect – Associate 2023 course is specifically designed for new aspirants who are planning to enter into the field of Cloud Computing and AWS and intend to gain the official AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification.We start this course from absolute scratch and hence there is no prior knowledge required about Cloud or AWS. This course starts with providing a detailed understanding of Cloud Computing to its viewers. Once the basics of Cloud Computing are understood, then the journey begins into AWS to master various aspects related to Infrastructure, Storage, Security, Identity Management, and many more.This course consists of 15 sections covering the content of 27+ hours. Post completing this course, the candidate will have a solid base understanding of AWS services. This course also has an exam preparation section with practice tests to verify if the candidate is ready to give the official certification exams.With tons of quizzes in order to prepare you for exams, Real-world scenarios, and great Support from our Instructor in case of doubts, this course is all you need to build a solid foundation on AWS and gain the Certification.With this interesting set of learnings and practicals, I look forward to seeing you in this course.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Overview of The Course

Lecture 2 Document – Links

Section 2: Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Platform

Lecture 3 Introduction to Cloud Computing

Lecture 4 Cloud Computing Models

Lecture 5 Architecture of Cloud Environment

Lecture 6 On-Demand & Self Service – Characteristics of Cloud

Lecture 7 Characteristic of CSP – Elasticity

Lecture 8 Characteristic of CSP – Elasticity 02

Lecture 9 Notes – Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Platform

Section 3: Infrastructure & Networking

Lecture 10 Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Lecture 11 AWS Global Infrastructure

Lecture 12 Setting up AWS account

Lecture 13 Setting up SSH Client

Lecture 14 Key Based Authentication

Lecture 15 Creating Our First Private Key in AWS

Lecture 16 Launching First EC2 Instance

Lecture 17 Connecting to EC2 Instance

Lecture 18 Document – Basic Commands

Lecture 19 Creating First Website on EC2

Lecture 20 Document – Website Configuration Commands

Lecture 21 Basics of Firewalls

Lecture 22 AWS Budgets

Lecture 23 Understanding Virtual Private Cloud

Lecture 24 Creating our First VPC

Lecture 25 Overview of Subnets

Lecture 26 Creating Subnets for Custom VPC

Lecture 27 Challenge with Current Architecture

Lecture 28 Overview of Internet Gateway

Lecture 29 Configuring Internet Gateway for VPC

Lecture 30 Overview of Route Tables

Lecture 31 Configuring Route Table for Custom VPC

Lecture 32 Architecture of Public-Private Subnets

Lecture 33 Deploying Public-Private Subnet Architecture

Lecture 34 Overview of NAT Gateways

Lecture 35 Configuring NAT Gateway

Lecture 36 Deleting VPC Infrastructure

Lecture 37 New VPC Create Experience

Lecture 38 Understanding VPC Peering

Lecture 39 VPC Peering Practical

Lecture 40 Network ACL (NACL)

Lecture 41 Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

Lecture 42 Launch Template

Lecture 43 EC2 Pricing Models

Lecture 44 Notes – Infrastructure & Networking

Section 4: Storage

Lecture 45 Introduction to Elastic Block Store

Lecture 46 EBS Snapshots

Lecture 47 Delete on Termination Attribute

Lecture 48 EBS Volume Types

Lecture 49 EBS Encryption

Lecture 50 Instance Store Volumes

Lecture 51 Introduction to Simple Storage Service (S3)

Lecture 52 S3 Storage Classes

Lecture 53 New S3 Storage Class – Intelligent-Tiering

Lecture 54 New S3 Storage Class – One Zone-IA

Lecture 55 New S3 Storage Class – Glacier

Lecture 56 S3 Versioning

Lecture 57 S3 Lifecycle Policies

Lecture 58 S3 – Cross Region Replication

Lecture 59 Static Website Hosting with S3

Lecture 60 Presigned URLs

Lecture 61 S3 – Multi-Part Uploads

Lecture 62 Multi-Part Upload – Practical

Lecture 63 Document – Multi-Part Upload Commands

Lecture 64 S3 Object Lock

Lecture 65 S3 Requester Pays

Lecture 66 Understanding AWS Storage Gateway

Lecture 67 Overview of File Gateway

Lecture 68 Amazon FSx

Lecture 69 Overview of Elastic File System (EFS)

Lecture 70 Creating and Mounting EFS in EC2

Lecture 71 Document – EFS Commands

Lecture 72 AWS Snowball Family

Lecture 73 Overview of AWS Backup

Lecture 74 Creating Backup Plan

Lecture 75 Notes – Storage

Section 5: Load Balancing Solutions

Lecture 76 Understanding High Availability Configuration

Lecture 77 RTO & RPO

Lecture 78 Load Balancing in AWS

Lecture 79 Classic Load Balancers

Lecture 80 Application Load Balancers

Lecture 81 Overview of Layer 7 Firewalls

Lecture 82 AWS WAF

Lecture 83 Notes – High Availability

Section 6: Auto-Scaling & Deployment Services

Lecture 84 Introduction to Auto Scaling

Lecture 85 Implementing Manual Scaling ASG

Lecture 86 Overview of Dynamic Scaling

Lecture 87 Scheduled Scaling

Lecture 88 Overview of AWS Global Accelerator

Lecture 89 Implementing Global Accelerator

Lecture 90 AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Lecture 91 Deploying Custom Application in Elastic Beanstalk

Lecture 92 Notes – Auto-Scaling & Deployment Services

Section 7: Networking

Lecture 93 VPC Endpoints

Lecture 94 Gateway VPC Endpoints

Lecture 95 Interface Endpoints

Lecture 96 VPC Endpoint Services

Lecture 97 Direct Connect

Lecture 98 Overview of Transit Gateways

Lecture 99 EC2 Placement Groups

Lecture 100 Notes – Networking

Section 8: Identity & Access Management

Lecture 101 Introduction to Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Lecture 102 Understanding the IAM Policies

Lecture 103 IAM Policies – Part 02

Lecture 104 IAM Policy Evaluation Logic

Lecture 105 Conditionl Element

Lecture 106 Document – Condition Policy Examples

Lecture 107 AWS CLI

Lecture 108 Installing AWS CLI for Linux and Windows

Lecture 109 IAM Role

Lecture 110 IAM Permission Boundaries

Lecture 111 Overview of AWS Organizations

Lecture 112 S3 Bucket Policies

Lecture 113 Bucket Policy Document

Lecture 114 Notes – IAM

Section 9: Cryptography Kung Fu and Security

Lecture 115 Introduction to Cryptography

Lecture 116 Understanding communication Protocols

Lecture 117 Plain Text vs Encrypted Protocols

Lecture 118 Understanding the Disk Level encryption schemas

Lecture 119 AWS CloudHSM

Lecture 120 AWS Key Management Service

Lecture 121 S3 Encryption

Lecture 122 AWS GuardDuty

Lecture 123 Update – Guard Duty

Lecture 124 Referencing Security Groups

Lecture 125 Vulnerability, Exploit, Payload

Lecture 126 AWS Inspector

Lecture 127 Overview of Amazon Macie

Lecture 128 Detecting Sensitive Files with Macie

Lecture 129 Amazon Detective

Lecture 130 Network Firewall

Lecture 131 Overview of AWS Config

Lecture 132 AWS Config – Practical

Lecture 133 Firewall Manager

Lecture 134 AWS Shield

Lecture 135 Virtual Private Network

Lecture 136 Overview of AWS VPN Tunnels

Lecture 137 AWS Control Tower

Lecture 138 Bastion Host

Lecture 139 Amazon Cognito

Lecture 140 Notes – Cryptography

Section 10: Serverless Architecture

Lecture 141 Introduction to Serverless Computing

Lecture 142 Getting started with AWS Lambda

Lecture 143 Introduction to API

Lecture 144 Understanding working of API

Lecture 145 Building the function for our API

Lecture 146 Building our API with API Gateway

Lecture 147 API Gateway Endpoint Types

Lecture 148 AWS DataSync

Lecture 149 Syncing Data between S3 and EFS

Lecture 150 Amazon Athena

Lecture 151 Amazon AppFlow

Lecture 152 Cost Explorer

Lecture 153 AWS Transfer Family

Lecture 154 Notes – Serverless

Section 11: Machine Learning Services

Lecture 155 Amazon Comprehend

Lecture 156 Document – Comprehend Sample Data

Lecture 157 Amazon Translate

Lecture 158 Amazon Textract

Lecture 159 Amazon Lex

Lecture 160 Amazon Transcribe

Lecture 161 Amazon Kendra

Lecture 162 Amazon Rekognition

Lecture 163 Notes – Machine Learning Services

Section 12: Database Primer

Lecture 164 Overview of Databases

Lecture 165 Introduction to RDS

Lecture 166 Creating an Amazon RDS DB instance

Lecture 167 Connecting RDS from EC2

Lecture 168 Deleting RDS Instance

Lecture 169 RDS Read Replicas

Lecture 170 Creating Read Replicas

Lecture 171 RDS Multi-AZ Deployments

Lecture 172 RDS Proxy

Lecture 173 RDS Custom

Lecture 174 RDS DB Instance Storage

Lecture 175 Overview of Amazon Aurora

Lecture 176 Overview of Aurora Serverless

Lecture 177 Aurora Global Databases

Lecture 178 RDS Storage Auto-Scaling

Lecture 179 RDS Event Notification

Lecture 180 Overview of AWS ElastiCache

Lecture 181 Basics of NoSQL Databases

Lecture 182 Overview of DynamoDB

Lecture 183 Core Components of DynamoDB

Lecture 184 DynamoDB – Consistency Models

Lecture 185 Read & Write Capacity Units

Lecture 186 Capacity Modes in DynamoDB

Lecture 187 DynamoDB Streams

Lecture 188 DynamoDB Global Tables

Lecture 189 Amazon Neptune

Lecture 190 Overview of AWS Secrets Manager

Lecture 191 Database Migration Service

Lecture 192 Notes – Database

Section 13: Building Scalable Applications

Lecture 193 Introduction to SQS

Lecture 194 SQS – Practical

Lecture 195 SQS – Visibility Timeout

Lecture 196 SQS Dead Letter Queue

Lecture 197 SQS Queue Types

Lecture 198 FIFO Queue

Lecture 199 Architecture – Auto-Scaling based on SQS Messages

Lecture 200 Architecture – Message Queues in Database Transactions

Lecture 201 Amazon MQ

Lecture 202 Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Lecture 203 SNS Fanout Architecture

Lecture 204 Connecting SNS with SQS

Lecture 205 SNS Message Filtering

Lecture 206 S3 Event Notifications

Lecture 207 AWS Systems Manager

Lecture 208 SSM Run Command

Lecture 209 Sessions Manager

Lecture 210 SSM – Parameter Store

Lecture 211 Patch Manager

Lecture 212 AWS Tags

Lecture 213 Resource Groups

Lecture 214 Amazon EventBridge

Lecture 215 Notes – Scalability

Section 14: Domain Name System

Lecture 216 Introduction to DNS

Lecture 217 Traffic packet capture of DNS packets

Lecture 218 Understanding DNS Records

Lecture 219 DNS Records – A & AAAA

Lecture 220 Introduction to Route53

Lecture 221 Creating Hosted Zones in Route53

Lecture 222 CNAME Record

Lecture 223 Mail Exchanger (MX) Record

Lecture 224 TXT Records

Lecture 225 Advanced Route53 Configurations

Lecture 226 Route53 – Health Checks

Lecture 227 Route53 Health Check Practical

Lecture 228 Overview of Routing Policies

Lecture 229 Multi-Value Answer Routing Policy

Lecture 230 Geoproximity Routing Policy

Lecture 231 Understanding HTTPS Connections

Lecture 232 Overview of AWS Certificate Manager

Lecture 233 Issuing Certificates with ACM

Lecture 234 Amazon WorkMail

Lecture 235 Notes – DNS

Section 15: Analytics

Lecture 236 Amazon Kinesis

Lecture 237 Amazon Kinesis Capabilities

Lecture 238 External Link – Kinesis Video Streams

Lecture 239 Business Intelligence

Lecture 240 AWS Lake Formation

Lecture 241 Notes – Analytics

Section 16: Content Delivery Networks

Lecture 242 Understanding the Content Delivery Networks

Lecture 243 Demo – CloudFront CDN

Lecture 244 Understanding Edge Locations

Lecture 245 Deploying CloudFront Distribution

Lecture 246 Origin Access Identity

Lecture 247 S3 Transfer Acceleration

Lecture 248 Overview of Lambda@Edge

Lecture 249 Lambda@Edge and CloudFront Integration

Lecture 250 Field Level Encryption

Lecture 251 Notes – Content Delivery Networks

Section 17: Monitoring

Lecture 252 Understanding CloudWatch

Lecture 253 Understanding CloudTrail

Lecture 254 Creating First CloudTrail Trail

Lecture 255 CloudTrail Event Types

Lecture 256 AWS Trusted Advisor

Lecture 257 AWS Well Architected Framework

Lecture 258 Personal Health Dashboard

Lecture 259 Data Transfer Charges in AWS

Lecture 260 Amazon OpenSearch

Lecture 261 Notes- Monitoring

Section 18: Container Services

Lecture 262 Basics of Docker Containers

Lecture 263 Overview of ECR

Lecture 264 Understanding Container Orchestration

Lecture 265 Container Orchestration in AWS

Lecture 266 Elastic Container Service

Lecture 267 Components of ECS

Lecture 268 ECS Practical

Lecture 269 Introduction to Kubernetes

Lecture 270 Elastic Kubernetes Service

Lecture 271 AWS Fargate

Section 19: Exam Preparation Guide

Lecture 272 Our Community

Lecture 273 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 01

Lecture 274 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 02

Lecture 275 Important Pointers for Exams – Part 03

Lecture 276 Notes – Exam Preparation Section

Those who intends to begin their in journey of Cloud Computing,Those who wants to achieve AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certifications,Those who wants to bring strong base foundation in AWS

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Created by: Zeal Vora

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