Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting

Learn about the refrigeration cycle and apply what you have learned to troubleshoot any refrigeration system.
Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting
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Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting

What you’ll learn

Identify the four keep components in any refrigeration system
Understand how the four key components work and interact with each other
Understand the refrigeration cycle and how it transports heat energy from one place to another
Introduction to the temperature / pressure relationship chart
Learn about specific diagnostic equipment you will need to perform refrigeration service work
Introduction to Superheat (SH) and Subcooling (SC) measurements
Learn how to use Superheat (SH) and Subcooling (SC) measurements to diagnose any refrigeration system

Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting


Students should have a basic interest in HVAC or Refrigeration diagnostics or troubleshooting.


If you are an HVAC or refrigeration service professional, this course is for you. In this training course students will learn:
The four key components of ALL refrigeration systemsIntroduction to the refrigeration cycleEquipment needed to perform refrigeration system diagnostics. Bonus, devices what you need an what you don’t.Understanding the temperature relationship chartWhat is superheat and subcooling and how to acquire readings from a refrigeration systemHow to use superheat and subcooling to perforn diagnosis on any refrigeration systemBonus content: Industry update on the HVACR industry opportunities. How can your benefit from this class you ask?  Over my career, I have had the opportunity to teach some of the best and brightest the above key principals. With these principals, and the ability to refer back to this information as much as you want, there is NO refrigeration system you will not be able to fix. Many if my students have moved on to start their own HVACR business and earn their way into the SIX FIGURES through hard work and applying the principals in this class. YOUR ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT!


Section 1: Foundation Section – The WONDER of refrigeration

Lecture 1 Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting – What you will learn from this class

Lecture 2 Introduction key components of ALL refrigeration systems

Lecture 3 Introduction to the Refrigeration Cycle

Section 2: Your toolbox – Must have tools for refrigeration system troubleshooting

Lecture 4 Introduction to the temperature pressure relationship chart

Lecture 5 The manifold gauge set – Pressure measurement

Lecture 6 Thermometer – Temperature measurement

Section 3: Diagnostics Introduction – Key things you must know.

Lecture 7 Introduction – The second law of thermodynamics

Lecture 8 Introduction – Superheat (SH)

Lecture 9 Introduction – Subcooling (SC)

Lecture 10 Troubleshooting a refrigeration system using what you have learned

Lecture 11 Troubleshooting a refrigeration system using what you have learned – Continued

Section 4: Bonus Item – Brief industry update

Lecture 12 Bonus Item – Brief industry update

HVAC or Refrigeration technicians who work in the industry or are (Hopefully) considering entering the industry.

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Created by: Martin King

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