Basketball Referee 101

101 Tips to Start, Grow, and Succeed as a Basketball Official From A to Z
Basketball Referee 101
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Basketball Referee 101

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Basketball Referee

Basketball Referee 101




• There are many reasons to officiate basketball, but how do you do it?• Officiating is about the sport, but it is also about the journey. Sure you can do things that are easy in life, but what fun is that? Officiating is just plain hard to do, but the rewards you’ll receive are worth it!• In this course, you’ll learn what it takes to be an official and how to learn. You can take these tips and use them in any facet of life, but here you’ll learn the true secrets to becoming a great basketball referee.• What do you do with all that extra income from being a referee? Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as walking away with a check and taking it to the bank, but you can learn to manage your extra income and make it work for you!• If you want to learn the ins and outs of being a successful referee, start here! Having a mentor and bringing home an extra pay check aren’t the only things you need to know. Use these tips to help you start your journey to success.About The ExpertAlthough he wouldn’t be comfortable with the term “expert,” Steven Michaluk is no slouch on the basketball court. With 6 years of on-court experience in high school and 2 years working college basketball, he has proved his worth and is continuing to climb. Steven currently works high school basketball in Virginia and NCAA women’s basketball. Although this course is about his passion in officiating, he has a few others he could write courses about: enjoying time with his wife and dog at home, teaching 5th grade, and playing golf.


Section 1: Basketball Referee 101

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Why Would You Officiate Basketball

Lecture 3 Part 1 – The Official Guide to Getting Started as a Referee

Lecture 4 Part 2 – Bringing Home the (Extra) Bacon as a Basketball Referee

Lecture 5 Part 3 – Working Better Basketball Games and Seeing Your Schedule Grow

Lecture 6 Part 4 – Paying Your Dues (Figuratively)

Lecture 7 Part 5 – Settle Down Big Timer! You’re Not Refereeing on TV Yet

Lecture 8 Part 6 – No One Ever Said Officiating Was Easy

Lecture 9 Part 7 – It’s All About the Journey

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