AZ900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep OCT 2022

Learn the fundamentals of Azure, and get certified, with this complete beginner’s AZ-900 course, includes practice test!
AZ900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep OCT 2022
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AZ900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep OCT 2022

What you’ll learn

Pass the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals test
Earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals badge
Learn the main concepts of cloud computing
Understand what services and solutions Azure offers
Includes October 28, 2022 changes! Up-to-date as of October 2022.

AZ900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Prep OCT 2022


Excitement to learn Microsoft’s constantly growing cloud platform
No Azure account or subscription required


LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF AZURE IN ONE DAY!Best-selling Udemy course on AZ-900, with over 270,000 students. Thank you!New course, completely re-recorded in April 2022. Up to date with the latest published exam requirements as of October 2022.The course includes the following free bonuses:BONUS #1: All lectures manually closed-captioned in EnglishBONUS #2: Quiz questions to reinforce learning throughout the courseBONUS #3: Downloadable 24-page study guide PDF for the exam that covers the contents of the courseBONUS #4: 50-question practice testBONUS #5: Downloadable audios for the course, so you can listen to the course on the goVersion 3.0 of course now live! It contains a 24-page study guide, complete audio re-mastering, audio files can be downloaded, slides can be downloaded. Quizzes added. New 50-question practice test added. This course is continually improved.Bonus student study guide updated in November 2022!Complete preparation for the new AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam.This always-up-to-date course completely covers the AZ-900 exam from start to finish. Always updated with the latest requirements. This course goes over each requirement of the exam in detail. If you have no experience in Azure, this is the course that will get you up to speed.Microsoft Azure is still the fastest-growing large cloud platform. The opportunities for jobs in cloud computing are still out there, and finding well-qualified people is the #1 problem that businesses have.If you’re looking to change your career, this would be a good entry point into cloud computing.Sign up today!


Section 1: AZ-900 Course for 2022

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 LIVE DEMO: A quick look into Azure

Lecture 3 AZ-900 Exam Requirements

Lecture 4 Udemy Video Player

Lecture 5 FAQs

Section 2: AZ-900 – Describe Cloud Computing

Lecture 6 Shared Responsibility Model

Lecture 7 Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

Lecture 8 Cloud Pricing

Section 3: AZ-900 – Benefits of Cloud Computing

Lecture 9 Cost Savings Benefit of Cloud Computing

Lecture 10 High Availability, Scalability and Elasticity

Lecture 11 Reliability and Predictability

Lecture 12 Security, Governance and Monitoring

Section 4: AZ-900 – Cloud Service Types

Lecture 13 Cloud Service Types

Section 5: AZ-900 – Core Architectural Components of Azure

Lecture 14 Regions, Region Pairs, Sovereign Regions

Lecture 15 Availability Zones and Data Centers

Lecture 16 Resourcess, Resource Groups, Subscriptions, Management Groups

Section 6: AZ-900 – Azure Compute and Networking Services

Lecture 17 Azure Compute services

Lecture 18 Azure Networking services

Lecture 19 Network Peering

Lecture 20 Public and Private Endpoints

Section 7: AZ-900 – Azure Compute Demo

Lecture 21 LIVE DEMO: Creating a Virtual Machine (VM)

Lecture 22 LIVE DEMO: Connecting to a Virtual Machine

Lecture 23 LIVE DEMO: Creating Azure App Services / Web Apps

Lecture 24 LIVE DEMO: Azure App Services In Action

Lecture 25 LIVE DEMO: Creating Azure Functions

Lecture 26 LIVE DEMO: Kubernetes and Azure Container Instances

Section 8: AZ-900 – Azure Storage

Lecture 27 Overview of Azure Storage

Lecture 28 LIVE DEMO: Create an Unmanaged Storage Account

Lecture 29 LIVE DEMO: Upload Files to a Storage Account

Lecture 30 LIVE DEMO: Azure Storage Explorer & Storage Browser

Lecture 31 AZCOPY

Lecture 32 Azure File Sync

Lecture 33 Azure Migrate

Lecture 34 Azure Data Box

Section 9: AZ-900 – Identity, Access and Security

Lecture 35 Identity and Azure Active Directory

Lecture 36 Benefits of Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Lecture 37 Authenication vs Authorization

Lecture 38 Azure AD Conditional Access

Lecture 39 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA)

Lecture 40 Passwordless

Lecture 41 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Lecture 42 Zero-Trust Model of Security

Lecture 43 Defense in Depth

Lecture 44 Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Section 10: AZ-900 – Cost Management in Azure

Lecture 45 Factors that Affect Cost

Lecture 46 Azure Pricing Calculator

Lecture 47 Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Lecture 48 Azure Cost Management

Lecture 49 Resource Tags

Section 11: AZ-900 – Azure Governance and Compliance

Lecture 50 Azure Governance and Compliance

Section 12: AZ-900 – Tools for Managing and Deploying Azure Resources

Lecture 51 Azure Portal and Command Line Tools

Lecture 52 LIVE DEMO: Create Resources Using Command Line

Lecture 53 Azure Arc

Lecture 54 ARM Templates

Lecture 55 LIVE DEMO: Generate ARM Templates in the Azure Portal

Section 13: AZ-900 – Monitoring Tools

Lecture 56 Azure Advisor and Azure Service Health

Lecture 57 Azure Diagnostics Settings

Lecture 58 Azure Monitor


Section 15: AZ-900 – Course Wrapup

Lecture 59 Thank You!

Lecture 60 Course Resources – Study Guide, Slides, Audio

Lecture 61 Bonus: 50+ Hours of Hands-On Azure Practice for AZ-900

Candidates with non-technical backgrounds who are interested in learning about the cloud,Candidates with technical backgrounds who are interested in getting more advanced certs in the future

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 41m | 1.46 GB
Created by: Scott Duffy • 800.000+ Students

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