AZ305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infra Lab Exam Prep

Curated Azure lab challenges & Exam focused tasks on Microsoft Azure Architect design.
AZ305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infra Lab Exam Prep
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AZ305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infra Lab Exam Prep

What you’ll learn

30+ Unique Azure Lab Challeges focused on Azure Architect Design
Azure Labs covering advanced azure services like Data Factory, Function Apps, Logic Apps, Cognitive Servics, Key Vault, Active Dirctory and many more
Learn troubleshooting skills
Learn the concepts along with lab challenge

AZ305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infra Lab Exam Prep


Azure Subscription to practice
Interest and commitment to practice the labs in Azure portal


AZ-305: Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions is one of the key certifications on Microsoft Azure. This certification is part of a requirement for attaining the “Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert” title/certificationMost of the Azure Certification exam has two components.#1. Multiple Choice Questions#2. Live Lab Exercise to perform on Azure Portal.The intent of the lab in the exam is to# Test the candidate’s practical knowledge in working with the Azure portal to perform the requested tasks# Test the knowledge of Azure services and features to pick the right product with the optimal pricing tier.# Test the candidate’s knowledge in analyzing and troubleshooting various issues within the Azure portalThis course is designed to cover the exam objectives aligned with AZ-304 Certification.Key highlights of this course.35+ Unique Lab Exercises focused on Exam Objectives & General learning.Topics covering Azure Architect design150+ Exam objective TasksLab Challenges focused on many Azure services, including Azure Key Vault, Data Factory, Logic Apps, Cognitive Services, Active Directory, and many more.Each Lab Challenge is aimed at learning and implementing a specific azure skill.A detailed explanation of the concept and steps to understanding the objective/solution in DetailWell-organized Playlist of videos to watch and get familiar with the steps involved.Lab Challenges focused on Troubleshooting issues.This course will help to gain a good understanding of the theoretical and practical areas of Azure. My sincere wishes for your success in Azure Architect Certification.NOTE: (Updated March 2022) Updated to address the new changes in the AZ-305 exam.  This course has been modified to meet the new AZ-305 certification.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 AZ-305 vs AZ-304

Lecture 3 What is in this course

Section 2: AZ304 – Lab Practice

Lecture 4 Working with AAD Tenants

Lecture 5 Moving Subscriptions between AAD

Lecture 6 Creating Resource Group and Provisioning Minimum Required access

Lecture 7 Configuring Budgets and Alerts

Lecture 8 Configuring Application Insights

Lecture 9 Implementing Site Availability Monitoring

Lecture 10 Analysing Application Insights Data

Lecture 11 Geo Replicating Azure SQL Database

Lecture 12 Configure Auto Scaling for Web App

Lecture 13 Troubleshoot – Autoscaling

Lecture 14 Function App – Create & Configure

Lecture 15 Function App – Dynamic & Multi output Binding

Lecture 16 Service Bus – Create and Configure

Lecture 17 Troubleshoot Service Bus Configuration

Lecture 18 Cognitive Services – Creation

Lecture 19 Logic App – AI Based Weapon Detection

Lecture 20 Logic App – Process Service Bus Queue

Lecture 21 Architect – Data Processing Solution

Lecture 22 Provision Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Lecture 23 Azure Data Factory – Create Pipeline & Ingest CSV into DB

Lecture 24 Troubleshoot – Azure Data Factory Configuration

Lecture 25 Azure SQL Database – Disaster Recovery using Failover Group

Lecture 26 Provision Azure Key Vault

Lecture 27 Create Secret in Azure Key Vault

Lecture 28 Provision Managed Identity & Azure Key Vault Permission

Lecture 29 Key Vault Protection & Recovery

Lecture 30 Logic App & Azure Key Vault

Lecture 31 Provisioning & Configuring Azure Data Lake

Lecture 32 Provisioning Azure Synapse Analytics

Lecture 33 Azure Pricing Calculator

Lecture 34 Reserved Instances & Azure Hybrid Benefit

Lecture 35 Azure Advisor

Lecture 36 RDBMS vs No SQL

Lecture 37 Recommending Data Storage Solution

Section 3: Exam Objective Tasks

Lecture 38 3D Image Rendering and Parallel Compute Solution

Lecture 39 Accessing Azure Key Vault Without Credentials

Lecture 40 Address Space for Gateway Subnet in Site to Site Connection

Lecture 41 Address Space for Subnet in Site to Site Connection

Lecture 42 Alert Anomalies in ASP.Net API Application

Lecture 43 Analyse Connectivity Issues between On-Prem and Azure

Lecture 44 Analyze Failure & Performance Issues in Azure Web App

Lecture 45 Analyze users returning to the Application

Lecture 46 API Management Instance Accessing Data in Virtual Machine

Lecture 47 App Deployments to Azure – Minimize installation dependencies

Lecture 48 Appropriate Storage for Auditing SQL Database

Lecture 49 ARM Template Deployment & Azure Key Vault Access

Lecture 50 ARM Template Deployment & Azure Key Vault Configuration

Lecture 51 Asynchronous Messaging Between Applications

Lecture 52 Azure AD – Configuring Multifactor Authentication

Lecture 53 Azure AD – Prevent Suspicious Authentication

Lecture 54 Azure AD Integrated Authentication to Apps

Lecture 55 Azure AD Object & RBAC Role required for Azure Policy

Lecture 56 Azure AD P1 License – User Credential Management

Lecture 57 Azure Blueprint Assignment Level

Lecture 58 Azure Blueprint Definition Level

Lecture 59 Azure Managed Service to Deploy ASP.NET Application

Lecture 60 Azure Service – Data Warehouse Analytics in Azure

Lecture 61 Azure Service – Data Lake

Lecture 62 Azure Service – Manage Spark Cluster

Lecture 63 Azure Service – Transfer Data from On-Premise into Data Warehouse

Lecture 64 Azure Service for Load Balancing, Session Affinity, Preventing SQL Injection

Lecture 65 Azure Service to Host Static Web Application

Lecture 66 Azure Service to Monitor AD Connect Sync Issues

Lecture 67 Azure Service to Monitor ADFS Services

Lecture 68 Azure Service to Replace MongoDB database

Lecture 69 Azure Service to Send Text Messages

Lecture 70 Azure Service to Serve Static Web Application

Lecture 71 Azure SQL Database Encrypted at rest and in Transit

Lecture 72 Be informed of any issues with Azure Services

Lecture 73 Blobs sharing it for specific duration

Lecture 74 Caching Policy Recommendation for Data Disk

Lecture 75 Caching Policy Recommendation for Log File Disk

Lecture 76 Centralised File Share – Accessible thru SMB Protocol

Lecture 77 Changing User Profile Information for Windows Server AD

Lecture 78 Changing User Profile Information in Azure AD

Lecture 79 Cloud only Users to Change the Password

Lecture 80 Cloud only Users to Reset the Password

Lecture 81 Collect Windows Security Logs & Retain them in a storage account

Lecture 82 Conducting Access Reviews

Lecture 83 Correlate Azure resource usage and Performance Data

Lecture 84 Count of AD Tenants

Lecture 85 Creating Azure Environment – Minimize administrative effort

Lecture 86 Data Factory side Configuration for Azure Data Factory

Lecture 87 Database – Encrypting data at rest

Lecture 88 Datastore – Cannot Delete Data in the storage account

Lecture 89 Data store Recommendation – Archiving 15 TB of On-Premise Data

Lecture 90 Data store recommendation for shared File System

Lecture 91 Data store recommendation that supports Access Control List

Lecture 92 Diagnostic Log – Maximum Retention Period

Lecture 93 Efficient Static Web Content Delivery

Lecture 94 Enable Diagnostic Log for SQL Server of an Azure SQL Database

Lecture 95 Encrypting data in the storage account at rest

Lecture 96 Encrypting Disks using Azure Disk Encryption

Lecture 97 Encrypting Sensitive Data – SQL Database

Lecture 98 Enforcing Express Route Creation – Role Assignment

Lecture 99 Enforcing Express Route Resource Creation in Specific Resource Group

Lecture 100 Estimate Count – Azure Migrate Appliances

Lecture 101 Estimate Count – Azure Site Recovery Agents

Lecture 102 Estimated API’s to be added to Azure API Management

Lecture 103 Estimated policies to be added to Azure API Management

Lecture 104 Estimated products to be added to Azure API Management

Lecture 105 Estimating Migration Cost

Lecture 106 Evaluate SQL Query performance against SQL Database

Lecture 107 Evaluating Azure Active Directory Users

Lecture 108 Events from Virtual Machine

Lecture 109 Executing SSIS Packages in Azure – Serverless Solution

Lecture 110 Export Application Insights Data Continuously

Lecture 111 External Access to API Management Instance & Virtual Machine

Lecture 112 Generate Report on Azure resources created in a Subscription

Lecture 113 Get Alerts when Application meets critical condition

Lecture 114 Get Notified when VM Configuration Changes

Lecture 115 Handle Login Attempts from Suspicious locations

Lecture 116 Hybrid Identity – AD Federation Services

Lecture 117 Hybrid Identity – Pass through Authentication

Lecture 118 Hybrid Users to change their Password in Azure

Lecture 119 Ingest data from Blob Storage into SQL Database

Lecture 120 Just in time Access & Notification on role activation

Lecture 121 Legacy Application Modernisation

Lecture 122 Managing Applications using RBAC

Lecture 123 Migrate On-Premise SQL Server instance to Azure

Lecture 124 Migrating On-Premise SQL Server into Azure COSMOS DB

Lecture 125 Migrating On-Premise SQL Server into Azure Database

Lecture 126 Minimize Cost – Azure SQL Database

Lecture 127 Minimum Number of Conditional Access Policies

Lecture 128 Minimum Number of Custom Domains

Lecture 129 Minimum Number of Public IP Address for Load Balancer

Lecture 130 Minimum Number of Public IP Address for WEBSVR1

Lecture 131 Minimum Number of Public IP Address for WEBSVR2

Lecture 132 Modernisation Deployment

Lecture 133 Monitoring Service for On-Premise and Other Hosting providers

Lecture 134 Monitoring the calls between different components

Lecture 135 Multiple Diagnostics Logs for Azure SQL Database

Lecture 136 Network Performance Optimisation

Lecture 137 On-Premise Configuration for Azure Data Factory

Lecture 138 On-Premises to Azure Encrypted Network Connection

Lecture 139 OS and Data Disks Encrypted at rest

Lecture 140 Partial Data Reveal – SQL Database

Lecture 141 Password Synchronisation Strategy

Lecture 142 Pre-Authenticating Users to an Application

Lecture 143 Protecting Active Directory Users

Lecture 144 Protecting Sensitive Data in Result

Lecture 145 Provision Deny Access

Lecture 146 Querying JSON using SQL Statements

Lecture 147 RDP – SSH Access to the Virtual Machines

Lecture 148 Recommend Storage Account – Performance Type

Lecture 149 Recommend Storage redundancy level

Lecture 150 Required Effect for Azure Policy

Lecture 151 Retrieve data immediately from the Archive Tier

Lecture 152 Re-Usable Deployment Solution

Lecture 153 Role for Managing Virtual Networks

Lecture 154 Routing Traffic to the Closest Server

Lecture 155 Selected Public IP Address to Access SQL Database

Lecture 156 Selecting the right Container Solution

Lecture 157 Send Health Alerts to On-Premise System Center Service Manager

Lecture 158 Send Notification when Changes made to Virtual Machine

Lecture 159 Signal Source to trigger sign in Alerts

Lecture 160 Storage & Tier for Archiving backup data

Lecture 161 Storage Account – Data Retention Policy

Lecture 162 Storage Account – Enabling Access to specific VNET

Lecture 163 Storage Account Cost

Lecture 164 Storage Disk Recommendation

Lecture 165 Storage for Azure Active Directory Logs (AD Logs)

Lecture 166 Track exceptions to specific lines of code

Lecture 167 Troubleshoot – Cannot access a file in the storage account

Lecture 168 Virtual Network Topology

Lecture 169 Visualise the relationship between Application Components

Lecture 170 VM in VNET accessing Azure SQL Database

Lecture 171 VPN Gateway & API Management Instance

Lecture 172 Web App – Should only be accessible from Organisation’s Computer

Lecture 173 Azure Kubernetes Container Image Storage Solution

Lecture 174 Azure Service for URL based traffic redirection

Lecture 175 Azure VM to On-Premise Virtual Appliance Connectivity

Lecture 176 Configure the Web App to meet the increase in Demand

Lecture 177 DDoS Protection for Web API

Lecture 178 Migrate On-Premises SQL Database into Azure

Lecture 179 Networking – Communicate using Private IP – Low Latency

Lecture 180 On-Premise to Azure Networking Solution

Lecture 181 Recommend Messaging Service

Lecture 182 Security Feature of Azure Application Gateway

Lecture 183 SSL Configuration for Kubernetes Container Instance

Lecture 184 Storage Account Requird or Not

Lecture 185 Automated Backup v2 for Virtual Machine

Lecture 186 Backup Azure Function App

Lecture 187 Backup Azure Infrastructure (Servers, VM’s, Database, etc.)

Lecture 188 Backup Solution for On-Premises File Server

Lecture 189 Windows Admin Center & Azure Backup

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Created by: Venkatesh Muniyandi

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