Basics of Networking

Learn the fundamentals of computer networks with Basics of Networking course and build a solid base of computer networks
Basics of Networking
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Basics of Networking

What you’ll learn

Types of Networks and Networking Components.
TCP/IP Model with the explanation of the functioning of each layer in detail.
Computer Networks designing and working at each layer.
Different types of Networking Devices such as Bridges, Switches, Routers, etc.
Subnetting Method with FLSM and VLSM process.
Classification of IP Addressing.

Basics of Networking


A computer with internet to access lectures and resources.
Basic computer knowledge.


Computer networks establish the connection between two or more computers to form a network that enables the exchange of data, files and other resources with each other. The connection link formed between computers is called nodes.This Basic Computer Networking Course will teach you all the fundamentals of Computer Networking. Understand the basic working of computer networks and their types, along with the comprehensive lectures on the TCP/IP model explaining the functioning of each layer. By discussing the practical application of the networking modules, this course will cover all the required practical aspects of networking.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Table of Content

Section 2: Working of Computer Networks

Lecture 2 Computer Networks Working

Lecture 3 Functions of Different Layer

Lecture 4 TCP/IP Model

Section 3: Types of Networks

Lecture 5 Types of Networks

Section 4: Networking Components

Lecture 6 Components of Network

Section 5: Naming, Addressing and Forwarding

Lecture 7 Naming, Addressing and Forwarding

Lecture 8 Classification of IP Addressing

Lecture 9 NAT

Section 6: Subnetting

Lecture 10 Process of Subnetting

Lecture 11 FLSM and VLSM

Section 7: Networking Devices

Lecture 12 Networking Devices

Lecture 13 Bridges and Switches

Lecture 14 Router, Map and Modems

Anyone interested in mastering computer networks.,Beginner in the computer networking field.

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