Azure DevOps for Automation Testers Selenium CICD Concepts

In depth course related to Microsoft Azure Devops, Selenium by providing detailed CI/CD concepts
Azure DevOps for Automation Testers Selenium CICD Concepts
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Azure DevOps for Automation Testers Selenium CICD Concepts

What you’ll learn

CI/CD Devops concepts and Importance of Test Automation
How to setup Test Automation in Devops model
Setup and create Azure Devops Projects
Configure Azure Devops
Add Team members and set permissions to the Team members in Azure Devops
Create Pipelines in Azure Devops
Microsoft Visual Studio (IDE)
Create Robust Selenium Test Automation scripts
Run the Tests in Azure Cloud without spending a dime
Analyse the Test results in Azure Devops
Integrate the Test Tool within Azure Pipelines
Create policies for the Azure DevOps Repository branches
Git source management concepts
Automated Scheduled Test runs (Execution)
MS Test frameworks

Azure DevOps for Automation Testers Selenium CICD Concepts


Basic knowledge about software testing


This Course provides step to step details aboutCI/CD concepts, Microsoft Visual Studio,Selenium Webdriver, Write selenium Tests using MS Test, Push code into Microsoft Azure Devops, Show example of working in as a Team and contributing the Azure Devops ProjectConfiguring policies and permissions in the Azure ProjectGIT source code managementPull Requests and Code reviews of selenium tests prior to merge in to Remote RepositoriesConfiguration of Selenium Tests in Azure project to run in Automated Schedule RunsConfiguration of Selenium Tests in Azure project to run in Continuous Integration


Section 1: Introduction to this Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Road map of the Course

Section 2: CI/CD Concepts

Lecture 3 Introduction to DevOps, Why DevOps ?

Lecture 4 More to CI/CD DevOps and Importance of Test Automation in DevOps

Section 3: Factors involved in Test Automation Design in CI/CD pipeline

Lecture 5 Factors that needs to be considered before starting Test Automation

Lecture 6 Use Case – Involving Web application

Lecture 7 Test Automation framework -1 (Involving Selenium)

Section 4: Understanding Application and testcases before Test Automation

Lecture 8 Currently in Roadmap

Lecture 9 Understanding Application

Section 5: Factors involved in Test Automation Framework

Lecture 10 Factors involved in Test Automation Framework

Section 6: Visual Studio – IDE (Integrated Development Kit)

Lecture 11 Important point regarding Unit Test Project and MS Project.

Lecture 12 Installation of Visual Studio

Lecture 13 Create new Microsoft Login or Sign In into Visual Studio

Lecture 14 Verifying after SignIn into Visual Studio

Lecture 15 Creating and linking Azure DevOps with Visual Studio

Lecture 16 Important Sections of Visual Studio

Section 7: Selenium Code Reference – publicly accessible for reference

Lecture 17 Selenium Code Reference – publicly accessible (download or clone)

Lecture 18 public Github link url

Section 8: Selenium Web Driver

Lecture 19 Currently in Roadmap

Lecture 20 Introduction to Selenium Webdriver

Lecture 21 Installing Selenium Web driver in your Solution and Project

Lecture 22 Installing Microsoft Test Platform Test Host

Lecture 23 Launching Browser via Selenium Webdriver

Lecture 24 Launching the Browser in the Test Class

Lecture 25 Creating our app.config file in the Project

Lecture 26 CONCEPT: Web element Locators

Lecture 27 Make Chrome Dev Tools your friend to find relevant element locators

Lecture 28 Make Chrome Dev Tools your friend – Part 2

Lecture 29 PRACTICAL: Using Element Locators in Selenium

Lecture 30 CONCEPT: Waits in Selenium

Lecture 31 PRACTICAL: Implementing waits in Selenium Project

Lecture 32 Select Drop Down Element locator and operation

Lecture 33 Revisit our 1st Testcase Test steps and implement what we learnt so far !

Lecture 34 CONCEPT: Asserts in Selenium

Lecture 35 PRACTICAL: First Assert of 1st Testcase

Lecture 36 PRACTICAL: All Asserts on the Sign In Page – of the 1st Testcase

Lecture 37 PRACTICAL: All Asserts on the Registration Page – of the 1st Testcase

Lecture 38 Giving proper Logical name to our Test Class and Test Method

Lecture 39 Refactor our code with configurable parameters

Lecture 40 Assembly and namespace name

Lecture 41 CONCEPT: Page Object Model Concept

Lecture 42 CONCEPT: Page Object Model Concept in context of the AUT

Lecture 43 PRACTICAL: Creation of 3 Page Object Classes:Home, SignIn and Registration Pages

Lecture 44 PRACTICAL: Creation of Page Object Class of Home Page

Lecture 45 PRACTICAL: Creating PropertiesCollections class for IWebdriver initiation

Lecture 46 PRACTICAL: Rearranging the IWebElements and Operations in Home Page Class

Lecture 47 PRACTICAL: Refactoring the IWbeElements and operations in Sign In Page

Lecture 48 PRACTICAL: Refactoring the IWebElements and operations in Sign In Page

Lecture 49 PRACTICAL: Refactoring the IWebElements and operations in Registration Page

Lecture 50 PRACTICAL: Running testcase with Debugger mode

Lecture 51 PRACTICAL: Closing and quiting Selenium web driver

Section 9: Working in a Team ( Possible Scenarios and Aspects )

Lecture 52 Currently in Roadmap

Lecture 53 Team of Automation Testers

Lecture 54 Team of Automation Testers (Other Possibilities)

Section 10: GIT Source management & Multi User access to Source Code Management

Lecture 55 CONCEPT: Introduction to GIT concepts

Lecture 56 Installation of GIT

Lecture 57 CONCEPT: More GIT Terminologies

Section 11: Microsoft Azure Devops – Introduction & Creating Account

Lecture 58 Currently in Roadmap

Lecture 59 Introduction to Microsoft Azure Devops

Lecture 60 Create an account in Azure Devops ( Free Account )

Section 12: Adding New Team members into the Project and setting permissions

Lecture 61 Adding a team member to the project

Lecture 62 Member verifying once added into the Project

Lecture 63 Successful verification of the member added to the Project

Lecture 64 Setting up Permission at Team level and user level

Section 13: Azure DevOps -Remote Repository ( Cloning and Pushing the code – for first time)

Lecture 65 Currently in Roadmap

Lecture 66 Initialize Remote Repository and create master branch in Remote

Lecture 67 Cloning from Remote Repository to Local Repository ( Logged in as Peter )

Lecture 68 Pushing the initial code into Remote Repository

Lecture 69 Verification being done by Peter’s Team mate post pushing the Test

Lecture 70 Cloning from Remote Rep to Local Rep ( Logged in as Phuong – Peter’s Team mate )

Section 14: Creating the Build and Release Pipelines ( Running first test in Azure Devops )

Lecture 71 Preface to creating the first build pipeline in Azure Devops

Lecture 72 Creating the first build pipeline

Lecture 73 Selecting the Template while creating the Build pipeline

Lecture 74 Creating the first release pipeline

Lecture 75 Running the first release pipeline

Lecture 76 Fixing Test in Local first via Visual Studio

Lecture 77 Pushing fix from Local to Remote and Rerunning the Release pipeline in AZDevOPS

Section 15: Other Team members contributing to Azure DevOps Project & Test Suite (Reporting)

Lecture 78 Test Team member (Phuong) verifying details in Shared Azure DevOps Project

Lecture 79 Quick Recap for Testcase-2 (from Phuong’s perspective)

Lecture 80 SOLUTION: for 2nd Testcase

Lecture 81 Running the 2nd TC in Remote and verifying the Test Report in Azure Devops

Lecture 82 Quick Recap for Testcase-3 (from Ben’s perspective)

Lecture 83 SOLUTION: for 3rd TC & Running the TC in Remote and verifying Test Result

Lecture 84 Quick Recap of Testcase-4 prior and Validations that needs to be added

Lecture 85 SOLUTION: for 4th TC & Running the TC in Remote and verifying Test Result

Section 16: Setting the Policies & Permissions( for the default branch – master) in Project

Lecture 86 PRACTICAL: How to setup policies and permissions for Azure Repos

Lecture 87 Pushing the 4th Testcase into Remote Server ( with Policies change in effect )

Lecture 88 Creating Pull Request to adhere to Policies of Azure Devops Repos

Lecture 89 Review of a Pull Request and Approving a Pull Request

Section 17: Setting up Scheduled Runs in the Azure Devops Pipelines

Lecture 90 CONCEPT: Why we need Automated Scheduled Runs in our Automation Test Cycle

Lecture 91 PRACTICAL: Configuration of Automatic Scheduled Runs

Lecture 92 Results of Automated Scheduled Runs – Post configuration

Lecture 93 Reason why subsequent Automated Scheduled Runs werent happening and how to fix

Lecture 94 Subsequent Automated Schedule Run Results at 3pm

Lecture 95 Monitoring the Selenium Tests Results in Azure devops for a week (7days)

Section 18: Setting up Continuous Integration Server between Github and MS Azure Devops

Lecture 96 Revisit CI Big Picture – in relation with integration of Github and Azure Devops

Lecture 97 Configuration of Build Pipeline for integration with github

Lecture 98 Triggering build pipeline manually after the config of integration – to verify

Lecture 99 Fix the release pipeline, rerunning the test & verifying test results

Lecture 100 DEMO: How changes in Web App triggers automatically Selenium Tests in AzDevOps

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Created by: Ace Automation Academy

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