Basic Bulgarian Language

Learn fundamental Bulgarian grammar and vocabulary
Basic Bulgarian Language
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Basic Bulgarian Language

What you’ll learn

read Bulgarian alphabet
have basic conversations in Bulgarian
understand the fundamental grammar rules
communicate using 500+ Bulgarian words and expressions

Basic Bulgarian Language


this course is designed for complete beginners, so no prior knowledge is required
a Bulgarian dictionary could be useful


Bulgarian language is considered a fairly difficult language to learn, mainly due to its complex grammar and typical Slavic pronunciation. As with anything unfamiliar, it looks hard at first, until you understand the logic behind the language and learn the first 100 words.Start speaking Bulgarian by learning the most fundamental grammar rules and using the most essential words and expressionsDetailed review of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns500+ words and expressions that you can use in everyday conversationsVariety of examples illustrating grammar principles in order to make them easier to graspAdditional exercises for all topics with answers includedThis is a native Bulgarian’s guide to language specifics and a concise review of everything you need to know at the beginning of your Bulgarian language journey  Bulgarian is a Slavic language and is very different from English, or from any non-Slavic language. It is spoken mainly in Bulgaria, and also in neighboring Greece, Turkey, Serbia and Romania.Learning Bulgarian provides an insight into a vast culture inherent to the Balkans region. This course is designed to provide the most essential knowledge needed for a great start. Contents and OverviewThis course contains more than 40 lectures distributed over 4 hours. It provides all fundamental grammar principles without dragging on about unnecessarily heavy concepts. The focus of this course is putting into practice all new information in order to facilitate the learning process. The quizzes are an integral part of the course and should be completed for a thorough learning experience.We will start with some basics, such as alphabet, pronunciation and distinguishing language features. Then, we will review all essential parts of the speech so that you know how to use them properly and how to form a sentence in Bulgarian. You will also learn how to express more complex ideas using modal verbs and phase verbs. Finally, there is an entire vocabulary section which would be useful for your stay in Bulgaria.After completing this course, you will be able to have basic conversations and use the most common words and phrases in Bulgarian spoken today.


Section 1: Introduction to the course

Lecture 1 Welcome to this course

Section 2: Foundation

Lecture 2 What is Bulgarian language like?

Lecture 3 Bulgarian Alphabet

Lecture 4 Pronunciation

Section 3: Conversation Basics

Lecture 5 Conversational phrases

Lecture 6 Introduce Yourself

Lecture 7 Where are you from?

Lecture 8 The Verb ‘To Be’

Section 4: Main Parts of the Speech

Lecture 9 Introduction to parts of the speech

Lecture 10 Noun

Lecture 11 Plural Nouns

Lecture 12 Adjective

Lecture 13 Plural Adjectives

Lecture 14 Definite Article with Nouns

Lecture 15 Definite Article with Adjectives

Lecture 16 Verb (part 1)

Lecture 17 Verb (part 2)

Lecture 18 Adverb

Lecture 19 Conclusion to parts of the speech

Section 5: Additional Grammar Highlights

Lecture 20 Introduction to additional grammar highlights

Lecture 21 Yes/No Questions

Lecture 22 Open Questions

Lecture 23 Negative Sentences

Lecture 24 Prepositions

Lecture 25 Conjunctions

Lecture 26 Comparisons

Lecture 27 Numbers

Lecture 28 Conclusion to additional grammar highlights

Section 6: Pronouns

Lecture 29 Introduction to pronouns

Lecture 30 Possessive pronouns

Lecture 31 Reflexive pronouns

Lecture 32 Demonstrative pronouns

Lecture 33 Indefinite pronouns

Lecture 34 Negative pronouns

Lecture 35 Conclusion to pronouns

Section 7: Complex Verb Forms

Lecture 36 Introduction to complex verb forms

Lecture 37 Nonfinite vs. Finite verbs

Lecture 38 Practical Use of Finite Verbs

Lecture 39 Modal Verbs

Lecture 40 Phase Verbs

Lecture 41 Conclusion to complex verb forms

Section 8: Additional Vocabulary

Lecture 42 Traveling

Lecture 43 A place to stay

Lecture 44 Food and Eating

Lecture 45 Shopping

Section 9: Travel in Bulgaria

Lecture 46 Bulgarian cities

Lecture 47 Bulgarian mountains

Section 10: Bonus Section

Lecture 48 Bonus: Living in Bulgaria

complete beginners in Bulgarian language,people who are passionate about learning a new language,people who are interested in Bulgarian language and culture,expats living in Bulgaria,people planning a trip to Bulgaria,the course is NOT suitable for people who have difficulty learning a language online

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Created by: Liliana Chernin

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