AWS Typescript Masterclass CDK Serverless React

Code with AWS and Typescript by creating serverless projects with CDK, CloudFormation, Cognito, Lambda and AWS Amplify
AWS Typescript Masterclass CDK Serverless React
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Alex Horea


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AWS Typescript Masterclass CDK Serverless React

What you’ll learn

AWS Cloud development Kit – CDK
Serverless APIs with Lambda, ApiGateway, DynamoDB, S3
AWS Cognito and Amplify
AWS IAM and CloudWatch
Basics and advanced topics of Typescript
Build a UI with React and Typescript
CDK constructs for V2
Deploy CDK infrastructure as CloudFormation

AWS Typescript Masterclass CDK Serverless React


AWS account and AWS basics
Basic to medium programming level
Time and patience


AWS and Typescript are 2 of the most demanded technologies in today’s IT market. AWS Cloud Development Kit – CDK brings a great new development experience. Now you can use your preferred programming language for your business logic, cloud infrastructure, but also for the UI, with React.Now you can build serverless applications much easier!This AWS & Typescript Masterclass course is what you need to build your apps like a pro, learning from an programming active instructor!What you can expect from this course:In depth coverage of AWS Cloud Development Kit – CDK SetupCDK constructsCDK versionsDeploying and managing CDK appsBest practices with CDKInfrastructure as code with AWS Cloud FormationConsole viewDeployment stagesResources managementOutputsParametersBuild highly scalable and cost efficient apps with the serverless architectureServerless computing servicesAWS Lambda:Write, test, bundle, deploy, configureUse the best practicesGo deep into advanced techniques with Lambda and CDKUse Typescript and the NodeJS as environment for LambdaAWS DynamoDB:Basics and console accessDynamoDB queriesDynamoDB sdk (TypeScript) calls from AWS LambdaCDK generic constructs with DynamoDB, ApiGateway and LambdaAWS Cognito:User poolsIdentity poolsConsole accessIAM role management inside CognitoCognito groups for fine grained access controlAWS S3 for file storageAnother important point of this course is the Typescript programming language. It is fast, flexible, powerful and easy to learn.Typescript takes the flexibility of JavaScript and the programming principles of C# and delivers a great coding experience.This course uses Typescript for:Cloud infrastructure with AWS CDKBusiness logic with AWS LambdaWeb application UI with React We finally can write all our app in one language, no more JSON, or YAML, or strange scripts, just Typescript, your favorite language!Why this course stands out from other Udemy courses:Beyond the basics – after finish, you can directly use this knowledge into production codePractical knowledge – presentations are kept to a minimum, we focus on what is really importantLogical and flexible structure – take the course at your own paceFast paced, concise, most typing cut out – focus on explanations – respect for your timeCode changes in each lecture on Git with code diffsBig font, dark background, fullHD content, this way it is readable even on a small screen or even tablet.Lifetime accessCertificate of completion to present to your current or prospective employerQ&A active intructorInstructor:My name is Alex Horea, I’m an active senior web and Cloud developer and I want to pass you the knowledge I wish I had when I was a beginner. I strongly believe that practice is the best way to learn, and in this course we will be practicing TypeScript in 3 ways: As cloud infrastructure with CDKBussiness logic with AWS LambdaUI with ReactGo beyond the theory and learn from an active instructor, aligned with today’s programming demands!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course structure

Lecture 2 Tools we will need

Lecture 3 TypeScript refresher

Lecture 4 AWS account + IAM user for console

Lecture 5 AWS CLI

Section 2: AWS CDK and CloudFormation

Lecture 6 Section intro

Lecture 7 AWS CDK cool presentation

Lecture 8 AWS CloudFormation

Lecture 9 AWS Cloud Development Kit installation

Lecture 10 AWS CDK base project deployment

Lecture 11 CDK Project exploration

Lecture 12 AWS CDK types and commands

Lecture 13 AWS CDK outputs

Lecture 14 CDK Deployment parameters

Lecture 15 CDK core – recap

Section 3: Serverless project with CDK and Typescript

Lecture 16 Section intro and project presentation

Lecture 17 Source code

Lecture 18 AWS CDK Typescript project from scratch

Lecture 19 CDK project implementation – part 2

Lecture 20 Basic AWS Lambda

Lecture 21 AWS API Gateway and Lambda

Lecture 22 AWS DynamoDB with CDK

Section 4: Serverless: AWS Lambda – bundling, testing and debugging

Lecture 23 Section intro

Lecture 24 Lambda bundling problem

Lecture 25 CDK Node Lambda

Lecture 26 Webpack intro

Lecture 27 Lambda Webpack setup

Section 5: Testing and debugging Lambdas

Lecture 28 Section intro

Lecture 29 AWS CloudWatch logs

Lecture 30 Using the AWS sdk

Lecture 31 Debugging AWS actions

Section 6: AWS DynamoDb with CDK and Lambda

Lecture 32 Section intro

Lecture 33 Put item

Lecture 34 Getting data from ApiGateway

Lecture 35 DynamoDb lambda initial setup

Lecture 36 DynamoDb lambda finish

Lecture 37 Scan operation

Lecture 38 Query operation

Lecture 39 Query on secondary indexes

Lecture 40 Update operation

Lecture 41 Delete operation

Lecture 42 Data validation

Lecture 43 Project small fixes

Section 7: Securing APIs with AWS Cognito

Lecture 44 Section intro

Lecture 45 AWS Cognito presentation

Lecture 46 Cognito in the AWS console

Lecture 47 Generating JWT tokens with AWS Amplify

Lecture 48 Using AWS Cognito tokens

Lecture 49 Understanding JWT tokens

Lecture 50 AWS Cognito with CDK: UserPool

Lecture 51 AWS Cognito with CDK: UserPoolClient

Lecture 52 Testing CDK with Cognito

Lecture 53 Access control with Cognito groups

Section 8: AWS Cognito Identity pools

Lecture 54 Section intro

Lecture 55 AWS Cognito Identity pools in the console

Lecture 56 Getting AWS temporary credentials

Lecture 57 Identity pools in CDK

Lecture 58 IAM roles in CDK

Lecture 59 IAM role mappings

Lecture 60 Testing AWS temporary credentials

Lecture 61 Further features of AWS Cognito

Section 9: Front-end for our back-end with React

Lecture 62 Section intro

Lecture 63 Create react app and git

Lecture 64 Base project structure

Lecture 65 Understanding state and props, child, parent

Lecture 66 First class component

Lecture 67 Child components

Lecture 68 Handling events

Lecture 69 Conditional rendering

Lecture 70 Data from child to parent

Lecture 71 Routing – NavBar

Lecture 72 Routing – Router

Lecture 73 Small Css

Lecture 74 State of the application

Lecture 75 Rendering async table: setup

Lecture 76 Rendering async table: adding rows

Lecture 77 Space component build

Lecture 78 Spaces component

Lecture 79 Routing and stiling spaces

Lecture 80 Modal content

Lecture 81 Display modal

Section 10: Using AWS insinde a React project with Amplify

Lecture 82 Section intro

Lecture 83 Setup and Amplify install

Lecture 84 Cognito login from React code

Lecture 85 Amplify issue solved

Lecture 86 Photo bucket name and bucket CORS

Lecture 87 Passing the bucket ARN to Auth

Lecture 88 Lambda CORS

Lecture 89 Create space component

Lecture 90 AWS credentials in the browser

Lecture 91 Uploading public files

Lecture 92 Creating spaces

Lecture 93 Getting spaces

Section 11: Application deployment

Lecture 94 Section intro

Lecture 95 Deployment To S3 and CloudFront

Lecture 96 Discussion about finishing

Lecture 97 Exploring the finished app

Section 12: Advanced usecases

Lecture 98 Section intro

Section 13: AWS recap

Lecture 99 Section intro

Section 14: Typescript recap

Lecture 100 Section intro

Lecture 101 Typescript presentation

Lecture 102 Running Typescript code

Lecture 103 Types

Lecture 104 User defined types

Lecture 105 Optional properties

Lecture 106 Type guards

Lecture 107 Compiler options

Lecture 108 Classes

Lecture 109 Access modifiers

Lecture 110 Inheritance

Lecture 111 Implementing interfaces

Lecture 112 Generics

Lecture 113 Promises

Lecture 114 Modules

Lecture 115 Strict checks

Lecture 116 Undefined, null, never, unknown

Lecture 117 Enums and Switch

Lecture 118 Running on NodeJs

Lecture 119 Debugging Node Typescript

Lecture 120 Running in the browser – part 1

Lecture 121 Running in the browser – part 2 – webpack

Lecture 122 Decorators introduction

Lecture 123 Method decorators

Section 15: End

Lecture 124 Closing words

Lecture 125 Bonus

Anyone who wants to learm AWS of TypeScript in a dynamic, fun and professional way,Developers who want to transition their apps to Typescript,Developers who want to write infrastructure as code with CDK

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 31m | 5.33 GB
Created by: Alex Horea

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