Azure Active Directory Masterclass

Learn to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory Masterclass
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Azure Active Directory Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Manage Users, Devices, and Groups in Azure Active Directory
Manage Enterprise Applications
Configure security features in Azure Active Directory
Configure Multi-Factor Authentication
Manage Azure and Azure AD Roles for delegation
Sync an on-premise Active Directory Domain Services to Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Masterclass


Basic knowledge of Microsoft Azure


Welcome to Azure Active Directory Masterclass! This course is designed for those that want to become subject matter experts in Azure Active Directory (AD) and the integration between Azure AD and an on-premises Active Directory Domain Service. Azure AD is at the core of Azure and Microsoft 365, as it is the repository for user identities, device identities, and groups. Azure AD also has the ability to allow us to configure enterprise applications, manage security and authentication, and numerous other technologies and services.  This is a list of the topics covered in this Masterclass course:· Understanding Azure AD· Azure AD Tenants and Custom Domain Names· Azure AD Licensing· Creating and Managing Azure AD Users· Creating and Managing Azure AD Groups· Managing Users and Groups using PowerShell· Managing Users and Groups using Cloud Shell· Self-Service Password Reset· How do I connect devices to Azure AD?· Azure AD Registered Devices· Azure AD Joined Devices· Azure AD Hybrid Devices· Roles for Azure AD· Administrative Units· Authentication Methods· Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)· Authenticator App· Security Defaults· Privileged Identity Management (PIM)· Azure Identity Protection Risk· User Risk Policy· Sign-in Risk Policy· Conditional Access· Access Reviews· Azure AD Design and Planning· Break-Glass Accounts· Auditing· Identity Secure Score· Enterprise Applications· Enterprise Applications using Single Sign-On (SSO)· Entitlement Management· Catalogs· Access Packages· Understanding the types of Active Directory Services· Azure AD Domain Services· Azure AD versus Active Directory Domain Services· Azure AD Connect· Authentication Options· Password Hash Sync (PHS)· Pass-Through Authentication (PTA)· Password Writeback· Azure AD Cloud Sync· Integration with Microsoft 365· Planning and Design Review


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Outline

Lecture 3 Resources

Lecture 4 Course eBook

Lecture 5 Creating a trial Azure subscription

Section 2: Azure AD Overview

Lecture 6 Understanding Azure AD

Lecture 7 Who uses Azure AD?

Lecture 8 Demo: Azure and Microsoft 365 Portals

Lecture 9 Defining and Custom Domain Name

Lecture 10 Demo: Creating a Custom Domain Name in Azure AD

Lecture 11 Understanding an Azure AD Tenant

Lecture 12 Demo: Azure AD Tenant

Lecture 13 Azure AD Licensing

Section 3: Managing Azure AD Users and Groups

Lecture 14 Azure AD Users

Lecture 15 Demo: Azure AD User and Guest Identities

Lecture 16 Demo: Bulk User Creation

Lecture 17 Azure AD Groups

Lecture 18 Demo: Azure AD Groups

Lecture 19 Installing the Azure and Azure AD PowerShell Module

Lecture 20 Azure AD User and Group Management using PowerShell

Lecture 21 Azure AD and Group Management using Azure CloudShell

Lecture 22 Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Section 4: Understanding Azure AD Devices

Lecture 23 How do I connect devices to Azure AD?

Lecture 24 Azure AD Device Registration

Lecture 25 Azure AD Device Join

Lecture 26 Azure AD Hybrid

Lecture 27 Compare Azure AD Registration, Join, and Hybrid options

Lecture 28 Demo: Azure AD Register and Azure AD Join

Section 5: Understanding Azure AD Roles and Azure Roles

Lecture 29 Roles for Azure AD

Lecture 30 Azure Resource Roles

Lecture 31 Administrative Units to Manage Delegation

Section 6: Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication

Lecture 32 Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication

Lecture 33 Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication

Lecture 34 OATH Software and Hardware Tokens

Lecture 35 Demo : Multi-Factor Authentication and Authenticator App

Lecture 36 Demo: Security Defaults

Section 7: Azure AD Security Features

Lecture 37 Privileged Identity Management Overview

Lecture 38 Demo: Privileged Identity Management

Lecture 39 Zero Trust Model

Lecture 40 Azure Identity Protection

Lecture 41 Demo: Azure Identity Protection

Lecture 42 Conditional Access

Lecture 43 Demo: Conditional Access

Lecture 44 Break-Glass Accounts

Lecture 45 Azure Access Review

Lecture 46 Auditing

Lecture 47 Identity Secure Score

Lecture 48 Demo: Identity Secure Score

Section 8: Enterprise Applications

Lecture 49 Azure AD Enterprise Apps

Lecture 50 Demo: Azure AD Enterprise apps

Lecture 51 Let’s test an Enterprise App using SSO

Lecture 52 Demo: Azure AD SAML Toolkit Enterprise App SSO

Lecture 53 Sign-in Log for Azure AD SAML Toolkit

Section 9: Identity Governance

Lecture 54 What is Entitlement Management

Lecture 55 Demo: Catalog and Access Package Configuration

Section 10: Syncing an On-Premise Active Directory Domain Service to Azure AD

Lecture 56 Understanding the types of Active Directory Services

Lecture 57 Azure AD compared to AD Domain Services (On-prem)

Lecture 58 Azure AD Domain Services

Lecture 59 Demo: Azure AD Domain Services (AAD DS)

Lecture 60 (Optional) Promoting an On-premise Server to a Domain Controller

Lecture 61 Understanding Azure AD Connect

Lecture 62 Demo: Installing Azure AD Connect

Lecture 63 Understanding Azure AD Cloud Sync

Lecture 64 Demo: Installing Azure AD Cloud Sync

Section 11: Understanding Azure Health

Lecture 65 Service Health and Service Status

Learners that currently work with Azure and want a deeper understanding into Azure Active Directory,Learners that will manage Azure Active Directory as part of their current or future job role,Learners that will plan of design Azure Active Directory or any related resources or services

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 58m | 2.97 GB
Created by: Kevin Brown

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