Basics of Wind Energy A promising Renewable Energy Tech

Learn the Fundamentals of Wind Wnergy
Basics of Wind Energy A promising Renewable Energy Tech
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Abdulrahman AlKassem, Ph.D.


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Basics of Wind Energy A promising Renewable Energy Tech

What you’ll learn

Basics of wind energy.
Wind generating systems.
Wind farms.
The influencing factors on extracting wind energy.
History of wind energy.
Numerical analysis related to wind energy.

Basics of Wind Energy A promising Renewable Energy Tech


Basic knowledge about electrical energy and interest in renewable energy sources.


This course provides an introduction to one important form of renewable and sustainable energy sources. Wind energy has a significant potential with increasing interest in research and development around the globe. This course provides you with fundamental knowledge about wind energy, its history and current statistics, basic mathematical calculations,  efficiency and potential,  turbines and orientations, and integration of wind farms to electricity national grids.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Wind Energy Statistics

Lecture 2 Wind Energy Statistics

Section 3: History of Wind Energy

Lecture 3 Early systems

Lecture 4 Rise of wind powered electricity

Section 4: Fundamental Equations

Lecture 5 Kinetic energy

Lecture 6 Potential power in wind

Lecture 7 Efficiency

Section 5: Wind generator system

Lecture 8 Basic components

Lecture 9 Types of wind turbines

Lecture 10 Blades design

Section 6: Influencing Factors

Lecture 11 Calculations of temperature, pressure, and density

Lecture 12 Calculations related to tower height

Section 7: Maximum rotor efficiency

Lecture 13 Betz limit

Lecture 14 Numerical examples

Section 8: Wind Farms and Grid Integration

Lecture 15 Wind farms

Lecture 16 Integration to grid and future technology development

people with interest in renewable and sustainable energy sources.

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Created by: Abdulrahman AlKassem, Ph.D.

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