Azure DevOps Training

Azure DevOps Training
Azure DevOps Training
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Azure DevOps Training

What you’ll learn

What is DevOps?
Azure DevOps Tool
How to Manage a Project in Azure DevOps
Commit, push, pull, fetch Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Training


Basic DevOps understanding


The Azure DevOps Training course covers every aspect of Azure DevOps tool starting with explaining what DevOps is and continuing with its structure and management including its integration with VS Code. If you are working in a Project which is using Azure DevOps for Project Management activities then this course is best suited for you. You will learn how to create a free azure devOps account, moving forward you will learn all about organization, project, team, team management, azure devOps board, azure devOps boards with different processes, sprints, backlogs, work items and basically everything. The course also talks about Azure DevOps integration with VS Code, how to commit/push/pull/code from/in VS Code or any other IDE to/from Azure DevOps.Course Content :Introduction to DevOps?​How to create Free Account in Azure DevOps?​How to create Organization in Azure DevOps?​How to create a Project in Azure DevOps?​How to create and manage Team in Azure DevOps?​Azure Board with Basic Process​Work Item in Azure DevOps​Backlog and Sprint in Azure DevOps​Repo and Version Control​Git Vs TFVC​Create project with Git or TFVC in Azure DevOps​Set Up Git on Local System​Clone Azure DevOps Repo/Repository in VSCode​Clone Azure DevOps Repository using command prompt​Git Commit, Push, Pull, and Fetch | VS Code​


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Azure DevOps

Section 2: Azure DevOps Structure, Components, and its use

Lecture 2 Create a Free Account in Azure DevOps

Lecture 3 Create an Organization in Azure DevOps

Lecture 4 Create a Project in Azure DevOps

Lecture 5 Create and Manage Team in Azure DevOps

Lecture 6 Azure Board with Basic Process

Lecture 7 Work Item in Azure DevOps

Lecture 8 Backlog and Sprint in Azure DevOps

Lecture 9 Repo and Version Control – Quick Overview

Lecture 10 Git Vs TFVC | Version Control System

Lecture 11 Create Project with Git or TFVC in Azure DevOps

Lecture 12 Setup Git on Local System

Lecture 13 Clone Azure DevOps Repo/Repository in VS Code

Lecture 14 Clone Azure DevOps Repo/Repository using Command Prompt

Lecture 15 Git Commit, Push, Pull, and Fetch

Software Developers,Salesforce Developers,Business Analysts,Functional,IT Associate,Salesforce Admin

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 2.42 GB
Created by: Bhumika Pandey

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