Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting Rev2

Learn about the refrigeration cycle and apply what you have learned to troubleshoot any refrigeration system.
Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting Rev2
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Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting Rev2

What you’ll learn

Brief history of refrigeration
Identify the four keep components in any refrigeration system
Understand how the four key components work and interact with each other
Understand the refrigeration cycle and how it transports heat energy from one place to another
Introduction to the temperature / pressure relationship chart
Learn about specific diagnostic equipment you will need to perform refrigeration service work
Introduction to Superheat (SH) and Subcooling (SC) measurements
Learn how to use Superheat (SH) and Subcooling (SC) measurements to diagnose any refrigeration system

Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting Rev2


Students should have a basic interest in HVAC or Refrigeration diagnostics or troubleshooting.


This course is for you if you are an HVAC or refrigeration service professional. In this training course, students will learn:· History of refrigeration – NEW Content!.· Learn abou the Second Law of Thermodynamics and how it applied to refrigeration.· Learn about the FOUR key refrigeration components (Compressor, Condenser, Meter device, and Evaporator) all work together to refrigeration possible.· Introduction to the refrigeration cycle by way of a step-by-step run through.· Equipment needed to perform refrigeration system diagnostics: bonus, devices what you need and what you don’t.· Understanding the temperature relationship chart.· What is superheat and subcooling, and how to acquire readings from a refrigeration system.· How to use superheat and subcooling to perform diagnosis on any refrigeration system.How can your benefit from this class, you ask? Over my career, I have had the opportunity to teach some of the best and brightest the above vital principles.With these principles and the ability to refer back to this information as much as you want, you will be able to quickly determine the operating condition of ANY refrigeration system dramatically speeding up your diagnostics.Students of this Basic Refrigeration and Troubleshooting course have moved on to start their own HVACR business and earn their way into the SIX FIGURES through hard work and applying the principles in this class.YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: History of Refrigeration

Lecture 2 Key Concept_1_History of Refrigeration1 – Intro

Lecture 3 Key Concept_1_History of Refrigeration2 – Energy Basics

Lecture 4 Key Concept_1_History of Refrigeration4 – PreRefer

Lecture 5 Key Concept_1_History of Refrigeration5 – A new age

Section 3: Key Refrigeration Components

Lecture 6 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components1 – Intro

Lecture 7 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components2 – The Compressor

Lecture 8 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components3 – The Condenser

Lecture 9 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components4 – Metering

Lecture 10 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components5 – The Evaporator

Lecture 11 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components6 – Fans and Pumps

Lecture 12 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components7 – Safetys

Lecture 13 2- Key Concept_2_Key refer system components8 – Teaser

Section 4: The Refrigeration Cycle

Lecture 14 2- Key Concept_3_The refer cycle1 – Intro

Lecture 15 2- Key Concept_3_The refer cycle2 – First Run Through

Lecture 16 2- Key Concept_3_The refer cycle7 – Teaser for Next Lesson

Section 5: Temperature Pressure Relationship

Lecture 17 2- Key Concept_4_TP relationship1 – Intro

Lecture 18 2- Key Concept_4_TP relationship4 – TP Applied to refer cycle

Lecture 19 2- Key Concept_4_TP relationship6 – Teaser for Next Lesson

Section 6: Introduction to Superheat

Lecture 20 2- Key Concept_5_Superheat1

Section 7: Introduction to Sub Cooling

Lecture 21 2- Key Concept_6_Subcooling

Section 8: Intro to Superheat and Subcooling Diagnostics

Lecture 22 2- Key Concept_7_SH-SC Diagnostics0b – Intro

Lecture 23 2- Key Concept_7_SH-SC Diagnostics0c – Setup

Lecture 24 2- Key Concept_7_SH-SC Diagnostics1 – Senario1 – Evap Issue

Lecture 25 2- Key Concept_7_SH-SC Diagnostics2 – Senario2 – Cond Issue

HVAC or Refrigeration technicians who work in the industry or are (Hopefully) considering entering the industry.

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Created by: Martin King

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