AWS Lambda A Practical Guide

Learn the important parts of AWS Lambda and feel confident with Serverless technology in this practical course.
AWS Lambda A Practical Guide
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AWS Lambda A Practical Guide

What you’ll learn

AWS Lambda Fundamentals
A Practical Guide to Learning AWS Lambda Based on Real Life Experience
Advanced Concepts Including Scaling, Concurrency, and Monitoring Tips
Create, Code, and Deploy AWS Lambda Functions both in the console and with CDK
3 Practical Projects Using a Combination of Console and CDK

AWS Lambda A Practical Guide


A Windows, Mac, or Linux Computer
A Basic Understanding of AWS Concepts (IAM Permissions, Databases, Events)
An AWS Account
Basic programming knowledge (preferably Python)
Command Line Familiarity


(updated May 2023)This course is dedicated to helping you learn AWS Lambda using a practical approach. Absolutely zero AWS Lambda is required to get started!What makes this course different than others?After helping hundreds of thousands of develops learn through my YouTube channel (Be a Better Dev), I found there was very little material that focused on learning AWS Lambda from a practical perspective. Much of the content being offered on Udemy and elsewhere focuses mainly on theory, with very commentary on what it actually takes to build and run Lambda based applications at scale.This course leverages my 7 years of industry experience building Lambda based applications. I’ve built small microservices fronting APIs, and large event processing systems handling millions of requests of day. This course is the culmination of 7 years of experience and includes helpful practical tips gained from real world usage. You’ll learn:AWS Lambda FundamentalsHow To Create, Deploy, and Debug Lambda ApplicationsHow To Develop and Deploy using CDKAdvanced concepts such as Concurrency, Monitoring, and Service Integration3 Practical Projects that Integrate With Other AWS Services (Cloudwatch Events, API Gateway, and SQS).And much much more…In addition to that, I will be constantly updating course content as new features get released for AWS Lambda. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now and lets start learning AWS Lambda! About MeI am a Senior Software Engineer at a popular tech company. I’ve been using AWS services since 2015 and began using Lambda shortly after its launch date in 2015. This course will help you ramp up quickly and teach you what you need to know about AWS Lambda.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction – Welcome To The Course!

Section 2: What is AWS Lambda? A Brief Introduction

Lecture 2 AWS Lambda Introduction

Lecture 3 A Tour Of The Lambda Console

Lecture 4 Creating Our First Function

Lecture 5 Invoking Our Function

Lecture 6 Looking At Our Function’s Logs

Lecture 7 How AWS Lambda Works Under The Hood

Section 3: Key Lambda Concepts

Lecture 8 Triggers

Lecture 9 Synchronous and Asynchronous Invocations

Lecture 10 Maximum Duration and Timeouts

Lecture 11 Hands On – Duration and Timeouts

Lecture 12 Memory

Lecture 13 Pricing

Lecture 14 The Anatomy Of a Function Execution

Lecture 15 Concurrency and Throttling

Lecture 16 Hands On – Throttling

Lecture 17 Unreserved and Reserved Concurrency

Lecture 18 Provisioned Concurrency

Section 4: Configuration

Lecture 19 Versions

Lecture 20 Aliases

Lecture 21 Hands On – Versions and Aliases

Lecture 22 Environment Variables

Lecture 23 Hands On – Environment Variables

Lecture 24 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Integration

Section 5: Monitoring

Lecture 25 Key Metrics To Monitor

Lecture 26 Logging and Metric Filters

Lecture 27 Hands On – Metric Filters

Section 6: Performance Tuning and Observability

Lecture 28 Lambda Insights and Performance Optimization

Lecture 29 Hands On – Power Tuning

Lecture 30 X Ray Tracing and Service Lens

Lecture 31 Hands On – X Ray and Service Lens

Section 7: Advanced Concepts

Lecture 32 Dead Letter Queues (DLQ)

Lecture 33 Layers

Lecture 34 Hands On – Layers

Lecture 35 Docker Integration

Lecture 36 CI / CD

Lecture 37 Database Proxies for RDS

Section 8: Practical Projects

Lecture 38 Hands On – Cloudwatch Events with Lambda

Lecture 39 Hands On – Build a REST API with API Gateway

Lecture 40 Hands On – Event Processing with SQS (using CDK)

Anyone looking to learn AWS Lambda quickly,Anyone looking to learn and use AWS Lambda to run production applications,Anyone looking to understand advanced scaling concepts of AWS Lambda,Anyone looking for tips running Lambda workloads at scale

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 18m | 2.45 GB
Created by: Daniel Galati

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