Basics in Cloud Computing with SAP Cloud Platform

Learn about SAP Cloud Platform in detail and also build & deploy your own applications in SAP Cloud. Course is Updated!
Basics in Cloud Computing with SAP Cloud Platform
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Basics in Cloud Computing with SAP Cloud Platform

What you’ll learn

Build your own applications using SAP Cloud Platform
Understand new terms around Digital Transformation & Cloud Computing
Complete understand what is Cloud Computing means
How to get access to SAP Cloud Platform
Configure Eclipse with SAP SDK to Write & Deploy your applications
Understand the SAP Cloud Offerings
SAP Cloud Platform Architecture
Cloud Foundry vs SAP Neo
Write Java Web Application using Eclipse and Deploy on SCP
Write HTML5 using Web IDE and Deploy on SCP

Basics in Cloud Computing with SAP Cloud Platform


You should have a PC to download and install software
Little bit knowledge on Eclipse software which will help you to learn faster
Have some back ground about SAP


In this course, you are going to learn everything about the new SAP Cloud Platform that is announced in Feb 2017.
Once you finish the course your learn the followings:
Understand the new technology terms around Digital Transformation & Cloud ComputingUnderstand the overall architecture and offerings available with SAP Cloud PlatformMost important you will learn why SAP is promoting Cloud foundry.Difference between Cloud Foundry and SAP Neo.How to get the Trail access to SAP Cloud PlatformInstall SAP SDK and Software on your local machineConfigure Eclipse on your local machine with SAP SDK.Write Programs using Java & HTML5 and deploy on SAP Cloud Platform.
Course is divided into 4 sections 
Section 1 & Section 2 
You will learn new terms like Digital Transformation, IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Service Models, Deployment models and others.
Section 3 
You will be introduced to SAP Cloud Platform and everything about the SAP Cloud Platform Offerings, Service Models, Definitions, Capabilities, History of SAP Cloud Platform and Overall platform details.
Section 4 
This is a hand-on section where you will learn how to configure eclipse on your local machine, how to download SAP SDK and use it to write Java application, HTML5 application  and deploy it on the SAP Cloud Platform.
If you are not familiar with the new terms or technologies then no need to worry this course will help you to learn those terms before going into the bigger picture of SAP Cloud.
This course will follow step by step approach to first help you understand the complex terminology and concepts around Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing then later match those concepts to SAP’s Cloud and deploy your own custom applications on it.
This way you learn the terminology, concepts then apply it on SAP Cloud Platform by configuring the tools provided by SAP.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course

Section 2: Digital Transformation

Lecture 2 What is Digital Transformation?

Lecture 3 Benefits of Digital Transformation

Lecture 4 Examples of Digital Transformation

Lecture 5 Summary of Digital Transformation

Lecture 6 Understanding Internet of Things (IoT)

Lecture 7 How IoT devices are Connected

Lecture 8 What is Big Data?

Lecture 9 Importance of Real Time Analytics

Lecture 10 What is this Machine Learning means?

Lecture 11 What is Unstructured Data

Section 3: Basics of Cloud Computing

Lecture 12 10 Business Expectations from IT – 1

Lecture 13 10 Business Expectations from IT – 2

Lecture 14 10 Business Expectations from IT – 3

Lecture 15 How a Traditional IT Landscape Operates Today

Lecture 16 What is Cloud Computing

Lecture 17 What does Cloud Provider and Cloud Consumer means

Lecture 18 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Lecture 19 Summary of Cloud Computing

Lecture 20 First Cloud Computing Footprint

Lecture 21 How Cloud Computing helps to solve business challenges

Lecture 22 Economics of Cloud Computing

Section 4: Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Lecture 23 What are Five Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Lecture 24 Understanding Virtualization

Lecture 25 Cloud Computing with Virtualization

Lecture 26 Detail Understanding of 5 – Cloud Computing Characteristics

Section 5: Cloud Service Models

Lecture 27 Understand 3 Cloud Service Models

Lecture 28 What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?

Lecture 29 What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

Lecture 30 What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Section 6: Cloud Deployment Options

Lecture 31 Understanding Public, Private, Hybrid and Community Cloud

Section 7: Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform

Lecture 32 What is SAP Cloud Platform?

Lecture 33 SAP Cloud Platform Capabilities

Lecture 34 Purpose of SAP Cloud Platform

Lecture 35 History of SAP Cloud Platform

Lecture 36 How does SAP Cloud Platform fit in your Organization

Lecture 37 Summary

Section 8: Cloud Foundry vs SAP NEO

Lecture 38 Introduction to Cloud Foundry and SAP NEO

Lecture 39 What is Cloud Foundry?

Lecture 40 What is SAP NEO?

Lecture 41 Choice of Environments

Lecture 42 Cloud Foundry vs SAP NEO

Section 9: SAP Cloud Platform Concepts

Lecture 43 Understanding SAP Cloud Mission Statement

Lecture 44 SAP Cloud Platform – High Level Overview

Lecture 45 SAP Cloud Platform – Contd. Data Storage Options

Lecture 46 SAP Cloud Platform – Tools & SDK

Lecture 47 SCP – Data Centers

Section 10: Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform

Lecture 48 Creating Trail Account with SAP Cloud Platform

Lecture 49 Login into SAP Cloud Platform

Lecture 50 Detail Understanding of SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit

Section 11: Hands-on – Deploy Java Web Application on SCP

Lecture 51 Download the Java Eclipse Tools & SDK

Lecture 52 Configure Java on your Local Machine

Lecture 53 Configure Eclipse to connect with SCP

Lecture 54 Develop Java Application on Eclipse

Lecture 55 Deploy and Run Java Application on SCP

Section 12: HandOn – Deploy HTML5 application on SCP

Lecture 56 Create new HTML5 Application on SCP

Lecture 57 Open Web IDE and Edit the HTML5 File

Lecture 58 Deploy and Run the HTML5 application on SCP

SAP Consultants,Java Developer,HTML5 Mobile Developers,SAP Cloud Platform Consultant

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 12m | 1003.59 MB
Created by: Srinivas Vanamala

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