Basics of Spoken Ukrainian

Learn Ukrainian language with this course. Focus on active learning and practical everyday. Ukrainian for beginners
Basics of Spoken Ukrainian
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Oksana Riabets


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Basics of Spoken Ukrainian

What you’ll learn

Understand the basic characteristics of Ukrainian language
Understand spoken Ukrainian and how it differs from formal Ukrainian
Use basic sentence structures with examples
Do basic conversation in Ukrianian

Basics of Spoken Ukrainian


No previous skills or experience required


In this class you will learn how to speak basic spoken Ukrainian, the language that Ukrainians use when communicating face-to-face. The contents of this class will include EASY & USEFUL Ukrainian that you can use to start speaking Ukrainian right away such as:use the person pronouns and the be-verbuseful one-liner phrases you can start to use right awayuse demonstratives (this, that)adjectivestalk about your hobbiesself-introductionand MOREAnd it will be all in spoken Ukrainian.You can leave questions at any time of the course with Q&A function. I will read & reply to them.Who this course is for:Anyone who does not know where or how to start learning UkrainianAnyone who has learned some Ukrainian, but wants to understand spoken Ukrainian better


Section 1: Introduction, alphabet, one-liner phrases

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Pronunciation basics

Lecture 3 Useful one-liners you can start using right away

Section 2: Greetings, meeting people, pronouns, questions words.

Lecture 4 Basic greetings

Lecture 5 Personal pronouns

Lecture 6 How are you?

Lecture 7 Basic questions 1

Lecture 8 Basic questions 2

Lecture 9 Recap

Section 3: “This” and “that”, Adjectives, genitive form, ” I have…”, hobbies

Lecture 10 Demonstratives “this” and “that”

Lecture 11 Basic adjectives

Lecture 12 Genetive form

Lecture 13 “I have” form

Lecture 14 Hobbies

Lecture 15 Recap 2

Section 4: Numbers, age, nationalities, work

Lecture 16 Counting

Lecture 17 Age

Lecture 18 Nationalities

Lecture 19 Work

Beginner students that are curious about Ukrainian language

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 55m | 958.95 MB
Created by: Oksana Riabets

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