Azure Synapse Analytics For Data Engineers Hands On Project

Hands on Project for Data Engineers using all the services available in Azure Synapse Analytics [DP-203, DP-500]
Azure Synapse Analytics For Data Engineers Hands On Project
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Azure Synapse Analytics For Data Engineers Hands On Project

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to build a real world project using Azure Synapse Analytics. This course has been taught using real world data from NYC Taxi Trips data
You will acquire professional level data engineering skills in Azure Synapse Analytics
You will learn how to create SQL scripts and Spark notebooks in Azure Synapse Analytics
You will learn how to create dedicated SQL pools and spark pools in Azure Synapse Analytics
You will learn how to enable synapse link and enable analytic store in Cosmos DB
You will learn how to ingest and transform data Serverless SQL Pool and Spark Pool
You will learn how to load data into dedicated SQL Pool
You will learn how to serve data to Power BI from Serverless SQL Pool and Dedicated SQL Pool
You will learn how to execute scripts and notebooks using Synapse Pipelines and Triggers
You will learn how to do operational reporting from the data stored in Cosmos DB using Azure Synapse Analytics
You will learn how to build reports in Power BI for the data stored in Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics For Data Engineers Hands On Project


All the code and step-by-step instructions are provided, but the skills below will greatly benefit your journey
Basic SQL knowledge will be required
Basic Python programming experience will be required
Knowledge of cloud fundamentals will be beneficial, but not necessary
Azure subscription will be required, If you don’t have one we will create a free account in the course


Welcome! I am looking forward to helping you with learning one of the in-demand data engineering tools in the cloud, Azure Synapse Analytics! This course has been taught with implementing a data engineering solution using Azure Synapse Analytics for a real world project of analysing and reporting on NYC Taxi trips data.This is like no other course in Udemy for Azure Synapse Analytics. Once you have completed the course including all the assignments, I strongly believe that you will be in a position to start a real world data engineering project on your own and also proficient on Azure Synapse Analytics.  The primary focus of the course is Azure Synapse Analytics, but it also covers the relevant concepts and connectivity to the other technologies mentioned. The course follows a logical progression of a real world project implementation with technical concepts being explained and the scripts and notebooks being built at the same time. Even though this course is not specifically designed to teach you the skills required for passing the exams Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification [DP-203] or Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI [DP-500], it can greatly help you get most of the necessary skills required for the exams. I value your time as much as I do mine. So, I have designed this course to be fast-paced and to the point. Also, the course has been taught with simple English and no jargons. I start the course from basics and by the end of the course you will be proficient in the technologies used. Currently the course teaches you the followingAzure Synapse Analytics Architecture Serverless SQL PoolSpark PoolDedicated SQL PoolSynapse PipelinesSynapse Link for Cosmos DB / Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) capabilityPower BI Integration with Azure Synapse AnalyticsAzure Data Lake Storage Gen2 integration with Azure Synapse AnalyticsProject using NYC Taxi Trips data using the above technologiesPlease note that the following are not currently coveredData FlowsAdvanced concepts around Dedicated SQL PoolSpark ProgrammingSQL Fundamentals


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Materials Download

Lecture 3 Useful Links

Section 2: Azure Subscription (Optional)

Lecture 4 Creating Azure Account

Lecture 5 Azure Portal Overview

Section 3: Azure Synapse Analytics Overview

Lecture 6 Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

Lecture 7 History of Data Warehouse/ Data Lakes

Lecture 8 Emergence of Azure Synapse Analytics

Lecture 9 Create Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace

Lecture 10 Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace Overview

Lecture 11 Azure Synapse Studio Overview

Lecture 12 Data Hub Overview

Lecture 13 Develop Hub Overview

Lecture 14 Integrate Hub Overview

Lecture 15 Monitor Hub Overview

Lecture 16 Manage Hub Overview

Section 4: NYC Taxi Project Overview

Lecture 17 Section Overview

Lecture 18 NYC Taxi Data Source Overview

Lecture 19 NYC Taxi Data Files Overview

Lecture 20 Upload NYC Taxi Data to Data Lake

Lecture 21 Project Requirements Overview

Lecture 22 Solution Architecture Overview

Section 5: Serverless SQL Pool – Overview

Lecture 23 Section Overview

Lecture 24 Introduction to Serverless SQL Pool

Lecture 25 Serverless SQL Pool Cost Control

Lecture 26 Connect from Azure Data Studio to Serverless SQL Pool (Optional)

Section 6: Serverless SQL Pool – Query CSV

Lecture 27 Section Overview

Lecture 28 OPENROWSET Function Overview

Lecture 29 Query Taxi Zone File (CSV File)

Lecture 30 Specify Data Types

Lecture 31 Specify Collation

Lecture 32 Query Subset of Columns

Lecture 33 Debugging & Identifying Errors

Lecture 34 Use External Data Source

Lecture 35 Query Calendar File (CSV File) – Assignment

Lecture 36 Query Vendor File (Quoted and Escaped Columns)

Lecture 37 Query Trip Type File (TSV File) – Assignment

Section 7: Serverless SQL Pool – Query JSON

Lecture 38 Section Overview

Lecture 39 Query Payment Type (Single Line JSON) – JSON_VALUE Function

Lecture 40 Query Payment Type (Single Line JSON) – OPENJSON Function

Lecture 41 Query JSON Array

Lecture 42 Query Standard JSON

Lecture 43 Query Multi Line JSON (Assignment)

Section 8: Serverless SQL Pool – Query Folders & Multiple Files

Lecture 44 Query Folders and Subfolders

Lecture 45 File Metadata Functions

Section 9: Serverless SQL Pool – Query Columnar Formats

Lecture 46 Query Single Parquet File

Lecture 47 Query Folders and Sub Folders (Assignment)

Lecture 48 Query Delta files

Section 10: Serverless SQL Pool – Data Discovery

Lecture 49 Data Discovery Overview

Lecture 50 Identify Duplicates

Lecture 51 Data Quality Checks

Lecture 52 Joining Files

Lecture 53 Transform Data

Lecture 54 Data Discovery Assignment

Section 11: Serverless SQL Pool – Data Virtualisation

Lecture 55 Data Virtualisation Overview

Lecture 56 Introduction to External Tables

Lecture 57 Create External Table – CSV

Lecture 58 Handling Rejections

Lecture 59 Create External Table – CSV (Assignment)

Lecture 60 Create External Table – Parquet

Lecture 61 Create External Table – Delta (Assignment)

Lecture 62 Views – Introduction

Lecture 63 Create View for JSON files

Lecture 64 Create View for JSON files (Assignment)

Lecture 65 Partition Pruning

Section 12: Serverless SQL Pool – Data Ingestion

Lecture 66 Section Overview


Lecture 68 Transform to Parquet

Lecture 69 Transform to Parquet (Assignment)

Lecture 70 Transform JSON to Parquet

Lecture 71 Transform JSON to Parquet (Assignment)

Lecture 72 Transform Partitioned Data to Parquet

Lecture 73 Introduction to Stored Procedure

Lecture 74 Transform Partitioned Data – Solution

Lecture 75 Transform Partitioned Data – Solution Lab

Lecture 76 Create View (assignment)

Section 13: Serverless SQL Pool – Data Transformation

Lecture 77 Section Overview

Lecture 78 Project Requirements

Lecture 79 Select Statement

Lecture 80 Stored Procedure

Lecture 81 Create View

Lecture 82 Assignment

Section 14: Synapse Pipelines & Triggers

Lecture 83 Section Overview

Lecture 84 Synapse Pipelines Overview

Lecture 85 Synapse Pipeline Components

Lecture 86 Transformation Pipeline Design – Taxi Zone

Lecture 87 Create Linked Service & Dataset

Lecture 88 Create Pipeline – Delete Activity

Lecture 89 Create Pipeline – Script Activity

Lecture 90 Create Pipeline – Stored Procedure Activity

Lecture 91 Parameters & Variables Overview

Lecture 92 Parameters & Variables (Demo)

Lecture 93 Dynamic Pipeline

Lecture 94 Pipeline Design – Partitioned File

Lecture 95 Create Pipeline (Partitioned File) – Delete Activity

Lecture 96 Create Pipeline (Partitioned File) – Stored Procedure/ Script Activity

Lecture 97 Create Pipeline (Partitioned File) – Assignment (Gold Table)

Lecture 98 Pipeline Dependencies

Lecture 99 Manual Trigger

Lecture 100 Automated Trigger

Section 15: Spark Pool

Lecture 101 Section Overview

Lecture 102 Spark Pool Overview

Lecture 103 Create Spark Pool

Lecture 104 Notebooks Overview

Lecture 105 Integration between spark pool and serverless sql pool

Lecture 106 Trip Data Aggregation

Lecture 107 Create Synapse Pipeline

Section 16: Power BI Integration

Lecture 108 Section Overview

Lecture 109 Power BI Integration Overview

Lecture 110 Connecting from PowerBI Desktop

Lecture 111 Publish to PowerBI Workspace

Lecture 112 Access to Power BI

Lecture 113 Synapse Studio Power BI Integration

Lecture 114 Report from Synapse Studio

Lecture 115 Campaign Report

Lecture 116 Demand Report

Section 17: Synapse Link/ HTAP

Lecture 117 Section Overview

Lecture 118 Synapse Link Overview

Lecture 119 Project Overview

Lecture 120 Create Cosmos DB Service

Lecture 121 Data Preparation

Lecture 122 Query using Serverless SQL Pool

Lecture 123 Query using Spark Pool

Section 18: Dedicated SQL Pool

Lecture 124 Section Overview

Lecture 125 Dedicated SQL Pool Overview

Lecture 126 Create dedicated SQL Pool

Lecture 127 Project Requirement

Lecture 128 Copy to Dedicated Pool – Polybase

Lecture 129 Copy to Dedicated Pool – Copy Command

Lecture 130 Connection to Azure Data Studio & PowerBI

Section 19: Next Steps

Lecture 131 Good Luck

Lecture 132 Bonus Lecture

University students looking for a career in Data Engineering,IT developers working on other disciplines trying to move to Data Engineering,Data Engineers/ Data Warehouse Developers currently working on on-premises technologies, or other cloud platforms such as AWS or GCP who want to learn Azure Data Technologies,Data Architects looking to gain an understanding about Azure Data Engineering stack

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Udemy | English | 13h 28m | 4.77 GB
Created by: Ramesh Retnasamy

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