Azure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners

Learn How to Plan, Manage, and Deploy Your Very First Azure DevOps Application Through Hands-On Demos and Use Cases!
Azure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners
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Brian Culp


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Azure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Create an Azure DevOps organization
Align Azure DevOps work items using Agile, Scrum, or Basic work processes
Integrate an Azure DevOps code repository with GitHub
Fork and clone code using multiple tools
Understand the basic vocabulary of DevOps: what it is and why it matters
CI/CD: Understand how Pipelines facilitate Continuous Implementation and Continuous Deployment
Commit code changes and track Pull Requests
Push a code Repo from the command line of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Azure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners


This course is designed for people *brand new* to DevOps terms and concepts
Understanding the fundamentals of cloud-based computing is helpful
Understanding the fundamentals of Git-based code workflows is helpful, but not required
Context is given along the way; the course includes multiple downloadable quick reference guides


Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Tesla, Workday… what do all these great companies have in common?They all use DevOps to continuously build and release software. (Don’t take my word for it; stop reading now and go put “devops” into a LinkedIn job search.) In this Azure DevOps Fundamentals course, Microsoft Certified Trainer and bestselling Udemy instructor Brian Culp guides students on a hands-on tour of Azure DevOps — Microsoft’s cloud-based, open-source tool to help organizations manage development teams,  code, and application deployments.Best of all, Brian understands that students taking a Fundamentals course may not yet be familiar with all the vocabulary. This course makes no assumptions about prior exposure to the overwhelming set of terms and technologies that are part of the DevOps landscape… terms like Agile, Scrum, VS Code, App Containers, Commits, Code Requests, Sprints, Unit Testing, Code Artifacts, and literally dozens of others that live at the place where your Development and Operations teams meet.In Azure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners, we take one small step at a time in our journey. It’s not a data dump. Instead, the course provides each building block the proper context at the time it’s needed. In addition, you’ll build your understanding with hands-on guidance using the essential Azure DevOps tools: Boards, Repos, Pipelines, and Test Plans. Everything that needs a definition is defined along the way.Brian has been teaching people about Microsoft solutions for over 15 years, and some of his courses have been selected by Microsoft as their official training for Office 365 Administrators. Now, he brings that same expertise to some of the highest-rated courses on Udemy.There’s a reason for the hundreds of five-star reviews.”Excellent content!  Just what I was looking for to enhance productivity at the office.” -Paige Popejoy”Great personality and explained things well. Felt like he was at my desk explaining it to me.”  -William Potts “I can’t believe how much I learned. The instructor is great and the lessons were so easy to follow.” Sherie L.”Very precise, clear and constructive.” -Forent Sidler”Perfect.”  -Yvonne BeloAzure DevOps Fundamentals for Beginners is perfect for IT professionals who have heard the term DevOps, but want some hands-on experience, or for project managers and product owners who want to better understand a CI/CD workflow used by development teams.It’s even great for the stone-cold noobs out there (we all are at one point, after all) who just want to be able to see if DevOps might be a good career fit.  You’ll learn by watching and listening, but you’ll also learn by doing. By the second lesson, you’ll have configured your first DevOps organization. By the time you’ve finished, you’ll have deployed an app into an Azure container, and will have gained additional confidence and expertise about topics like these:Managing dev teams using Azure BoardsMapping work items to your organization’s Agile or Scrum processes Setting up Git-based workflows in Azure ReposConnecting to existing code repos in GitHubBuilding code every time a commit is saved to a Master branchDeploying a new code artifact when new builds are readyPerforming tests of code using Azure Test PlansPlus confidence to integrate other tools (Docker, Maven, etc) into your team’s DevOps implementationBest of all, you become more valuable as companies all over the world scramble – and compete – for workers who understand DevOps. (You did do that LinkedIn search, correct?)And as always, you get ongoing support. (Brian and the team answers all student questions, usually within one business day). Plus, you’re always covered by Udemy’s refund policy.Enroll now, and discover where your own DevOps journey can lead. See you in class!


Section 1: Azure DevOps for Absolute Beginners

Lecture 1 Welcome and Course Overview

Lecture 2 Hands On: Create an Azure DevOps Org

Lecture 3 What is DevOps Anyway? (aka DevOps 101)

Lecture 4 Why Should You Care about DevOps

Lecture 5 Azure DevOps and Creating a Project

Lecture 6 DevOps 101 Recap

Section 2: Configure Azure Boards

Lecture 7 Azure Boards Overview

Lecture 8 Azure Boards 101

Lecture 9 Define Teams and Work Items

Lecture 10 Define a Sprint

Lecture 11 Define Features and Epics

Lecture 12 Using Azure DevOps Boards with GitHub

Lecture 13 The Right Board View for the Job (and Board Queries)

Section 3: Explore Azure Repositories

Lecture 14 Azure Repos – Section Intro

Lecture 15 Code Management with Azure Repos 101

Lecture 16 Git vs. GitHub (in 5 min)

Lecture 17 Create the Build Environment

Lecture 18 Create a Code Repository

Lecture 19 Commit Changes to Code

Lecture 20 Perform a Pull Request

Lecture 21 Perform a Pull Request (2020 UI Update)

Lecture 22 Work with Code Locally (part 1)

Lecture 23 Work with Code Locally (part 2)

Lecture 24 Understand and Manage Commit History

Lecture 25 Clean Up Repos

Section 4: Build and Deploy Code with Azure Pipelines

Lecture 26 Azure Pipelines – Section Intro

Lecture 27 DevOps Pipelines 101

Lecture 28 Manage Your Release Pipelines with Azure DevOps

Lecture 29 Builds vs. Releases

Lecture 30 Create a Build Pipeline

Lecture 31 Create a GitHub Pipeline

Lecture 32 Create a DevOps Release Pipeline

Lecture 33 Release Flatris – Real-World Troubleshooting of a Pipeline

Lecture 34 Verify Results from Flatris Deploy

Lecture 35 OLD – Deploy Flatris (using a YAML from Microsoft)

Lecture 36 Automatic Deployment with a YAML File (How Easy a Deploy Can Be)

Lecture 37 Start DevOps Using a CI/CD Pipeline (in 9 min)

Lecture 38 Create an Azure Deployment Pipeline from the IDE

Section 5: Working with Test Plans and Extensions

Lecture 39 Azure Test Plans Overview

Lecture 40 Types of Tests

Lecture 41 Create a Manual Test Plan

Lecture 42 Run a URL Load Test

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 43 Let’s create a CI/CD training pipeline together

Lecture 44 Thanks and next steps!

IT professionals who have heard the term DevOps, but want some hands-on experience,Project managers and Product Owners who want to oversee a CI/CD workflow,System operations personnel who want to leverage DevOps tools into their deployments,Developers who want to understand the possibilities of code deployment with DevOps

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 1.10 GB
Created by: Brian Culp

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