B2B B2C High Ticket In Person Sales for Service Providers

Increase your in person sales close rate between 50-70% using the step by step process in this course
B2B B2C High Ticket In Person Sales for Service Providers
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B2B B2C High Ticket In Person Sales for Service Providers

What you’ll learn

Pre qualification of a lead from a direct to consumer marketing funnel
Creating touch points during the customer sales cycle to keep them engaged
Identifying and addressing most common objections during the sales process
Presenting proposals and pricing in a way that leads to closing

B2B B2C High Ticket In Person Sales for Service Providers


No sales experience needed. You will learn a proven sales method that can be used by anyone to close and generate revenue from day 1..


Welcome to my comprehensive sales course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively sell to both retail and business customers in person. Following the step by step process outlined in this course you will be able to successfully close high ticket sales directly to end consumers or businesses.Throughout this course, I will guide you through a 16-step process for selling, beginning with building rapport and establishing trust with your customers, and ending with closing the sale and following up to ensure customer satisfaction. Every step provides reasoning for why it is done and when followed in its entirety it will give you the breadth of knowledge to execute every sales call with professionalism that will set you apart from your competitors and bring revenue consistently and with ease. In addition to covering the basic principles of sales, we will also delve into the specific challenges and strategies for selling to both B2B and B2C customers with tools and strategies that are unique and highly effective. You will learn how to tailor your sales approach to the specific needs and preferences of each customer segment, and how to adapt your messaging and presentation style accordingly.We will explore a variety of sales techniques and best practices, including effective questioning and active listening, objection handling, and negotiating to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. You will also gain insights into the importance of building long-term relationships with customers, and how to foster repeat business and referrals.This system has allowed us to close over $4 million in sales over 3 years with our last year alone closing at $1.5 million. Whether you are new to sales or looking to enhance your existing skills, this course will provide you with practical tools and techniques for success. So join me today, and let’s start selling!


Section 1: Pre appointment Qualification – How to Disqualify a Lead

Lecture 1 Step 1: Receive a Lead or Schedule an Appointment

Lecture 2 Step 2: 1st Call – Determining Budget, Timeline and Decision Makers

Lecture 3 Step 3: Send Out a Mail Packet

Section 2: Pre-appointment Preparation – How To Prepare Before You Go

Lecture 4 Step 4: 2nd Call – Confirm Appointment and Selections

Lecture 5 Step 5: Prepare For The Call Before You Go

Lecture 6 Step 6: Leave For the Call and Notify Your Prospect

Section 3: Arriving – How to Set the Tone For the Appointment

Lecture 7 Step 7: Arrival – Asking Them About Their Vision

Lecture 8 Step 8: Review the Questionnaire

Section 4: Product Selection – How to Help Your Prospect Select the Best Fit Product

Lecture 9 Step 9: Help Them Select Your Product

Section 5: Giving a Price on the Spot – How to Prepare and Present the Quote

Lecture 10 Step 10: Share the Look Book

Lecture 11 Step 11: Present the Quote on the Preferred Customer Form

Lecture 12 Step 12: Give Options

Section 6: Moment of Truth – How to Close the Deal

Lecture 13 Step 13: Give Them a Minute – Step Out of the Room

Lecture 14 Step 14: Come Back And Close

Lecture 15 Step 15: Close the Deal – Lead them Through Accepting the Quote

Section 7: Follow Up – How to Make Your Now Customer Feel Valued After the Sale

Lecture 16 Step 16: Follow Up – Keep the Conversation Alive After the Sales

Sales professional both seasoned and novice

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Created by: Ahmed Aibak

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